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Unique price-quality ratio Paul Design watch winder

Posted on 3 May 2017 at 9:13 AM

In Hong Kong, the watch winder brand Paul Design is located. This popular brand produces outstanding quality watch winders. The quality is reflected by solid materials, a beautiful finish and reliable motors. The Paul Design watch winders have a luxurious look and are comfortable in use.

Paul Design Gentlemen

The advantage of Paul Design is that it offers a lot of quality for a very attractive price. This way you buy a watch winder that can easily compete with more expensive brands, at a much lower price. Modern technology and fine operation results in a watch winder that you can enjoy many years of enjoyment.
As official dealer of Paul Design watch winders, we have almost the entire collection in stock and immediately available. Each Paul Design watch winder comes with 2 years warranty and manual.
When you're looking for a great watch winder with an attractive price, a Paul Design watch winder is definitely worth considering.

Wolf watchwinders SALE

Posted on 19 April 2017 at 8:44 AM

Wolf watch winderWe have decided not to proceed with the US watch winder brand Wolf. The disappointing sales and rising prices makes Wolf difficult to sell in Europe. We are not the only company that made this decision, many other Wolf dealers and distributors have discontinued the brand.

Reason enough for us to sell out our Wolf watch winder stock at very attractive prices. Each Wolf watch winder is brand new and comes with 2 year warranty and manual.

Orbita watchwinders - the best prices!

Posted on 4 April 2017 at 9:26 AM

Orbita watch winderAs official dealer of Orbita watch winders, a USA  brand, we guarantee the lowest prices. We give 15% discount on the official retail prices. Combined with free shipping within the Netherlands and very competitive shipping rates for shipping outside the Netherlands our online store offers an Orbita watch winder for the best price. 

Orbita is a big brand in the US and Canada and is becoming more attractive to European consumers as the brand combines excellent quality with very attractive designs and materials. With their rotorwinding system they provide an efficient way of winding automatic watches.

Are you looking for a quality watch winder which is made from the finest materials? As an official dealer of Orbita we offer a varied collection, lowest prices and fast shipping.

Swiss Kubik watchwinders, simply the best

Posted on 16 March 2017 at 10:12 AM

Swiss Kubik watch winder blueAs an official dealer of Swiss Kubik watch winders we have the most popular models in stock and ready to ship today. This Swiss brand manufactures compact watch winders with high end Swiss motors allowing the watch winder to run for +- 2 years on a set of batteries. The quality and compactness are the assets of Swiss Kubik. The quality is Swiss and is therefore well appreciated worldwide. The compactness ensures that the watch winder can be placed anywhere, even in a safe. In addition, the Swiss Kubik watch winders are easy to take along on vacation or business trip.

You can buy a Swiss Kubik watch winder starting at 425.00 euros.

New Benson Black Series Tower watchwinders

Posted on 8 March 2017 at 9:52 AM

Benson Black Series Tower watchwinderThe Dutch watch winder brand Benson Black Series Tower watchwinder introduced its Black Series in early 2016. With more than 200 dealers around the world the brand made great progression. Benson now presents its new Black Series Tower watchwinders. This is a watch winder in the form of a tower, with additional storage for jewelry and watches.

Winding automatic watches is done via the touch screen which you can use for all possible settings for each rotor. The Black Series Tower watchwinder is handmade of wood, stainless steel and mineral glass. The result is beautiful and above all an unique method of winding automatic watches because most watch winders are horizontal positioned instead of a vertically.

The new Benson Black Series Tower watchwinders are available from 1349.00 euros.

The new website of

Posted on 14 February 2017 at 11:39 AM

We welcome you to our new website! The new website has been completely restyled in terms of design and features. You can now easily search for the desired product by the new menu structure. You can search for a specific watch winder brand like Benson, Swiss Kubik and Paul Design or for a type of watch winder as a watch winder for one watch, modern watch winder or Swiss made watch winder.

For our regular customers we have a loyalty program where you earn a discount on every order. The discount can go up to 12.5%.

Our website focuses on the proper presentation of our watchwinder brands. Besides a clear description, we have beautiful pictures that you can view in detail.

In addition, we proudly present several new watch winder brands such as RDI watchwinders from Switzerland and Döttling from Germany.

The best watchwinder for your automatic watch

Posted on 19 September 2016 at 4:04 PM

 When you like to store your automatic watches but also like to keep them moving a watchwinder is a great accessory. Because walking around with a few watches around your arm will be a bit funny. A watchwinder keeps your automatic watches running all the day. A big advantage is that you do not ever have to re-set the time or date. In addition, a watchwinder simulates the movement of your wrist so that a watch won't come to a standstill. Think of a car that never runs, starting the car will be inconvenient after a while. Moving parts in the movement of the watch need motion to remain flexible. 

Watchwinders come in different brands, colors and sizes. Often, the price depends on the quality, features and size. The brand Benson watchwinders we sell more than 10 years. This brand offers unprecedented price/quality ratio. Benson watchwinders are suitable for every automatic watch, regardless of brand or model. If you are looking for a good and affordable watchwinder that keeps your watches for years in motion a Benson watchwinder is what you're looking for.

Take a look here at the collection Benson watchwinders.

New single Benson Black Series watchwinders

Posted on 3 August 2016 at 2:41 PM

 The Dutch watchwinder brand Benson is one of the revelations of the last years. The brand presented the Black Series watchwinders early this year and became incredible popular. With a nice collection, innovative technique and great usability the Benson Black Series watchwinders are one the favorite brands in our shops.

Official dealer of Benson Black Series watchwinders

As official dealer of Benson Black Series watchwinders we have all models in stock. Yesterday we were informed that Benson watchwinders will present several new Black Series models in november. Benson developed a new Black Series single watchwinder with built-in battery. The design is in line with the current Black Series watchwinder models. All new single watchwinders will be available in black, carbon fiber, white and macassar. The official retail price will be 299,00 euro incl. VAT.

New macassar exterior style

Also the current Black Series models for 2, 4, 6 and 8 watchwinders will be available in the new macassar style. Next to black, carbon fiber and white the new macassar colour will be attractive for those who like a more natural (wood look) exterior.

The new Black Series single watchwinder and new macassar colour versions will be available around november of this year. 

Official dealer of RDI watchwinders from Switzerland

Posted on 13 July 2016 at 8:36 AM

 As a specialist in the field of watchwinders it's important to offer a good collection watchwinder brands to our customers. At Baselworld, the biggest watch fair in the world, we have become acquainted with RDI watchwinders. During a presentation we got a good picture of the watchwinders, engineering, quality and background of this brand. The owner, mr. Charles Kaeser, is a well known person in the watch industry and designs and develops all RDI watchwinders by himself.

Official dealer of RDI watchwinders.

As the first official online dealer of RDI watchwinders we will offer a complete collection of this beautiful and very high quality brand. The watchwinders are produced in Switzerland with fine materials and craftsmanship. The Swiss motors in the watchwinder ensures reliability as well as alsmost no noise.

The warranty is 2 years and each RDI watchwinder comes in a nice box with manual.
The RDI watchwinder is suitable for winding any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. If you want a special watchwinder for your special watch collection, you certainly need to check our collection of RDI watchwinders.

In mid-September we present RDI watchwinders on our new websites.

Official dealer of Avante watchwinders

Posted on 27 June 2016 at 7:54 AM

In the field of watchwinders you can choose from various brands in our shop. Brands like Swiss Kubik, Elma Motion and Benson are well known. 

Our collection will soon be expanded with brands which produce very appealing watchwinders. In mid october we will be the first Avante watchwinder dealer in Europe. This is very special news as Avante watchwinders are only available in Asia, the United States and Russia. The watchwinders of this brand from Hong Kong are in the higher segment in terms of price and quality.

In Hong Kong, we met the Avante team and had a tour in the company. The professionalism and emphasis on quality and fine materials do make us proud to become the first Avante watchwinder dealer in Europe.

We expect the Avante watchwinders mid october in stock. In this period we will already present the first collection of these beautiful watchwinders.