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Orbita watchwinders

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Orbita watchwinders

The Orbita watch winders are very famous in the United States. For years, this brand has been producing watch winders with traditional designs and modern technology. Every Orbita watch winder is produced in the United States on the basis of various patents in the field of winding technology. The combination of beautiful wooden cabinets and high-quality workmanship makes every Orbita watch winder an eye catcher. The Rotorwind system patented by Orbita gently shakes the watches instead of turning them around. The Orbita watch winders have good Swiss motors that wind up any automatic watch without any problems. The Italian wood with which the cabinets are made is processed by professionals into the most beautiful traditional watch winders. Orbita watch winders has a wide collection with many different designs, for example the Sparta and Avanti series. The passionate watch lover always chooses the best watch winder for his or her automatic watches. An Orbita watch winder is the perfect choice!

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