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New Benson Black Series watch winders 2021

Posted on 6 February 2021 at 7:45 AM

If you say Benson watch winders, you say Black Series. This series has been inextricably linked to the successful watch winder brand Benson since 2016. The Black Series watch winders of this Dutch brand were launched in 2016 and are currently the most luxurious and stylish collection of this appealing brand. Today, the Benson Black Series watch winders are sold worldwide by more than 250 official dealers. This series has proven to be a valuable addition for the true watch enthusiast who wants to wind their automatic watches in style. The Benson Black Series watch winders are now available for 2 to 24 watches and are available in many different versions. As a result, the collection always offers a suitable model for your watch collection.

The Benson Black Series watch winders can best be described as an extremely luxurious collection of watch winders with the most modern technology and all the functionalities that a watch enthusiast desires. The watch winders offer all functions to provide any automatic watch, regardless of brand or model, with energy safely and quickly. This ensures that your automatic watches never stop, which leads to wear and tear and discomfort. Because who wants to have to reset an automatic watch every day in terms of time and date and open the vulnerable crown? The Benson Black Series are distinguished by excellent quality and useful functions, because you can individually set each watch to its needs. Each rotor is individually adjustable in terms of direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day (TPD: turns per day). This allows you to easily provide your collection of automatic watches from, for example, Breitling, Rolex, Omega, Patek or IWC with energy. You do not have to worry whether a certain automatic watch can be wound in this new generation of watch winders, because the properties of the Benson Black Series watch winders allow you to wind every watch safely and without any problems.

Benson now presents its latest Black Series watch winders for the year 2021. This new generation has been improved in various parts. Not only are the new touchscreens of better quality, but the motors have also been upgraded. In addition, the design of the door has been adjusted, making it even easier to open and close.

Not only the quality has improved, Benson also presents various new Limited Edition watch winders. These new models are available in the colors blue and walnut. The Black Series Limited Editions are limited to 250 pieces worldwide and available for 2, 4, 6 and 8 watches. Each copy is numbered by means of a metal plate. This means you are assured of a unique watch winder. The new blue Limited Edition models have a very modern and stylish look. The new walnut Limited Edition watch winders are more classic and have a modest character. Benson has chosen these two distinct colors to offer the customer even more choice. One watch enthusiast would like a modern watch winder that is a real "eye-catcher", while the other watch enthusiast would prefer a more classic and modest watch winder. A beautiful Benson Black Series watch winder is now available for both. The Limited Edition watch winders from Benson have sold out very quickly in previous years, we expect the same for this new generation. Where many brands increase their prices every year, Benson has not adjusted its price level for more than 3 years. This means that these new Limited Edition watch winders are priced the same as the previous generation. A good example of a nice watch winder from these new Limited Edition models is the Benson Black Series 6.16.WA watch winder

Benson Black Series 6.16.WA Limited Edition watch winder

Let's take a closer look at the technology and functions of these watch winders. The Benson Black Series watch winders are all equipped with a modern touchscreen, LED lighting, soft-close lid, extra storage space for other watches, stainless steel legs and a door with glass see-through for a perfect view of the rotating watches. The watch winder itself is made of wood so that it absorbs sound. At the back of the watch winder is a USB connection so you can charge your mobile phone, for example. Inside the watch winder, the safety of your watches has been thought of. The entire inside is provided with a soft fabric so that there is no risk of damage. The watch holders are adjustable and therefore suitable for large and small watches, men's and women's watches. The watch holders are clicked into the watch winder so that the watch can never fall out. This, together with the soft fabric and lockable door, ensure that the automatic watches are optimally protected against external influences.

An important aspect of the Benson Black Series watch winders is that they are made by hand. Craftsmanship, an eye for precision and finish play a major role here. These watch winders are produced with the greatest possible attention and care so that the user can enjoy the beautiful sight of his or her rotating watches. Every Benson Black Series watch winder is extensively tested before it leaves the factory. After this, it is carefully packed in various layers to remain completely safe during transport.

The luxurious character of the Benson Black Series watch winders is further enhanced by the fact that each Benson Black Series watch winder comes with an adapter (suitable for all countries), luxury packaging, manual and certificate. Of course, every watch winder from this luxury series comes with a 2-year international warranty.

Are you looking for a fantastic watch winder at an affordable price? Then you should definitely take a look at the new Benson Black Series watch winders. The advantages of these watch winders are numerous and tens of thousands of watch enthusiasts have already preceded you. There is probably no better watch winder in this price range than a Benson Black Series watch winder.