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Watchbox, the ultimate accessory for watches

Posted on 12 October 2020 at 2:25 PM

The modern man generally takes great care of his appearance. This includes a carefully chosen outfit, supplemented with accessories. An important part of that outfit and accessories can be a men's watch. A good watch can make or break an outfit and it is often used as a style object and an expression of personal taste. Because you wear different outfits in different situations (think sports or a job interview), men who see a watch as part of their outfit generally have more than one watch.

In addition, there are of course the real watch enthusiasts and/or collectors. Those who fall into these groups will also have multiple watches. Now, as a true watch enthusiast, you naturally want to use your watches for as long as possible. In addition, it is nice to store your watches in such a way that it is a pleasure to look at them. You want to protect your watches against damage and for example dirt and dust.

An ultimate accessory that can help you store your watches safely and of course stylishly is the watch box. Why is the watch box the ideal accessory for your watches? A good watch box ensures that your watches can be stored safely. This means that the watches are protected against drops, bumps and damage. You also want to keep dirt, dust and condensation out for optimal preservation of your watches. And children's hands are also not desirable if you want to keep your watches safe and beautiful. A watch box is the ideal solution.

In addition, a watch box offers you the possibility to keep all the watches you own together in a stylish way. You have such a nice overview of your watches and it will certainly increase the pleasure when you look at your watches. You can easily choose a watch from your watch box that best suits you and your outfit and activities of the day at that time. The right watch box also looks great in your interior.

Watch boxes are available in different types and made from different materials. With this you can easily choose a watch box that suits your personal taste and interior. Moreover, there is a wide range of watch boxes with various capacities, so you can find the perfect watch box for the number of watches you own.

A young Dutch brand that offers a diverse range of watch boxes is Benson. Benson offers a very good price/quality ratio in this area, partly because they have the watch boxes manufactured in-house. They therefore set high standards for the quality of the end product. Benson also has plenty of options in terms of capacity. Whether you are looking for a watch box for three watches or for twelve watches, Benson has it. Each watch box from Benson has a fabric inlay to protect your watches.

The collection of Benson watch boxes consists of different series. In the Benson Black series, for example, we see luxury watch boxes made of beautiful wood. These watch boxes are available with space for 8, 12 and 16 watches in the colors macassar, white, black and carbon fiber. In the Benson Leather series there is a wide range of leather watch boxes in colors such as brown, red, blue and black with a capacity ranging from 3 to 22 watches. The subsequent Benson Leather Exclusive series features leather watch boxes with a beautiful crocodile pattern and exclusive stitching. This series is distinguished by, among other things, exclusive handmade watch boxes with a high-quality leather inlay. In addition, this series offers a unique cushion system for extra protection. Within this series we find watch boxes with space for 4 to 16 watches.

In the Benson Orange series you can find beautiful hand-crafted watch boxes with a leather inlay. As the name suggests, these watch boxes are orange in color and will be a real eye-catcher in your interior. These watch boxes put your watches right in the spotlight! These watch boxes are available with space for 3 or 5 watches.

You can also order some demo models of the Benson watch boxes with a nice discount. These models have some minor imperfections, but they certainly do not miss their mark. Ideal option if your budget is a bit smaller and you still want to purchase a high-quality watch box.

In short, Benson offers a very wide range in the field of watch boxes. Have you become curious and would you like to view and read more about Benson's watch boxes? View the collection of watch boxes in our webshop. Here you will not only find these beautiful watch boxes, but also a wide collection of watches and watch winders, for the real watch enthusiast or collector. In our webshop you will find everything conveniently together. With the help of the easy filter system in the webshop you can easily find what you are looking for and order it easily, safely and quickly!