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What determines the price of a watch winder?

Posted on 19 February 2021 at 12:38 PM

Watch winders come from different brands and can differ a lot in terms of technology, material and design. Well-known brands such as Swiss Kubik, Benson, Orbita and Paul Design have been leading the way for years. If you are looking for a good watch winder, what should you pay attention to and how do you ensure that you do not pay too much? There are so many different watch winders that it is sometimes difficult to determine what the exact differences are and why one brand or model is more expensive than another. We try to provide more information on the basis of certain properties of a watch winder. In this article we will discuss the question of what determines the price of a watch winder.

The most important aspects that determine the price of a watch winder are the specific brand, how many watches you can wind in the watch winder, the type of motors, the functionality, the use of materials and the design. We will discuss these aspects one by one for a good overview.

There are various watch winder brands and there is a big difference between good brands and bad brands. Respectable brands such as Benson, Paul Design, Swiss Kubik, Bernard Favre and Heisse & Söhne have been producing watch winders for years and are praised by watch enthusiasts worldwide. These brands have extensive collections and invest in their technology and innovations. As a result, the brands develop and offer better quality, technology and functionality. However, there are also watch winders that are offered by Amazon, Aliexpress or (Dutch platform). These are often cheaper Chinese watch winders with unknown motors and poor functionality and quality. The brand name is often nicely conceived, mainly to mislead consumers into thinking they have purchased a quality product. In reality, it is not a real brand that invests in its products, but a Chinese factory that produces cheap watch winders and sells it to all kinds of parties who then place their own name on the watch winder. The difference in price between a serious watch winder brand and an unknown Asian brand with a remarkably low price is easy to explain based on the above.

In addition to the brand, the capacity of the watch winder, in other words how many automatic watches can be wound in the watch winder, also largely determines the price. In general, a watch winder that can wind more automatic watches is more expensive than a watch winder that can wind fewer automatic watches. After all, any watch that rotates is powered by a motor. More watches means more motors. The motor of a watch winder is the heart of this watch accessory and is one of the more expensive parts. A watch winder that can wind more automatic watches is often also larger in size, which also affects the price because more material is used. Larger watch winders require more material, labor and lead to higher transport costs.

As noted earlier, the motor is the heart of the watch winder. The motor ensures the rotation of the watch. With a good watch winder, each watch is powered by a separate motor. This makes each watch individually adjustable in terms of direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day. The quality of the motor depends on where the motor was produced. In general, watch winders' motors come from Switzerland, Germany, Japan and China. Swiss and German motors  are the most highly regarded for quality and durability. In addition, they are often almost silent in use. Japanese motors  are almost as good as Swiss and German motors and are a bit cheaper, which means that watch winders that use Japanese motors are often attractively priced. Japanese motors are also of very good quality and durable, but as a rule the sound level is slightly higher than with Swiss and German motors. Chinese motors are no longer used by serious watch winder brands. These Chinese motors are still used in watch winders that are offered on Amazon, Aliexpress and Often the motors are unbranded and they quickly cause a lot of noise nuisance or malfunctions. Often a watch winder that uses such motors can no longer be repaired. Not only because the parts are difficult to obtain, but also because it is not economically profitable. Replacing the watch winder is often cheaper than a repair. This is not only a waste of your money but is also anything but sustainable.

A watch winder's main task is to wind automatic watches. An automatic watch gets energy when it makes a certain number of revolutions per day. The rotor in the timepiece rotates, tensioning a spring. When this spring relaxes, the automatic watch starts running. Every good watch winder can rotate clockwise, anticlockwise and alternately and is adjustable in terms of number of revolutions per day. This combination of properties allows you to provide any watch, regardless of watch brand or model, with energy. But a watch winder can also have very different functionalities that you can use well as a watch enthusiast. You can think of built-in LED lighting for a good view of the watches, but also a lockable door so that the watches are safe in the watch winder. Other examples of useful features are power winding where you provide the watches with energy in a short time, and also the sleep mode where the watch winder pauses during the night hours because you normally sleep at night and the watch does not move. The Paul Design brand distinguishes itself with a fingerprint sensor with which you can open and close the door. Swiss Kubik distinguishes itself with a battery function in which the watch winder can function for up to 3 years on one set of batteries. The Dutch brand Benson has various useful extras such as additional storage space, flexible watch holders and a modern touchscreen with which you can set the watch winder. In short, each brand has its own advantages.

The material of which the watch winder is made plays a major role on the durability, but certainly also on the price of a watch winder. The quality and quantity of the materials used such as wood, fabric, stainless steel and glass have a direct influence on the price. But also the type of material and its processing can influence the labor. Materials that are difficult to work with require more specific knowledge and concentration in production. You can see this well with the Swiss brand RDI that works with organic materials where each watch winder is unique. The RDI watch winders are therefore not cheap. The material of the watch winder is an important property. Wooden watch winders, for example, absorb sound, but are also more vulnerable to scratches and bumps. Plastic or aluminum watch winders, such as those from Swiss Kubik, are stronger but do not offer an absorbing effect and do not have the same luxurious appearance as a wooden watch winder. However, your personal taste also plays a major role. Do you choose a watch winder purely on the basis of functionality or also on the basis of appearance, material and color? There are many options and watch winders are produced in all kinds of colors. Plenty of choice!

The last element that affects the price is the design of the watch winder. Brands design a watch winder based on the needs of their customers. There are brands that produce small and effective watch winders and brands that turn out much more in terms of size, extras and luxury. A beautiful design usually costs more money than a simple design. For one watch enthusiast who wants to wind his or her automatic watches, design is important, for others it is not and a watch winder is purely a handy accessory. Nevertheless, we notice that customers are increasingly looking for a beautiful watch winder that is really placed as an eye-catcher in the interior. For example in the living room, bedroom or in an office. The watch winder must then match the specific interior in terms of size, color and design.

Watch winder brands each choose their own design that distinguishes them from other brands. You recognize certain brands immediately. For example, we see that Swiss Kubik watch winders have a very compact and functional design. The watch enthusiast who buys a Swiss Kubik watch winder does not so much opt for a high-quality design and a luxurious appearance. Bernard Favre, on the other hand, is a Swiss brand whose watch winders have unique designs. With the Planet models, the watch turns, as it were, on its own axis, which offers a special appearance. The glass bell that comes with it makes it a beautiful watch winder. The Dutch brand Benson has various series such as the Compact, Smart-Tech II, Black Series and Swiss Series, giving you a wide choice in terms of design and price range. The differences in design between these brands are significant. A luxurious design ensures that the price is normally also higher. If you choose a watch winder with a simple design, the price will generally be a bit lower.

There are many different types of watch winders. There are also large differences in price between models and brands. But as a rule, the price differences can be easily explained if we look at the materials used, type of engines and capacity. In addition, you pay a little more for one brand than for another. You also see this in cars, mobile phones and clothing. Well-known brands that also do a lot of marketing are normally more expensive. Due to their brand name, reputation and origin, they can charge a higher price for their products.

If you want to purchase a new watch winder, pay attention to the above aspects and determine what is important to you. Compare different makes and models. Get well-informed by a specialist and determine your budget. On that basis, you will certainly make a good choice for an excellent watch winder that will wind your automatic watches well and safely and which you will enjoy for years to come.

Heisse and Sohne Watch Collector 70019-134.10.130

Posted on 11 February 2021 at 4:11 PM

When you, as a collector of automatic watches, are looking for a suitable watch winder, you want of course a good quality watch winder. A watch winder for a real collector must meet several conditions. For example, it is of course important that the watch winder offers enough space for all your automatic watches. This depends mainly on the size of your watch collection or its intended size. When you have determined which capacity your ideal watch winder should offer, you can check the other conditions that are important for your watch collection. Of course, quality plays a major role in this, you want your watches to be supplied with energy in an efficient and at the same time mild way for the preservation of your watches. Besides quality and capacity, budget, design and use of materials are also important aspects. Are you looking for a real eye-catcher for your collection of watches? Do you want a watch winder with a luxurious look made of high-quality materials? Then Heisse & Söhne watch winders is a perfect brand for you!

Heisse & Söhne is a German brand based in the Sauerland. Germany, like Switzerland, is very well known when it comes to the quality of the watches and watch winders that are produced there. So with a watch winder from Heisse & Söhne you can be sure that you will get quality at home. A Heisse & Söhne watch winder is a watch winder that you can always build on and that will wind your watches in style. The appearance of the models from Heisse & Söhne can be called stylish, luxurious and chic. The motors of this German brand come from Japan and are of high quality. They are known, among other things, for being energy-efficient in use and also for carrying out their work in silence. This means no annoying or disturbing noises while winding your watches.

The Heisse & Söhne collection is diverse. In addition to watch winders, Heisse & Söhne also offers watch winder safes. This is where you store your collection of watches extra securely, as the safes meet the highest European standards. In addition, we find many watch winders with a diverse capacity in the collection. For example, the enthusiast can go there with a few watches, but also the real collector who has many automatic watches in his possession. In this blog article we will highlight a specific watch winder model from Heisse & Söhne, especially suitable for the real collector. This is a special and very chic watch winder for the collector who wants to make his collection even better and which is also of absolute top quality.

A very good example is the Heisse & Söhne Watch Collector 70019-134.10.130 watch winder. This watch winder is suitable for winding up to 16 automatic watches. This watch winder has a classic design. The beautiful wooden exterior in combination with metal accents and black elements, give the watch winder a very luxurious look. The cabinet with door ensures that you can easily protect your watches against external influences, such as dirt, dust and condensation. This watch winder is suitable for all automatic watches of any brand or type.

Heisse & Söhne Collector Watchwinder 70019-134.10.130

Technically, this watch winder has a lot to offer. Starting with the modern touchscreen, with which you can easily adjust the settings you want. Each rotor is individually adjustable in terms of the rotations per day and the direction of rotation. The watch winder is also equipped with built-in LED lighting. This means that you can view or display your watch collection at any time, whenever you want. Even when winding the watches. The Heisse & Söhne Watch Collector 70019-134.10.130 watch winder also has a sleep mode. This keeps your watches just below the optimal level of winding, allowing them some rest. This watch winder offers 3 directions of rotation, namely CW, CC and Alternate.

When you purchase a watch winder from the Heisse & Söhne brand, you go for pure quality. The quality and finish are very important to Heisse & Söhne. After production, every watch winder is again extensively tested and checked against a checklist before it is delivered. At Heisse & Söhne, they want to be completely sure that you will receive the watch winder in top condition. With a watch winder from Heisse & Söhne you are therefore guaranteed to choose the very best.

In short, if you are planning to purchase a high-quality watch winder for your collection, Heisse & Söhne watch winder is definitely worth considering. Especially the Heisse & Söhne Watch Collector 70019-134.10.130 watch winder, which with space for 16 watches and all the trimmings is the perfect watch winder for an extensive collection of watches. Just the watch winder itself, but also your beloved watches will be a real eye-catcher in your interior. After all, a beautiful, appealing watch winder is the icing on the cake for many a collector. With this specific watch winder from Heisse & Söhne you choose a valuable addition to your collection!

As an official dealer of Heisse & Söhne, we offer security, competitive prices and fast delivery. Of course you can also contact us for after sales service. With more than 15 years of experience in watch winding, we are happy to help you.

Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watch winders

Posted on 3 February 2021 at 6:33 PM

Watch winders come from all kinds of brands. But not only brands from Switzerland and Germany are able to deliver top quality in this field. Switzerland is of course known for the high quality watch winders and watches they supply, the same applies to Germany. Germany and reliability belong together. But also, for example, in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, watch winders are produced that are really worth a closer look when you are looking for a good watch winder. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Paul Design brand, based in the UK. This brand has a lot to offer in many areas.

The brain behind Paul Design is Paul Chen. He develops and designs the watch winders himself and had an ambitious goal in mind from the start. Innovation is of paramount importance to him. This can also be seen in the watch winders within the extensive collection. Paul Design offers watch winders with space for one watch, but also watch winders with a large capacity. These watch winders are ideally suited for the real collector. For example, within the Paul Design collection we find watch winders for 2 watches, but also watch winders with a capacity for, for example, 12 automatic watches. This makes the Paul Design collection suitable for a wider audience.

The attractive prices for which Paul Design offers its watch winders also make the collection accessible to many enthusiasts and collectors of automatic watches. The combination of a stylish design, high-quality technology and finish and a competitive price, makes Paul Design distinguish itself from other well-known watch winder brands.

Within the collection of Paul Design we find the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watch winder. This watch winder is suitable for winding 2 watches and also offers extra storage space for 3 more watches. Of course, this storage space is also very suitable for keeping other jewelry or, for example, cufflinks together. Paul Design offers a very good price/quality ratio with the Gentlemen 2+3 watch winder. These watch winders are available in 3 different colors, Black Apricot, Black Shadow and Macassar. These colors give the watch winders an extra luxurious and natural look.

The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watch winders are equipped with Japanese motors, which are both energy efficient and quiet in use. This naturally increases the user comfort. In addition, the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watch winders are equipped with a modern touchscreen, with which you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. You can do this individually for each rotor, allowing you to specifically set the required values ??for each watch. These watch winders are also equipped with a sleep function. This feature allows you to keep the automatic watches just below the optimal level of winding, allowing them some rest. Of course, the watch winders are also provided with overwind protection. And finally, this beautiful design is equipped with LED lighting, which ensures a perfect view of your watches.

In short, the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watch winders are very complete watch winders with the most modern technology and a luxurious look. Paul Design knows how to use very competitive prices for its watch winders. Comparable brands easily cost twice as much.

Have you become enthusiastic after reading this article? You can take a closer look at these watch winders from Paul Design in our webshop. Here you can easily find the specifications of these watch winders and the clear photos give you a good idea of ??what the watch winders look like.

Of course you prefer to buy a quality watch winder from an official dealer. They know the ins and outs of the products and can therefore give you appropriate advice if you wish. You can also count on excellent service from an official dealer. We are official dealer of Paul Design and are therefore happy to help you. If you choose to order a Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watch winder from us, you will receive it with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual.

Besides these qualitative watch winders have much more to offer. Think of various other renowned watch winder brands. For example Swiss Kubik, Benson Watchwinders or Bernard Favre.

The new Benson Smart-Tech II 2.20.B watch winder

Posted on 27 January 2021 at 8:16 PM

If you are looking for a watch winder for winding your automatic watches, you have probably heard of the watch winder brand Benson. This Dutch brand has been producing watch winders of very good quality for years that are used by many watch enthusiasts. Benson knows all the features you need to properly and safely wind an automatic watch, combining it with an attractive design and attractive price. You can wind all types of automatic watches quickly and safely in a Benson watch winder. For example, do you have a Rolex, Omega, Breitling or Tag Heuer watch? You can easily wind them in a watch winder from this Dutch brand.

Benson Smart-Tech II 2.20.B watch winder

Recently Benson presented the latest generation of Smart-Tech II watch winders. This new series succeeds the current collection. The differences are mainly in an even better finish and new type of door. This gives the watch winder a more modern design and is even more functional in use. The big advantage of the Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders is the price/quality ratio. There are actually no other watch winder brands that offer a watch winder of the same quality for such an interesting price.

The new generation of Smart-Tech II watch winders consists of 3 models, namely for winding 2, 4 and 6 automatic watches. Each model is made of wood and has a glass door for optimal view of the revolving watches. The Japanese motors ensure a virtually silent winding any watch brand or watch model. A big advantage of these watch winders is that each motor, or each watch, can be individually set in terms of direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day. This makes you flexible with winding different automatic watches, for example when you have automatic watches from different brands.

The Benson Smart-Tech II 2.20.B watch winder can be operated via the touchscreen on the front, so you can wind each watch quickly and easily. Via the touchscreen you set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day, but you can also operate the power winding function and the LED lighting.

Inside, at the bottom in the Smart-Tech II watch winders you will find a drawer in which you can store other watches, jewelry or papers. This is a handy feature of these watch winders because as a watch enthusiast you like to keep your watches together. The watch holders of the Benson Smart-Tech II 2.20.B watch winder are flexible and adjustable. This allows you to place almost any watch on the holder that you then click into the watch winder itself, so that the watch can never fall out during winding. This is another big advantage over watch winders with cushions, which can fall out.

The wooden case is black in color and contains 12 layers of paint and a top protective layer. The wood also absorbs sound, making the watch winder virtually silent in use when the door is closed. The inside of the watch winder is provided with soft fabric so that your watches are always safe and cannot be damaged when you bump into something.

The new Benson Smart-Tech II 2.20.B watch winder comes in a sturdy packaging and chic Black Series packaging. The warranty is 2 years and of course a manual is included. Are you interested in a very good quality watch winder with an affordable price? Then the new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winder series is definitely worth a look!

RDI Prestige K10-5 watch winder

Posted on 20 January 2021 at 4:06 PM

Are you looking for a high end watch winder of impeccable quality? If you are not only looking for quality and good technique, but also creativity and originality, then this is a nice blog article for you. As a true enthusiast, you know that Switzerland offers absolute quality in the field of both watches and watch winders. In this article we highlight a watch winder brand that comes from this watch country "pur sang". We are talking about RDI. RDI offers Swiss made watch winders with a modern design, made from high-quality materials. The designs of RDI are unique and certainly original. This manifests itself in particularly beautiful use of color and/or shape. The brand even seeks collaboration with artists for this, which gives RDI something extra special. With an RDI watch winder you not only get top quality at home, but also an absolute 'piece of art' that deserves a beautiful place in your interior.

RDI Prestige K10-5 watch winder

The RDI collection therefore houses high-end watch winders with a clear signature. The RDI watch winders are of course equipped with a Swiss made motor. These motors are known for being extremely durable, but are also very quiet in use. This increases the user comfort and that will be an absolute plus for many. The watch winders from RDI are also suitable for any type, brand and model of automatic watch. RDI is a relatively small watch winder brand, the advantage of this is that extra attention is paid to quality, finish and details. The RDI watch winders are therefore finished with the greatest care and this is absolutely visible in the end result. RDI offers a golden combination of Swiss-made quality, its own identity, high-quality technology and a good price/quality ratio.

Within the collection of RDI we find, among other things, the RDI Prestige K10-5 watch winder. This watch winder comes in the color black and, in combination with the particularly beautiful design, has a luxurious and original appearance. High-quality materials such as stainless steel and glass were chosen for this watch winder. This watch winder is suitable for winding 1 automatic watch and is reasonably compact in size and therefore easy to handle. The RDI Prestige K10-5 watch winder is also equipped with 16 programs for the most efficient possible winding of your watch. Of course, the watch winder is provided with overwind protection. The watch winder works via an adapter or on batteries. This is ideal if you would like to take your watch winder with you to the office, or if you want to place it in a safe for an extra safe feeling. Because the watch winder has a glass door, your beloved watch is protected against external influences. Think of condensation, dust and dirt, for example.

This watch winder from RDI is therefore ideal for the real enthusiast with a single automatic watch, who loves a special piece and an original design. This watch winder will be a real eye-catcher in your interior, which is how RDI distinguishes itself. The RDI Prestige K10-5 fits in almost any interior, because the color is quite neutral. Moreover, with this watch winder you can count on a piece of high-quality technology. The Swiss made quality guarantees a durable and reliable product that you and your watch will enjoy for a long time.

If you are looking for a watch winder for your watch and you think that this could be the one for you, you can better view it in our webshop. We are experts in watch winders. Moreover, we have been an official dealer of RDI for several years. This means that we know the collections well and can also offer professional advice. We also offer the latest collections from RDI. You can order your favorite watch winder with confidence from an official dealer.

If you would like to compare the various watch winders from RDI or some of the other many beautiful watch winder brands that we have to offer, you can easily do this with the comparison function on our website. With this function, the watch winders you have chosen are placed in a handy schedule, so you can easily compare the differences and similarities of the different watch winders and make a solid choice. If you have any questions, we can help you with this and provide you with the right service. The RDI Prestige K10-5 watch winder is now also available at a nice discount. A very good time to choose quality. Don't wait too long and grab this great opportunity now!

If you choose to order this RDI Prestige K10-5 or one of the other qualitative watch winders from RDI in our webshop, you will receive it at home with a 2-year warranty and of course a clear manual. We ensure that your watch winder is shipped quickly and in sturdy packaging.