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RSC watches with aviation history

Posted on 16 December 2020 at 8:35 AM

For everyone who has a preference for beautiful watches and at the same time a fascination for the period of the WWI, we will find a special watch brand in our neighboring country that is certainly worth a closer look. The Belgian watch brand RSC is a brand with a history of aviation and special aircraft in particular and therefore very interesting for the enthusiast of pilot's watches. RSC is a small brand that pays a lot of attention to history. The RSC watches therefore exude nostalgia and take us back to the days of yore. The fact that only 250 of each edition of an RSC watch are produced, means that an RSC watch is and will always be a unique and special piece.

RSC Sopwith 1011 watch

The adventure of the RSC brand began with a design that was inspired by the Sopwith Camel. This was a legendary aircraft that played an important role in WWI. After this design, designer and co-founder Ronald Steffen was inspired by several other aircraft such as Mustangs, Spitfires and fighter jets. But helicopters and cargo planes, for example, also served as inspiration. The watches that are inspired by famous squadrons (from England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) that fought in WWI are oversized in size. The watch cases are at least 45mm in diameter. In addition, squadron logos and accents have been incorporated into the watches. The RSC watches have thus become a true concept for the enthusiast and collector. The watch brand RSC not only offers a nice story, the watches from this niche brand are of very good quality. Moreover, the brand distinguishes itself by a good price/quality ratio, which makes the watches attractive and accessible to a wide audience.

Various series of watches can be distinguished in the RSC collection. In the RSC Vickers series, for example, we see watches that are characterized by an oversized watch case. A beautiful detail with these watches is the designation of the UK Royal Flying Corps. Beautiful materials have been used for the designs in this series of watches, such as stainless steel, sapphire glass and quality leather watch straps. The RSC Vickers watches are equipped with a Miyota Quartz movement. The watches are water resistant to 50 meters. We also see nice extra functionalities, such as a date display, second hands and luminous indicators. In terms of color, we see a lot of black and various shades of brown and blue.

Another beautiful watch series from RSC is the RSC SPAD XIII. The watches within this series are very recognizable by the special dark gray dial and the PVD black watch case. The designation "Aeronautique Militaire" also makes these watches very special. High-quality materials such as stainless steel PVD, hardened mineral glass and leather in combination with a Miyota quartz movement ensure that you get a quality product with a watch from this series. These watches are also equipped with date display, second hand and luminous indicators.

The watches in the RSC Hanriot HD-1 series are equipped with a special light gray dial. Partly due to the oversized watch case, the watch is very easy to read. Beautiful materials are used for these watches, such as stainless steel, quality leather and hardened mineral glass. Here too we see the extra functionalities: date display, second hand and luminous indicators. These watches close with a buckle clasp.

The watches in the RSC Hawker series are dedicated to English aviators, which makes this series extra special. Also striking are the various unique accents on the dial. Here too we see oversized watch cases with a good readability. The beautiful leather watch strap, together with the Miyota timepiece, complete the picture.

And finally we mention the RSC Sopwith Hawker series, where again the many details stand out. In the RSC Sopwith Hawker RSC 1011, for example, we see a special inscription "Royal Air force" on the back of the watch. The watches have a comfortable strap with a thickness of 4 mm made of high quality leather. The date display, second hand and luminous indicators are of course also included.

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