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As official dealer of famous watch winder brands such as Swiss Kubik, Benson en Orbita and with more than 15 years of experience in the field of watch winders, we may say that we are specialists. offers you the most up-to-date collections, competitive prices and excellent service.

A watch winder is a functional accessory for automatic watches. By simulating wrist movement, a watch winder provides the caliber of one or more automatic watches with energy so that it will continue to "run". This keeps the automatic watch running nicely on time and various functions such as the date, chronograph and moon phase remain set.

The use of a watch winder has a positive influence on the durability and preservation of your automatic watches because the important parts of the caliber keep in motion and the oil is well distributed. A watch winder is also a functional accessory to safely store your automatic watches and protects the automatic watches against dust, condensation and/or other external influences.

With a collection of more than 15 watch winder brands, we always offer you the most suitable watch winder to safely energize your automatic watches. Our collection includes brands such as Chronovision, Elma Motion, Heisse & Söhne, Paul Design, RDI, Bernard Favre and Boda Concept. The watch winder brands in our collection are selected for quality, durability and functionality.

How do I choose the best watch winder?

We sell watch winders suitable for one automatic watch but also for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or more than 10 automatic watches.

You can also search by watch winder type such as; watch winder with batteries, Swiss made watch winder, German watch winder or modern watch winder.

Every watch winder in our collection offers the most important functions for winding an automatic watch. The direction of rotation (clockwise, counter clockwise or alternating), the number of revolutions per day (TPD = turns per day) and any additional functions such as a sleep mode or speed winding. In addition, you can opt for luxury watch winders with LED lighting, extra storage space or even a watch winder safe.

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In our online shop you can safely buy a watch winder for a reasonable price. You can pay with your creditcard, PayPal or by wire transfer. We offer you favourable shipping rates worldwide via Fedex, DPD or PostNL. From our warehouse in the Netherlands we ship your order quick and safely packed. You can return your purchase within 28 days and we offer warranty on each watch winder.

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High quality watch winder for automatic watches

With the development of the watch winder, an accessory was launched for enthusiasts and collectors of automatic watches that ensures that you can enjoy your passion without worries. Since an automatic watch is dependent on movement, this causes problems when the watch is not worn. This is especially inconvenient when you have several automatic watches. A watch winder can meet the energy needs of automatic watches, because it imitates the movement of the wrist through rotation. This allows you to wind your watches without wearing them and you no longer have to worry about a standstill with all the unpleasant consequences that entails. In addition, the rotation also benefits the oil supply in the watch, so that with a watch winder you also offer your watch the best in this area.

It is important to choose a quality watch winder. With a high-quality watch winder you choose the best for your watches in terms of winding the automatic movement inside the watch. But also when you go for durability and want to enjoy your watch winder for a long time, you choose a brand that delivers quality. With a decent watch accessory you also immediately have a safe storage place for your watches, so that you can store them carefree. A high-quality watch winder is also the best choice from an aesthetic point of view. Renowned brands choose the best materials and pay a lot of attention to detail and finish. With this you present your automatic watches in a stylish way and all eyes will certainly be on your beloved watches. Watch winders are available with a classic or modern look. Choose a watch winder that suits your personal taste and you have a real eye-catcher for your interior!

In this article we discuss 3 high-quality watch winders, from 3 brands that are well known and a good choice based on our experience. The first model that we highlight is one of the Bernard Favre brand. Bernard Favre is known for the recognizable and very luxurious watch winders that they develop. The Swiss made motors that Bernard Favre uses are of excellent quality. In addition, Bernard Favre chooses very high-quality and special materials for the manufacture of their watch winders. The Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder is a watch accessory that will definitely attract all the attention when it is placed in your interior. This watch winder is made of stainless steel and comes in the color silver with a black base. The watch is wound in this watch accessory because it rotates on its own axis, hence the term 'Planet' is derived. The winding process is therefore a fascinating sight with this watch accessory and will certainly arouse the enthusiasm of the true enthusiast. The glass dome that can be placed over the watch winder provides extra protection and emphasizes the luxurious character of this model.

The Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder is suitable for winding one automatic watch and equipped with no fewer than 9 programs. With the help of the LED indicator you can follow the status of the watch winder. Naturally, this watch accessory is equipped with a Swiss motor. Because this model is also equipped with a built-in battery (100 days), it is also a good option to place it in a safe. Charging the watch winder is possible using the USB connection, via mains power, PC or smartphone.

A second model we would like to introduce you to is the Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Black Apricot. Paul Design is a brand from the United Kingdom, which is known for the good price/quality ratio that the brand offers. This specific watch accessory is suitable for winding up to 12 automatic watches and is made of wood. The watch winder is equipped with high-quality Japanese motors. Each rotor can be set individually with regard to the number of rotations per day and the direction of rotation using the modern touchscreen. Furthermore, this watch accessory offers luxury at its best, it has built-in LED lighting and even a special fingerprint lock. With these modern features, Paul Design shows that they attach great importance to innovation and high-quality technology. The Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Black Apricot also offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection and is also supplied complete with remote control.

The last model that we put in the spotlight is a model from the RDI collection, more precisely the RDI Prestige K10-1. RDI is known for its unique and striking designs, inspired by elements from nature, among other things. With the RDI Prestige K10-1 you choose a watch winder with special shapes and patterns and a unique appearance. This watch winder is made of stainless steel and can be closed with a glass door. This model is equipped with a Swiss engine that is known for its unparalleled quality. With this watch accessory you can wind any automatic watch without any problems. The watch winder offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. The energy supply is via an adapter or battery.

RDI Prestige K10-1 watch winder

With the above models we have tried to give you a bit more info, each with its own specs. With one of these watch winders you choose the best for your automatic watches and you will not have to worry about the energy supply of your watches for years. You can find all three watch winders in our webshop!

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Budget watch winder

Watch winders are available in various shapes and sizes. This means that every fan of automatic watches can find a suitable watch winder that provides your automatic watch with energy. Watch winders offer many advantages when you own one or more automatic watches. For example, a good watch winder ensures that your watch does not come to a standstill when you are not wearing it. After all, an automatic watch can only continue to run if it is provided with the necessary movement. The watch normally receives this movement automatically by moving the wrist when wearing the watch. If you are not wearing the watch, a watch winder can provide this movement.

It is important to choose a quality watch winder in order to make optimal use of the advantages of a watch winder. Yet you really do not have to pay a high price for a high-quality watch winder. There are various watch winder brands on the market that offer a very good price/quality ratio. For example, you can choose models that offer everything you need to wind your watch and that are durable, but on the other hand also affordable. The advantage of a budget watch winder is that you purchase an effective watch winder that does what it is supposed to do, at an attractive price. In addition, an affordable watch winder can immediately provide a very good and safe storage place for your watches, so that you can keep them beautiful and undamaged for a long time.

We would like to introduce you to 3 budget watch winders from the Dutch brand Benson. Benson is known for delivering very good quality at a competitive price and is therefore very suitable if you have a smaller budget when purchasing a watch winder.

The Benson Compact 1.17 Black Leather watch winder is a perfect example of a budget watch winder from the Benson collection. The model has a sleek and compact design and is finished in black. Due to the leather exterior, the watch winder has a luxurious look. Because the watch winder is small in size, it is easy to take with you and you can find a place for it everywhere. This model is suitable for winding one watch. The basis of this watch winder is formed by a quality Japanese motor. These motors are known for being both energy efficient and quiet in use, for optimum user comfort.

The Benson Compact 1.17 Black Leather watch winder is equipped with a modern LCD screen, with which you can determine, among other things, the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. Finally, this watch winder is equipped with the CW, CC and Alt programs and an overwind protection. With this watch winder you can easily wind any type and brand of automatic watch and you can also store your watch safely.

A second model, also from the Benson collection, is the Benson Compact 2.18 Black Leather. This watch winder is suitable for winding 2 automatic watches. This model is also covered with black leather and the interior of this watch winder is also black in color. With this model, it was also decided to use Japanese engines, for a solid base. Despite the attractive price for which this watch winder is offered, this model offers high-quality technology and nice extras. For example, there is a built-in LED lighting with which you can always view your watches well. In addition, with this watch winder you have an innovative touchscreen. This allows you to change the settings for each rotor individually. The Benson Compact 2.18 Black Leather also offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. As icing on the cake, this model also has a power winding function, which is super handy for winding your watches in a short time when you don't have that much time. All in all, this is again a Benson watch winder that can be called very complete, at an attractive price!

The last model we put in the spotlight is the Benson Easy watch winder Z2. This budget watch winder has a completely different look than the previous two. This watch winder is round in shape and made of high-quality plastic. The watch winder is made in white and has a transparent lid to close the watch winder. This way you protect your watch against dust, dirt and condensation, for example, and you can still see your watch well during the winding process. This is further emphasized by the built-in LED lighting of the watch winder. It turns on automatically when the watch winder is in operation. Finally, this model offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and of course an overwind protection. With this model you choose a handy but at the same time spectacular model watch winder with a very effective winding. It is also possible to place it in, for example, an office or bedroom because of the compact design and the low-noise nature of the watch winder.

In addition to the 3 Benson models mentioned, we offer many other watch winders from this special Dutch brand in our webshop. The collection is very diverse in terms of capacity, design and luxury. What all Benson watch winders do have in common, however, is the good price/quality ratio. With Benson you get a lot for your money! So take a look at our webshop now, it's definitely worth it!

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