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Heisse und Sohne Collector 70019/17 watch winder

Posted on 10 November 2020 at 2:37 PM

For anyone who owns an automatic watch, a watch winder is an absolute "must have" when it comes to this hobby. For the collector it can even be called an indispensable watch accessory. When you collect automatic watches, it is of course impossible to wear them all at the same time. Now an automatic watch is normally powered by the natural movement of the wrist. If this movement is not there, i.e. if the watch is not being worn, the watch will not be wound automatically and will stop at some point. As a fan of your automatic watch, that's not what you want, as it can have unpleasant consequences. Consider, for example, inaccuracies in time and date display, but also wear and tear because you have to manually wind the watch every time and set it correctly in terms of time and date.

Heisse und Sohne Collector 70019/17 watch winder

In short, as a collector of automatic watches you use a watch winder! This ensures that you can also wind your watches when you are not wearing them. There are watch winders with space for 1 or 2 watches, but also for many more watches. This is of course ideal as a collector. You can supply your watches with energy at the same time and with the beautiful designs that are now available on the market, you immediately store your watches together in a beautiful and orderly way. You present your watches in this way directly in style! Now there is such a wide range of watch winders, also specifically for collectors, that you will sometimes no longer see the forest for the trees. Important when choosing a watch winder is of course that it must be a good quality watch winder. You don't just entrust your collection of automatic watches to any random watch winder! There are various beautiful watch winder brands on the market that supply high quality watch winders, in various price ranges. There is also a great diversity to be seen in terms of appearance of the watch winders. From more basic designs to entire works of art that give you an absolute eye-catcher.

A German brand that produces absolute top quality watch winders with an extremely stylish appearance is Heisse & Söhne watch winders. Characteristic of the watch winders from Heisse & Söhne are, among other things, the very luxurious appearance of the designs and the excellent technology. This is why this brand owes its popularity, in combination with a beautiful finish and competitive prices. Heisse & Söhne uses flexible watch holders. The watch winders are therefore suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of brand or type. In addition to watch winders, Heisse & Söhne also offers watch winder safes of excellent quality. These safes meet the highest European standards and therefore offer a very safe storage place for your watches.

A special watch winder within the Heisse & Söhne collection, which is suitable for the real collector, is the Heisse & Söhne Collector 70019/17 watch winder. This specific model is suitable for winding 8 automatic watches. As we are used to from Heisse & Söhne, we see a modern and attractive design here. The combination of the black color of the case with the stainless steel legs gives the watch winder a very luxurious look. The watch winder has a fabric interior to protect your beloved watches. In addition to the stainless steel of the legs, this watch winder is made of quality wood and mineral glass, among other things. The glass door ensures that your watches are protected against dust and dirt, for example, and thus also prevents damage and wear.

Heisse & Söhne also offers very good functionality. The Japanese quality motors are both energy-efficient and have a low sound level, so that you experience optimum user comfort when using the watch winder. The watch winder is also equipped with a modern LCD control panel, with which you can easily set the rotors individually in terms of direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day. The LED lighting ensures that your watches are always clearly visible. After all, you want to be able to view and show your pride at any time of the day! Naturally, the watch winder is provided with overwind protection. The watch winder is powered by an adapter via mains power. The Heisse & Söhne Collector 70019/17 can rotate your automatic watches in both directions, and with different number of revolutions per day. In short, the Heisse & Söhne Collector 70019/17 watch winder is a very complete model that not only winds your watches in style, but also looks great in any interior.

If you would like to order this Heisse & Söhne watch winder, or see more of the collection, you can easily do this in our webshop. You will find an extensive collection of Heisse & Söhne watch winders here. Heisse & Söhne stands for nothing less than perfection. Every watch winder is therefore checked and tested on the basis of a checklist after careful production, so that every customer is optimally satisfied with the end product. 

Each Heisse & Söhne watch winder comes in a sturdy packaging, together with a clear manual and a 2-year warranty.

Orbita watch winders

Posted on 4 November 2020 at 11:07 AM

The Orbita brand from the United States is one of the leading watch winder brands in the world. By using Swiss technology, beautiful materials and classic designs, they appeal to many watch enthusiasts. The advantages of an Orbita watch winder are many. Not only do the watch winders of this brand wind every automatic watch quickly and professionally, they also look beautiful and can certainly be seen as an interior luxury piece. In addition, every Orbita watch winder is made of high-quality wood and they are equipped with Swiss motors of excellent quality. This combination ensures that Orbita has been very popular in the United States for many years. In Europe the brand is less known but certainly no less popular. As an official dealer of Orbita, we notice a growing interest in the watch winders of this brand. Our experiences are also very positive, especially in terms of quality and finish. As a result, with an Orbita watch winder you are assured of a high-end watch winder of top quality.

What does an Orbita watch winder offer?

As previously written, the Orbita watch winders offer many advantages. The primary purpose of these watch winders is of course to provide automatic watches with energy so that they keep running and indicate the correct time, date and other functions. After all, you don't want your automatic watches to come to a standstill. This is inconvenient, especially when you regularly change the wearing of different automatic watches.

The biggest advantage that an Orbita watch winder offers is the Swiss motor. This motor is of the very best quality and very durable. The motor is the heart of the watch winder and is therefore one of the most important parts of this watch accessory. The Swiss motors that Orbita uses in its watch winders are almost silent in use. This has the advantage that you can place the watch winder almost anywhere without having to worry that the noise level is too high. For example, you can easily place an Orbita watch winder in a bedroom or in the office.

During the production process, great emphasis is placed on materials, build quality and finish. The result must be perfect, so an Orbita watch winder only leaves the factory after various tests and a final inspection. As a result, every user of a watch winder from this American brand is guaranteed a top product. The finish is of a very high level because a lot of time and effort is spent on a perfect result.

Another advantage of the Orbita watch winders is that you can opt for the Rotorwind system. This system does not rotate the watches in the watch winder but gently shakes them up and down. In terms of the winding of automatic watches, this gives the same result, but Orbita says that the shaking is slightly less stressful on the rotor of the automatic movement inside the watch.

Orbita watch winder collection

Now you probably think that Orbita is a very expensive watch winder brand. This is also partly true. The larger watch winders of this brand are not cheap. Take a look at the Orbita Avanti watch winders. You will see that these beautiful watch winders offer everything for a true watch enthusiast.

But Orbita also has much more attractive priced models in its collection. The Orbita Sparta watch winders are in fact much more competitively priced. This series of watch winders is suitable for winding 1 or 2 automatic watches. However, the design has a minimalist look. Its primary purpose is to wind watches. These watch winders have a solid housing without many extras. However, they do what they are very good at; winding automatic watches. The nice thing about these Orbita Sparta watch winders is the price. The models for winding 1 watch cost 279 euros and the models for winding 2 watches cost 529 euros. For these prices you buy an excellent watch winder for winding all automatic watches, regardless of brand or model. With an Orbita watch winder you can easily wind any watch from Oris, Omega, Breitling, Rolex, Nomos or IWC.

Official dealer Orbita watch winders

We,, are the official dealer of Orbita watch winders. This means that we are authorized by Orbita itself to sell Orbita watch winders. We have the latest collections, competitive prices and clear service. In addition, we have various Orbita watch winders in stock and available immediately. This means you will have the watch winder you want quickly at home.

We supply all Orbita watch winders with a 2-year warranty and manual. Do you have any questions regarding a watch winder or are you looking for a specific watch winder would you like help? You can always call or email us, we are happy to help you.

Watch winders for 1 automatic watch

Posted on 26 October 2020 at 11:43 AM

As a watch enthusiast, you recognize the problem that your automatic watch has stopped again. You haven't worn it for some time so it doesn't run anymore. You now have to open the crown to reset the time and date and then manually wind or shake the watch again to start running again.

A stationary automatic watch is inconvenient but can absolutely be prevented by placing the watch in a watch winder when you are not wearing it. The watch winder slowly rotates the watch, so that the automatic watch obtains energy. This will cause the watch to run continuously and show the correct time. You no longer have to wind it manually and reset the time and date. This is very handy if you want your automatic watch ready to wear immediately. For example every morning when you have to go to work or when you want to wear your favorite automatic watch when you go to a party. Using a watch winder not only saves you time, but also the continuous resetting and winding of a stationary automatic watch.

Watch winder for 1 watch

If you have one or two automatic watches, it is best to choose a watch winder that is suitable for one or two automatic watches. After all, you don't need a larger watch winder. A watch winder for 1 watch is available in all shapes and sizes. There are many different brands that make excellent watch winders for winding automatic watches. For example the watch winders from Benson and Paul Design. Winding a Breitling, IWC, Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko or Davosa watch is no problem at all. The watch winders have been developed in such a way that they provide any automatic watch with energy without any problems, regardless of the watch brand or model. The system is simple. The movement of the watch turns the rotor of the timepiece, causing a spring to stretch. When the spring relaxes, it drives the hands and the watch starts running. A watch winder simulates wearing a watch, as it were.

What requirements does a good watch winder for 1 watch meet?

If you have never bought a watch winder or if you want to give a watch winder as a gift to your partner, friend or a family member, then choosing a good watch winder can be difficult. There are so many brands and models. In addition, you have all kinds of different engines that are used in watch winders and you also have big differences in prices. In short, sometimes you just need some help.

When purchasing a watch winder, you should keep a close eye on the following points. The brand matters. There are many different brands, but there are big differences in quality. Always buy a watch winder from a good brand that has proven itself and has a good reputation. You don't want to put an expensive automatic watch in a bad watch winder, do you? This can cause damage to the watch. Therefore, never buy a watch winder with a Chinese motor that are often offered on Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress. These watch winders do not offer you the quality and finish for a good winding of automatic watches. Often cheap turns out to be expensive in the end. The cheap price seems attractive, but when the watch winder breaks quickly or causes damage to the watch, disappointment follows.

The second important point is the functionality of the watch winder. A watch winder must always be able to turn clockwise, anticlockwise and alternately to wind most automatic watches. In addition, an adjustable number of revolutions per day (TPD: turns per day) is an advantage. This allows you to set the direction of rotation and the TPD to the exact requirements of the automatic watch. A watch that has to be wound clockwise at 1500 TPD will not receive any energy when the watch winder is set to 600 TPD counter-clockwise. You can set a good watch winder for 1 watch yourself in terms of direction of rotation and TPD. This makes the use of the watch winder flexible and you can wind any automatic watch, regardless of brand or model, quickly and safely. It does not matter whether you want to wind a Rolex, Oris or Patek watch.

The last point that is important when buying a watch winder is the motor. The motor is the heart of the watch winder. Watch winders are often fitted with Chinese, Japanese, German and Swiss motors. Do not choose a watch winder with Chinese motors. These motors are of poor quality and quickly break down or make a lot of noise when winding. Japanese motors in a watch winder form a good basis. These motors are used by most brands and have the advantage that they offer an excellent price/quality. Watchwinder brands such as Heisse & Söhne and Boda Concept use Japanese motors. If you want a little more luxury, you will end up with a German or Swiss motor. German and Swiss motorcycles are not much better in quality than Japanese motors, but have a slightly lower noise level, making them slightly more pleasant to use. However, please note that German and Swiss motors are often more expensive, which means that the watch winders that use this type of motor are also more expensive. Good examples of watch winder brands that use German and Swiss motors are Chronovision and Swiss Kubik. In addition, the American high-end watch winder brand Orbita also uses Swiss motors.

Where can you buy a good watch winder for 1 watch?

If you keep a close eye on the above three points, you can easily buy a good watch winder. Your choice then depends on your taste, budget and any other functions that certain brands offer. You can think of LED lighting, fingerprint technology, battery function or a remote control. This extra functionality does not wind the automatic watch any better, but may make using the watch winder a bit more fun and easier.

If you want to buy a watch winder for 1 watch, we advise you to always go to an official dealer. This official dealer has a direct relationship with the brand and has the knowledge and experience in the field of watch winders. This means you are assured of good advice, an original product, a fair price and service in the event of a problem or defect. You just have a lot more certainty. You can also approach a good jeweler. The better jewelers do have knowledge of watch winders, but certainly not all because this product is quite specific. Always ask about the brand, motor and functions. You will soon enough notice whether they are really knowledgeable or not.

We have more than 15 years of experience with watch winders and are official dealer of all our brands, for example Bernard Favre, Orbita, Scatola del Tempo, Swiss Kubik, RDI and Heisse & Söhne. In the Netherlands we also have our own service point where we can repair watch winders and have almost all parts in stock. This ensures a fast and professional service.

Would you like to know more about watch winders for 1 watch? Visit our webshop and view the different brands and models. We have provided each watch winder with clear photos and specifications. If you have any questions or comments, we will be happy to help you.

Swiss Kubik watch winders | Swiss made quality

Posted on 19 October 2020 at 11:52 AM

Choosing a good watch winder is not always easy. There are various brands, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, each watch winder brand has its own technology, design and price range. For your automatic watches, you prefer the best watch winder within your budget. But which watch winder should you choose? Which brand has a good reputation and ensures an optimal energy supply for your automatic watches?

What is a watch winder?

First we briefly explain what a watch winder is exactly. Many people do not even know what a watch winder is but have heard of it. A watch winder is a device that powers automatic watches that stop when they are not being worn. A watch winder ensures that the automatic watch continues to run and the settings, such as time and date, are retained. This has the great advantage that the automatic watch is always ready to wear. An automatic watch stops when it is not being worn, so that the set functions are no longer correct. You can think of the time and date, but also the GMT function, moon phase and day and month display.

A watch winder is not only very handy, but also better for preserving automatic watches. A watch winder takes care of the oil distribution within the timepiece. In addition, you do not have to pull out the crown each time to set the time and date correctly when the watch is stopped. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. A watch winder therefore also reduces the risk of defects to the crown and the timepiece.

Watch winders from Switzerland

Just like watches from Switzerland, watch winders from Switzerland have an excellent reputation. These watch winders are manufactured to the highest standards in terms of materials and finish. The craftsmanship in Switzerland is of a very high level, which leads to a beautiful quality and finish. Naturally, the Swiss motor plays a major role as the heart of the watch winder. The motor makes the watches rotate. It is therefore important that this motor is of good quality. The Swiss motors have the advantage over their competition from Germany and Japan that they are slightly quieter. However, you do pay a slightly higher price for a watch winder with a Swiss motor.

We know Swiss made watch winders from RDI, Swiss Kubik and Bernard Favre. Where RDI is a relatively small brand and Bernard Favre produces very exclusive watch winders, Swiss Kubik is a brand that markets a large collection of models that are suitable for every watch enthusiast. The advantage that Swiss Kubik offers is the relatively interesting price and excellent quality.

This is mainly reflected in the virtually silent motors, high durability and the compact design, so that the watch winders can be placed almost anywhere. For example in a safe or in a place where you do not have mains power available. The Swiss Kubik watch winders work on a set of AA batteries with which they last up to 3 years.

Swiss Kubik watch winders

The Swiss Kubik watch winders are completely made in Switzerland and are therefore 100% Swiss made. This still remains an important predicate in the watch world. Nevertheless, there are several other watch winder brands that also produce excellent watch winders, you can think of Benson, Paul Design and Chronovision.

The nice thing about a Swiss Kubik watch winder is the compact design and the fact that the watch winders are available in all kinds of colors and materials. You can choose colors such as black, blue, gray, red and yellow. In terms of materials you can choose from different types of wood and leather. This allows you to choose exactly the Swiss Kubik watch winder that suits you.

Swiss technology is at a high level. Not only Swiss Kubik uses Swiss technology. Brands such as Scatola del Tempo, Orbita and Benson also use Swiss technology in their watch winders. The Dutch watch winder brand Benson will soon even present a completely new line, the Benson Swiss Series watch winders, which is equipped with Swiss made technology and is fully assembled in the Netherlands. The Swiss engines that Swiss Kubik uses are very energy efficient and almost silent in use. This has the advantage that you can also put them in the bedroom or take them with you on a trip. In addition, the motors are very durable, so you can enjoy the watch winders for a long time.

Compared to other Swiss watch winder brands, Swiss Kubik offers competitive pricing. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than comparable brands from Germany, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. This is purely due to the Swiss made designation that any Swiss Kubik watch winder is allowed to wear. Just like with watches, Swiss brands can ask a little more for their products than other brands. This on the basis of the good reputation and origin and production in Switzerland. With a Swiss made watch winder you assure yourself of absolute top quality.

Swiss Kubik Startbox versus Masterbox

The Swiss Kubik watch winder collection can simply be divided into two categories. The Startbox watch winders are entry-level models made of plastic and are very compact and pleasant to use. These watch winders have a Swiss motor and are available in various trendy colors. The price is 445 euros.

The Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders are more professional watch winders for the real watch enthusiast and collector. The Masterbox collection has models for winding 1 to 12 watches. These models have a more luxurious design and there is much more choice of different materials and colors. These watch winders are also very compact with dimensions of 10x10x10cm. The nice thing about these Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders is that you set them, in terms of direction of rotation and number of revolutions per day, via a bluetooth connection. This allows you to set the watch winder completely to your liking via your mobile phone or PC. The Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders start from 695 euros. As an extra option, you can choose to equip the watch winder with a plastic door. This door is an extra protection for the automatic watches in the watch winder.

Official dealer Swiss Kubik watch winders

If you want the best quality and you think the Swiss made designation is very important, the Swiss Kubik watch winders are an excellent choice! The brand is distinguished by compact designs, good Swiss engines and modern appearance. You can easily wind your automatic watches in a Swiss Kubik watch winder. If you have a safe in which you like to keep and wind your watches, a Swiss Kubik watch winder is an excellent choice. You don't need mains power to let the watch winder provide your watches with energy. is an official dealer of Swiss Kubik watch winders. As an official dealer, we offer security, originality and service. We have now been an official dealer of Swiss Kubik for more than 10 years and we know the advantages of this watch wind brand very well.

All Swiss Kubik watch winders come in chic packaging with manual and a 3-year warranty. We ship worldwide with Fedex, DPD and PostNL. In our webshop you can pay with your credit card, iDeal, Paypal or regular bank transfer.

Take a quick look at our collection of Swiss Kubik watch winders and wind up your automatic watches in style!

The three best watch winders for less than 500 euros

Posted on 14 October 2020 at 12:55 PM

Whether you have a big or small budget to buy a watch winder, you want the best you can get for your money. Because there is more than enough choice it can seem difficult to make the right choice and to check all the pros and cons. What is in any case important if you are looking for the right watch winder for you and your watches is that you get all information that is available. There is so much choice in terms of quality, price, brands and design that otherwise you would not be able to make a good decision. 

That is why we are here to help you with this. Suppose you are looking for a watch winder for under 500 euros. This is a nice budget to be able to purchase a solid and high-quality watch winder without too much fuss. What you can expect for this amount when you make the right choice is a quality watch winder that is durable and reliable and does what a good watch winder should do. Wind your automatic watches. In some cases you even get a number of extra functionalities. The watch winders available for under 500 euros already offer more luxury than the entry-level models and are therefore absolutely not basic. A beautiful design, high-quality use of materials and watch winders with a capacity for 1, 2 or 4 watches are within reach with this budget.

As mentioned, you have a wide choice of brands and models for this amount. When you start your search, it can help if you do this on a well-organized website with a good filter system. This way you can easily fulfill your wishes regarding brand, material, functionalities and of course your budget. You also enter for how many watches you are looking for a watch winder. We will name and highlight the watch winders that we believe prefer for the budget of under 500 euros. These watch winders can all be ordered easily, quickly and safely in our webshop, so you immediately know where to go!

The first model we want to name is the Benson Black Series 2.16.B watch winder. This watch winder is from the Dutch brand Benson. Benson is able to deliver very good quality for a good price. Because they have the watch winders manufactured in-house, they make this good price/quality ratio possible. In this way the lines are short and they can keep a close eye on the quality. The Benson Black Series 2.16.B is a watch winder suitable for 2 watches. This watch winder is also handcrafted with the utmost care and equipped with the latest techniques. The watch winder is equipped with a power winding function and an overwind protection. With the LED lighting you always have a good view of your watches.

High-quality materials have been chosen and the watch winder is also provided with no less than 12 layers of paint. By means of the modern touchscreen you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day, specifically suitable for your watches. Each rotor is individually adjustable for this. Naturally, the Benson Black series 2.16.B watch winder is suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of brand or type. It is available in the colors black, carbon, macassar and white, making it easy to make a choice that perfectly matches your interior and personal taste. As icing on the cake, this specific watch winder offers storage for 3 extra watches in addition to capacity for 2 watches for winding. This way you can easily store all your watches and jewelry together.

The next watch winder that we highlight is the Orbita Sparta Bold 1 blue watch winder. This watch winder is suitable for a single watch and has a nice compact design. This specific watch winder is blue, but it is also available in various other colors. This watch winder is also suitable for all types and brands of automatic watches. The watch winder offers 3 programs, namely CW, CC and Alt. This watch winder is made of plastic and has a Swiss motor. This means that you are guaranteed to choose a durable and reliable product, which Switzerland is known for. This motor is quiet and energy efficient in use, ideal!

Number 3 on the list is the Swiss Kubik Startbox black watch winder. This watch winder is black, but also available in various other colors. This is also a very compact model, suitable for a single watch. The material this watch winder is made of is polyamide, a type of plastic. The Swiss Kubik brand is of Swiss descent and therefore stands for very high quality watch winders. Because this watch winder works on batteries and is so compact, it is very easy to take with you on a trip or, for example, to the office. This also makes it possible to place it in a safe. This watch winder is also equipped with overwind protection.

Last but not least we mention the Chronovision One Black Bluetooth. Again a nice compact model suitable for one watch. This watch winder is made of aluminum and therefore lightweight. It is adjustable via PC, via USB and via smartphone. Of course, this watch winder is also suitable for any watch. In addition, it has a number of extra functionalities, such as the intelligent sleep function and the speedwinding function.

In short, plenty of choice for this budget. Take a look in our webshop and view our collection of watch winders.