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Watch winders in a safe

Posted on 31 March 2020 at 6:51 PM

Let's start at the beginning. Because what exactly is a watch winder? When do you use it? The true enthusiast or collector of automatic watches will certainly not be unknown to this watch accessory. An automatic watch does not work on a battery, but through movement. This means that the watch only continues to run when it is in motion. This happens automatically when the watch is worn. The natural movement of the wrist then provides the necessary energy to run the watch. If the watch is not worn and there is no movement, the watch will eventually stop. Besides being annoying that you have to reset the time and functions, this is also harmful to your watch. This can cause inaccuracies in time and date display, among other things, because the oil in the timepiece is no longer nicely distributed over all moving parts of the timepiece. The oil is necessary for all moving parts to move smoothly and without much resistance. Standstill literally means decline.

A watch winder is a good and suitable solution when you are not wearing your automatic watches. The watch winder provides the necessary movement (usually by rotation) and in this way ensures that your automatic watch does not stop. A watch winder is suitable for someone with a single automatic watch that is not always worn, but also for the watch collector who logically cannot wear several watches at the same time. Other benefits of using a watch winder is that it protects the watches from external influences such as dust and dirt. The watch winder also protects against damage and at the same time offers a nice storage place for your watches.

Then we come to the topic of this blog. Watch winders in a safe. If you are a fan of good quality watches, you will want to store them safely. As mentioned earlier, a watch winder already protects your watches in different ways. But you also want to protect your watches against theft. A good option is to place your watches with a watch winder which is placed inside a safe. In a so-called watch winder safe, the watches are safe and yet they are wound because the watch winders provide them with energy.

There are a few options. You have complete safes in which watch winders are fully integrated. You place your watch in the safe and the watch is wound. These safes are quite luxurious and specially aimed at winding and keeping your automatic watches safe. A good example is the Benson safes. These watch winder safes are completely with built-in with watch winders. Because mains power is provided, you can connect the safe via the adapter. Ready for use.

Another option is to place small individual watch winders in a safe. These watch winders work on batteries and can be placed individually in the safe. So they are loose in the safe and you can easily take them out again. You can find examples of these watch winders at Swiss Kubik and Chronovision. These brands make high-quality compact watch winders that work on a set of batteries for 1 to 3 years. Ideal to place in a safe. However, you are probably a bit more expensive than buying a ready to use watch winder safe.

Do you really want a professional safe of hundreds of kilos in which you can store not only your watches, but also papers, jewelry or other jewelry? Then the German brand Heisse & Söhne is a good choice! These large watch winder safes meet the highest European standards in this area and are therefore also very suitable for storing your watch winder and your beloved watches. In addition, these safes meet the requirements of insurers. These safes are very heavy and are specially produced according to the wishes of the customer. They are brought on site and installed by a professional from Heisse & Söhne.

No watch enthusiast wants his or her beloved watches to be stolen or damaged. Placing a watch winder safe or compact watch winders individually in a safe is then ideal. It just depends on which option suits you better. The advantage of placing compact watch winders in a safe is that you are more flexible. If you buy or sell one or more watches, simply place or remove a watch winder in/from the safe. A watch winder safe, however, offers an all-in-one package. You are ready immediately, it looks beautiful and you have mains power (no batteries replaced, etc.).

The choice is yours!

The best watch box to store watches

Posted on 21 March 2020 at 4:09 PM

In addition to a watch winder, a watch box, or watch case, is the most popular watch accessory. Where a watch winder excites automatic watches, a watch box is intended to store watches safely. This is not only useful because you have all the watches together, but it is also safe because your watches are safely stored in a watch box that protects them.

Benson leather watch box

Watch boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You have models made of wood, leather or aluminum. The style or design can be modern or classic. In terms of capacity, there is a lot of choice. There are watch boxes for one watch (travel case), but also for two, three, four, six, eight and ten watches. If you really are a watch enthusiast and you have a lot of watches, there are also watch boxes for, for example, 12, 16, 20 or even 24 watches.

What should you pay attention to when buying a watch box?

When you want to buy a watch box, you want at least enough capacity for all your watches. You prefer to buy a box that is a bit too big than a box that is too small for your collection. Otherwise, you will soon have to buy another watch box. In addition, we advise you to buy a watch box that is made of solid materials. A wooden or leather watch box is a great choice. Wooden watch boxes are more likely to be scratched and damaged because they are usually painted. However, such a watch box does have a more luxurious appearance. A leather watch box has the advantage that it is lighter and also has a beautiful natural look. Especially when you wear a lot of watches with leather watch straps, storing your watches in a leather watch box is a good choice.

One of the most important aspects is that the watch box offers good space for your watches. Not only the diameter of the cushions and storage compartments plays a role, also the height. With enough space, the watch does not touch any part of the watch box, except of course the cushion on which the watch is attached. This prevents damage to the watch. Of course also because the inside of a good watch box must always be covered with soft fabric. As a result, the watches are always protected and do not run any risks or damage.

There are watch boxes with a closed top where you have no view of the watches in it. There are also watch boxes with a glass top so that you can see the watches in them. Both types of watch boxes have advantages and disadvantages. One wants his or her watches to be invisible, while the other likes to look at his or her watches through the glass top. There is also a distinction between watch boxes with and without a lock. These locks are not intended to prevent theft. After all, the watch box is easy to carry in its entirety. The locks are intended to keep the watches out of reach of children and/or pets. If you want to quickly grab a watch every day to wear, it is best to choose a watch box without a lock.

Watch boxes come in all kinds of price ranges. A good watch box quickly starts at 50.00 euro, but the price depends on the material, capacity and brand. Watch boxes from the Dutch brand Benson have an excellent reputation. The brand offers models of wood but also of leather. Especially the wooden Benson Black Series watch boxes are beautiful and offer all the luxury that a watch enthusiast would like to see. In addition, these boxes offer enough space for larger watches and you can choose from models for 8, 12 and 16 watches. In addition, the boxes are available in black, white, carbon fiber and macassar. This means that you will always find the right watch box for your watch collection.

The 5 reasons for a watch winder

Posted on 14 March 2020 at 11:12 AM

An automatic watch comes to a standstill if you do not wear it for a longer time. Most automatic watches stop after 32-42 hours of non-use. After this you have to gently shake the watch or wind the watch via the crown to get it running again. After that, you will of course have to reset the time and date (and any other functions). You would rather not want this. That's why using a watch winder is so very handy! In this blog we explain 5 reasons to use a watch winder to wind your automatic watches.

- Durability watches

Perhaps the most important advantage of a watch winder is the durability of your watches. In other words, a watch winder contributes to the proper maintenance of automatic watches. The watch winder ensures that the automatic watches rotate, whereby the oil in the timepiece of the watch is well distributed in the timepiece. This keeps the moving parts lubricated and keeps them moving smoothly. This reduces the risk of defects and wear of these timepiece parts. Every watch enthusiast knows that a repair or replacement of the timepiece or parts of it can be very expensive. Prevention is therefore better than cure. With a watch winder you take good care of your automatic watches. You prevent downtime and ensure that the timepiece keeps moving in a responsible manner. Ultimately, this benefits the durability of the watches.
- A watch winder is useful

In addition to durability, the functionality of a watch winder is a very important advantage. A watch winder is simply very handy. Especially if you have one or more automatic watches that sometimes stop. Perhaps because you do not wear an automatic watch every day or because you have several watches and cannot wear all watches every day. It is a huge hassle to manually wind an automatic watch, reset it in time and date, and then start wearing it. This can be much easier, namely by using a watch winder for your automatic watches. The watch winder ensures that your automatic watch or watches are continuously supplied with energy. This means the watch always run on time and is immediately ready to wear. You no longer need to reset the time or other functions.

A good watch winder can be fully adjusted to the specific automatic watch. This means that you can set the direction of rotation (per individual watch) in clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating. You can also set the number of revolutions per day in small steps. A good watch winder brand that has very good functionality is the Dutch brand Benson. This brand offers all possibilities to wind an automatic watch without any problems. That is why a Benson watch winder is ideal for watch brands such as Omega, Rolex, IWC, Fortis, Tag Heuer, Oris, Breitling, Patek etc etc.

Using a watch winder saves time, but there is another important advantage; when setting the time and date you have to open the crown. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch, because it is connected to the movement with just a thin rod (the pin).

You have to open the crown with patience and care. If you do not do this you have a chance of a broken crown or bent pin. This irrevocably leads to expensive repairs.
A watch winder is useful because you no longer have to look at your automatic watches in terms of settings such as time and date. The watch winder ensures that there is always enough energy in the watch and that you can wear it immediately. It saves time and is easy!

- Safe storage of watch collection

Most watch enthusiasts are careful with their watch collection. Automatic watches are usually not cheap and the passion for technology makes watch enthusiasts careful with their watches. A watch winder is very useful. After all, you have all watches together in one place in a watch winder that you can usually close or even place in a safe. There are simple watch winders that only wind automatic watches, but there are also many different watch winders that offer additional options. You can think of a door or lid with which you can close the watch winder, but you can also think of extra storage options for other watches and jewelry. This makes your automatic watches safe for, for example, children's hands, dust or even condensation.

Safe storage of watches is also possible in a watch winder safe. This is a special safe that is fitted with watch winders inside. This gives you optimal safety for the watches and you also wind them via the built-in watch winders. Of course you can also simply place a small watch winder in a safe. A good example is the Swiss Kubik watch winders that are compact and work for up to 3 years on one set of batteries. Ideal for in a safe.

- A watch winder is cool

Who doesn't want to admire their watch collection every day? Every watch enthusiast likes to look at their watches, especially when they rotate in a watch winder and are beautifully illuminated in the dark, for example, by the LED light of the watch winder. A watch winder just looks cool. We often get reactions from customers who receive positive reactions from friends, colleagues or family when they see their automatic watches in a nice watch winder. Not everyone knows what a watch winder is, but when someone sees the watches in a watch winder, the interest is there immediately. You can also see a watch winder as part of your interior. Watch winders are not only functional, the brands are also producing more and more beautiful watch winders that look very professional and beautiful. The watch winder brands bring more and more emphasis on design, high-quality materials and a beautiful appearance. If you can combine the fact that a watch winder is handy and functional with a beautiful design, this makes it an ultimate watch accessory.

Watch winders are available in many different types, materials and sizes. You can choose a modern Benson watch winder, or a more classically designed Orbita watch winder. You can choose a small compact Swiss Kubik watch winder or a larger watch winder with storage drawers, LED lighting and touchscreen from Paul Design or Benson watch winders. There is so much choice that you will always find a watch winder that fits perfectly with your watch collection. There is also plenty to choose in terms of use of color. Watch winders are made in different colors such as black, brown, white or even blue. You can also choose a special material such as carbon fiber, walnut or macassar wood. The days when a watch winder was purely functional are long gone, nowadays a watch winder is more than just intended to wind an automatic watch. It has also become a luxurious interior piece.

- The best watch accessory

A watch winder has a lot of advantages and actually no real disadvantages. If we have to mention a disadvantage it's the price. A good watch winder just costs a bit more than other watch accessories such as a watch box or a watch strap, but it also offers much more. Are you a real watch enthusiast and do you have one or more automatic watches? Then a watch winder is actually indispensable.

You save time and effort and ensure optimal durability of your watches. In addition, you reduce the risk of defects when opening the crown if you have to reset the time and date each time. It is also often said that standing still is deterioration. This also applies to automatic watches. The watch winder is the best watch accessory available. You store your watches safely, provide them with energy and it is also a beautiful sight when the watches are rotating. A modern watch winder offers all kinds of extra functionalities that make a watch winder not only practical but also offer a certain form of luxury.

In our opinion, a watch winder is the best watch accessory for the real watch enthusiast who has one or more automatic watches. Those who have a watch winder will endorse this. We often hear it from customers. Customers who have been using a watch winder for several years but are looking for a new model because their watch collection has grown or they just want to have something else (more modern, different design or a different brand) often say that they can no longer do without a watch winder.

Are you looking for a good watch winder? We are official dealer of 15 watch winder brands, have more than 15 years of experience and have the latest collections with competitive prices. Not sure what you need? Call or email us, we are happy to help you. Choosing a watch winder is easy, but with the right advice you may make a better choice!

Watch winder, the best automatic watch accessory

Posted on 6 March 2020 at 9:15 AM

For every enthusiast and collector of automatic watches, a watch winder is actually the number one watch accessory. Maybe you are wondering what a watch winder is? And why do you use a watch winder? The answer to this is quite extensive. A watch winder is indispensable for various reasons. To explain this, it is useful to know how an automatic watch works. An automatic watch keeps running on time through movement. Normally, the watch meets this need by the natural movement of the wrist. However, you do not always wear an automatic watch. When you take your watch off, for example at night, during exercise or simply because you own several watches and alternate them, your watch does not get the required movement and can then stop running. A watch winder mimics the movement of the wrist and in this way provides the watch with the right energy, so that it does not stand still.

In this sense, a watch winder ensures the preservation of your watch. An automatic watch that comes to a standstill can afterwards cause inaccuracies in time and date display. Apart from that, a watch winder also ensures that the correct oil allocation is maintained for your watch. In addition to the movement that a watch winder provides, there are several reasons for which you can use a watch winder. A good watch winder also protects against external influences, such as dirt and dust, or for example condensation. This prevents damage and wear to your watches. Watch winders come in different shapes and sizes. There are watch winders for people with a single automatic watch, but also various watch winders for collectors with room for multiple automatic watches. For example the modern Paul Design watch winders. There is a variety of capacities in this area. For the small collector, but also for the collector with many automatic watches. A watch winder with a large capacity is an absolute outcome for the collector, otherwise it is impossible to keep all watches running properly on time.

There are watch winders that can easily be placed in a safe due to the compact size, so that your watch is always safe. The Swiss Kubik watch winders are ideal for this. But there are even watch winders that are built into a safe. This way you don't have to worry about the safety of your automatic watches as they are stored safely. Benson watchwinders has various safes with built-in watch winders.

A watch winder is a nice storage place for your watches anyway. Some watch winders also offer extra storage space, for example in the form of a drawer. This makes it possible to neatly store all your jewelry and, for example, cufflinks. When you choose a good watch winder, it is often energy efficient and almost silent in use. In addition, good watch winders offer overwind protection. Some watch winders can be operated via a touchscreen and for many models, for example, the rotors can be set individually. For example, the latest Paul Design Gentlemen watch winders have a remote control.

Heisse und Sohne Collector watch winder

A watch winder can also be an added aesthetic value. For a collector of automatic watches, a luxury watch winder with the right appearance will definitely be of value as a fitting piece for the collection. There are different types of watch winders with an original or even unique design, which will be a real eye catcher with any interior and watch collection. The choice of materials also plays a role in this. Luxury and high-quality materials such as wood, stainless steel and glass are often used in the various models of watch winders.

In short, a watch winder has the following functions: excitement for daily wearing the watch, oil allocation inside the timepiece, protection against wear and damage and in the case of a safe even against theft. In addition, the design is important as well, it is a supplement to your interior and watch or watch collection. For enthusiasts and collectors it is even fascinating to see how the watch is wound because the watch remains visible when it's rotated inside the watch winder. In other words, a watch winder is definitely the number one watch accessory.

The advantages of a watch winder

Posted on 29 February 2020 at 2:26 PM

Automatic watches come in all shapes and sizes. There are so many watch brands that produce automatic watches. But automatic watches all have one thing in common; they come to a standstill if they don't get any energy, in other words if you don't wear them or don't place them in a watch winder. No watch enthusiast likes it when his or her favorite automatic watches are standing still. Stagnation is in fact decline. The ultimate accessory to prevent downtime is a watch winder. A watch winder simulates wrist movement so that the energy in the timepiece of the watch is retained and the watch keeps running on time. There are various brands that produce watch winders and there are many more different watch winder models. However, the concept is always the same, you place your automatic watch in the watch winder which then rotates and brings energy into the watch. But what exactly are the advantages of the use of a watch winder?

A watch winder is handy!

Convenience is very important!. Why make it difficult when it can be easy. This also applies to a watch winder. The watch winder ensures that your automatic watches keep moving if you do not wear the watches. This keeps the watches on time and they indicate the correct date. But also consider the chronograph, GMT function or moon phase that is properly set. If an automatic watch is stationary, the functions also stop, so you have to reset it when you start wearing the watch. Setting the time is not such a problem. You can do this very quickly. But setting the chronograph, GMT function or the moon phase is something different. Especially when you have multiple automatic watches, setting watches can be a tedious and time-consuming job.

The use of a watch winder is better for automatic watches

A watch winder simulates wrist movement so that an automatic watch no longer stands still. As mentioned, stagnation means decline. Think of a car that has been in a garage for years without it driving. The parts will show defects and then the car will no longer start or will no longer run smoothly. The same applies to downtime at automatic watches. The oil in the timepiece is no longer distributed by the timepiece, so that the timepiece can be damaged if it suddenly has to function again. Automatic watches are usually considerably more expensive than for example quartz watches. Damage or a defect to an automatic watch can result in high bills for maintenance, repair or even replacement. You want to prevent this by regularly providing your watches with movement. However, you also want to wear your favorite watch and not wear a watch because it needs movement. The solution is a watch winder. You wear your favorite automatic watch every day and the watch winder ensures that your other automatic watches keep moving and do not stop. The watch winder is therefore also the most popular and useful accessory for automatic watches.

The use of a watch winder to keep automatic watches moving has another advantage. Because the automatic watches rotate in a watch winder so that the energy in the timepiece is retained, you do not have to open the crown every time to reset the time, date and other functions. This is a big advantage because the crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. After all, the crown is attached to the timepiece inside the watch with a thin rod (a thin pin). A defect at the crown can occur quite easily, especially if you regularly open and close the crown. You do not always have the time or the peace to do this with concentration. A defective crown is the result in a moment of inattention.

A watch winder looks cool!

Watch winders come, as mentioned, in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from many brands, capacity, color, material and design. A watch winder is not only very handy and good for the durability of the automatic watch, it also looks incredibly cool. A watch winder with rotating automatic watches is an eye catcher. It provides a unique view of your collection of automatic watches. For example when it is evening and the LED lighting beautifully illuminates the watches. We also often hear from customers that a watch winder often provides discussion material with people who see a watch winder for the first time. They are surprised and interested in the device and often find the view of the rotating watches very beautiful!

There are watch winders that are made of wood, aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. In addition, you can often choose from different colors or additional materials such as macassar, carbon fiber or leather. This allows you to choose a watch winder that fits perfectly in your interior. Not only at home, but also at the office or even in a safe. You even have watch winders that you can easily take with you on a trip or vacation.

So the use of a watch winder has many advantages! The true watch enthusiast who has multiple automatic watches opts for a good watch winder. Consider a watch winder from  the brands Benson, Swiss Kubik or Paul Design. But there are many other watch winder brands that we can recommend. Take a look at our website and compare the different brands. You will see that there is a lot of difference in terms of design, use of color, appearance and certainly also in terms of price. The price certainly determines the quality of watch winders. A good watch winder has a strong motor (from Japan, Germany or Switzerland) and all the functionalities to wind your automatic watch, regardless of brand or model. Our advice is not to cut back on a watch winder. The use of a watch winder offers many benefits. Quality costs money, especially when you choose a watch winder with strong engines, good functionality and a beautiful design!