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If you want to surprise a relative, a boy or girlfriend or a colleague with a fine present, then the gift coupon is the perfect present! The owner of our gift coupon can buy a beautiful watch, watch winder or watchbox in our webshop personally and change the gift coupon. The gift coupon is available in the amounts of € 10 – € 20 – € 50 and € 100; they may be offered in any combination of course.


  • It is an original, fine gift for your relative, your boy or girlfriend and/or colleague,
  • If ordered your gift coupon will be delivered within 2-3 working days..
  • You may have your gift coupon delivered at the person you want to surprise.
  • The gift coupon will be put in a suitable envelope.
  • The gift coupon may be changed within a period of five years.
  • Of course it can be used when there are actions or special offers.
€ 10
BensonTrade Gift Voucher € 10
€ 10
€ 20
BensonTrade Gift Voucher € 20
€ 20
€ 50
BensonTrade Gift Voucher € 50
€ 50
€ 100
BensonTrade Gift Voucher € 100
€ 100


  • The gift coupon is valid only when completed by (and provided with a stamp or sticker).
  • It cannot be changed for money.
  • Period of validity: five years.
  • It is not transferable to a third-party.