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Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder

Posted on 5 January 2021 at 1:41 PM

What could be better for a true collector of automatic watches than a beautiful handmade watch winder? This is not only indispensable for winding the watches, but also offers the possibility to present the watches that a collector has carefully selected in a beautiful way. In the right watch winder, the watches also remain beautiful and protected against wear, scratches and other external influences. Dust, dirt and condensation is also not good for a watch. When selecting a suitable watch winder, it is of course important for a watch collector that all watches from the collection fit in the watch winder. There are therefore numerous watch winders on the market with different capacities. There is also a wide variety of watch winders in the field of brand and quality.

Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder

Of course, the enthusiasts are familiar with quality in this area, coming from, for example, Germany and the watch country pur sang, Switzerland. But our own little country also has real quality in this area. A promising Dutch watch winder brand is Benson. Benson is still a relatively young brand, but nevertheless has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of both watch winders and watches. A big advantage of this brand is the good price/quality ratio. Benson produces very good quality watch winders at very attractive prices. It is therefore possible to order high-quality watch winders at Benson for a good price. Within the collection of Benson watch winders you will find a diversity in appearance and colors. Both watch winders with a modern look and classic looking watch winders are well represented.

A model within the Benson collection that offers space for winding 8 watches is the Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder. This watch winder comes from the most luxurious line of this brand. The watch winder is made with care by hand, where an eye for detail is very important. This watch winder has a black exterior that gives it a very luxurious look. The same watch winder is also available in carbon, macassar and white. The watch winder is made of quality wood and the glass door (mineral glass) offers your watches extra protection. Extra attention has also been paid to this on the inside of the watch winder, due to the soft fabric on the inside (soft velvet). In addition to the possibility to wind 8 watches, this watch winder from Benson also offers extra storage options for up to 6 watches. This allows you to easily and conveniently store all your watches or other jewelry together. Benson uses flexible watch holders, so that almost any automatic watch fits easily.

The Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder is also very complete in the technical field. This is of course very important, after all you want the best for your watches. Not only does a watch winder have to wind your watches in the right way. You also want a watch winder with reliable and durable motors. This watch winder from Benson is equipped with quality Japanese motors that are both quiet in use and energy-efficient. In addition, the watch winder offers 3 different programs, namely: CW, CC and Alt. Each rotor is individually adjustable, so you can set the most optimal conditions for each watch. Consider the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. With the power winding function you can provide your watches with the necessary energy in a short time. Overwinding protection is of course also available. Furthermore, this watch winder offers a modern touchscreen display and the built-in LED lighting ensures that you can see your watches clearly at any time. In addition, the watch winder is equipped with a USB connection and a soft close lid. The watch winder is therefore fully equipped. In short, a complete picture and that for a competitive price!

Are you curious about the Benson watch winders or specifically the Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder? You can view this watch winder from Benson extra well on our website. Here you will find a video of the watch winder, so that it is shown properly. The watch winders from Benson of which no film is available, have been extensively photographed so that you still have a very good view of the watch winder.

If you are enthusiastic about this watch winder, or of course one of the other watch winders from Benson, you can also order it easily and with a safe feeling in our webshop. When you order the Benson Black Series 8.16.B watch winder you will receive it including manual, adapter, certificate and 2 year warranty. In addition to watch winders from Benson, you will find many other beautiful brands of watch winders in our webshop.

The best Swiss watch winders

Posted on 29 December 2020 at 4:19 PM

Switzerland is the country for watches and is known for its high quality, innovation and durability in this field. What is inextricably linked to an automatic watch is of course the watch winder. The real enthusiast or collector of automatic watches cannot do without this. High-quality watch winders also originate in Switzerland. High-quality brands such as Swiss Kubik, RDI and Bernard Favre offer high-end watch winders which are made in Switzerland. These watch winders are equipped with Swiss motors, which are not only very powerful, but also quiet in use.

RDI Prestige K10-1 watch winder

Each of the above Swiss watch winder brands stands for high quality and in addition each offers specific characteristic properties that fit the brand. For example, we know Swiss Kubik as a brand with distinctive cube-shaped designs and a sleek appearance. The Swiss Kubik Designs fit perfectly into a modern interior and are available in different series and with various capacities.

A good example of a Swiss Kubik watch winder with allure is the Swiss Kubik aluminum black. As the name suggests, this watch winder is made of black aluminum. This material has the advantage that it is not only strong and durable, but also lightweight. You can easily take this compact watch winder model with you to the office or while traveling. Because it works on batteries (they last an average of three years) it is also easy to place in a safe, ideal! It is possible to set the number of revolutions with this watch winder. The watch winder is therefore suitable for any type and brand of automatic watch. In addition, the Swiss Kubik aluminum black is provided with overwind protection and the watch winder is adjustable via USB connection. The watch winder is black and therefore fits in almost any interior.

The next Swiss model watch winder that we want to put in the spotlight is one from the RDI watch winder collection. This is a special Swiss watch winder brand, which is known for its unique and creative designs. The RDI Prestige K10-1 watch winder is a stylish model of this beautiful brand. This is therefore a very luxurious and modern watch winder, which the real enthusiast will certainly appreciate. With the design of this watch winder, RDI clearly emphasizes its own identity. The materials used for this watch winder include stainless steel and glass. The watch winder has no less than sixteen programs to wind your watch in the most efficient way. Just like the Swiss Kubik aluminum black, this watch winder is suitable for winding one watch. The watch winder is energy-efficient, low-sound and has overwind protection. In short, a completely complete Swiss watch winder of quality, suitable for any enthusiast of automatic watches and also a nice addition to your interior!

Bernard Favre is also a Swiss watch winder brand that can be called exceptional. With unique watch winder models with a clear signature, Bernard Favre offers an absolute extra within this market. Bernard Favre's watch winders are equipped with the so-called "Planet Winding System". These watch winders provide for the energy needs of every automatic watch because it rotates on its own axis. In the name of this system, a comparison is made with the rotation of the earth, as the watch turns on its own axis, as it were. Bernard Favre's designs are very recognizable and also very beautifully designed. Only the best materials are used for these watch winders with class. Consider, for example, stainless steel and stainless steel PVD.

A beautiful model from the Bernard Favre collection is the Bernard Favre Planet Black watch winder. This model is made of stainless steel with PVD coating. The watch winder offers three programs (CW, CC and Alt). This watch winder is equipped with a built-in battery. You can simply charge it by means of the USB connection, via mains power, PC or smartphone. Because this watch winder works by means of a battery, it can also be perfectly stored in a safe. Of course, the number of revolutions is also adjustable, which makes this watch winder suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of brand or type. Overwind protection is also available. In addition to the high-quality technology and extremely high quality, this watch winder offers an absolute extra. When you place it in your interior, it will be a real eye-catcher. Any enthusiast of automatic watches will be fascinated by the process of arousal, where the watch is always in plain sight. The glass bell jar that can be placed over the watch winder not only gives an extra luxurious look, but also offers protection against dirt and dust. This luxurious watch winder comes in a leather

If you have become interested by one of the special models mentioned above, take a look at our webshop. Here you will find each of these models and you can order them easily and safely. has extensive experience in the field of watch winders and we can therefore advise you in the right way and provide you with good service!

The maintenance of a watch winder

Posted on 23 December 2020 at 4:58 PM

You have one or more automatic watches and you use a watch winder that ensures that the automatic watches do not come to a standstill. This is not only time consuming and annoying but also disadvantageous for the watches. You have to open the crown to reset the time and date. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. The watch winder is therefore an ideal accessory for winding automatic watches.

For watch maintenance, you can go to a jeweler or directly to the watch brand itself. Regular maintenance is recommended, especially for automatic and mechanical watches. But how do you maintain a watch winder? A watch winder has various mechanical parts, such as the motor and gearbox. A good watch winder is often not cheap either and it is best to your expensive items in good condition. 

Do watch winders also need maintenance? If so, for which parts? And where can you go? In this blog we will discuss how you can best maintain a watch winder.

Do watch winders also need maintenance?

Like almost all mechanical products, watch winders also require maintenance. The motors and gearboxes contain various moving parts that must work together in harmony. Proper adjustment of the motor in relation to the gearbox is very important. In addition, moving parts that touch each other, such as the gears of the gearbox, can wear out. This can cause an motor or gearbox to rotate irregularly or even produce a lot of noise. Especially when you have the watch winder in a room where you actually do not want to hear it or hardly want to hear it, that is annoying. For example, you can think of a watch winder in the bedroom or at the office if you want to work quietly.

Another important part is the watch holder. The watch holder is intended to attach the automatic watch, after which you place it in the watch winder. The watch holder is therefore a part that you often use and is subject to wear and tear. At some point you may need to replace a watch holder.

What types of maintenance are there?

In terms of maintenance, there are various options and tips. You can think of adjusting motors and gearbox when they no longer rotate properly or make a lot of noise. Sometimes replacement is even necessary. You will then have to have a new motor and gearbox installed.

To preserve the watch winder, it is important that you clean the case every now and then with a dry cloth or a cloth that is slightly wet. Make sure that any moisture cannot reach the electronics of the watch winder. For long enjoyment of the watch winder, keep it free of grease, dust and condensation.

Another tip is to check the watch holders regularly. Do they still click properly in the watch winder, are they still flexible so that you can put any watch on it and are they clean? You have them in your hands almost every day.

The most important tip for use is never to place or remove a watch in the watch winder while it is spinning. This causes stress for the motors and gearbox, which can cause them to malfunction or produce more noise. Always stop the specific rotor before inserting or removing a watch. This is important for the preservation of your watch winder.

Where can you go for maintenance?

You can do various aspects of maintaining your watch winder yourself. As mentioned, regularly checking the watch winder and keeping it clean is already very important. If technical maintenance is nevertheless required, you cannot escape calling in a specialist. It is best to approach the official dealer of the watch winder brand where you bought it. You can also approach the brand yourself so that it can refer you to an official dealer or a special service partner.

Do not tinker with a watch winder yourself. It is and will remain an electronic device and if you tinker with it, this can involve certain risks. Opt for professional maintenance and/or replacement so that you are assured of proper operation and warranty on the new parts. A watch winder is not cheap, so you want to enjoy it for as long as possible!

What are the benefits of maintaining a watch winder?

As with an automatic watch, it is advisable to maintain a watch winder. This means you can enjoy the watch winder for a longer time. The benefits are many. A good watch winder ensures the optimal energy supply of automatic watches. If the watch winder is not properly maintained, this can have a direct effect on the winding of the automatic watches. If the watch winder does not rotate properly, the watches will not receive any energy. If a watch winder makes a lot of noise, it means that something is wrong somewhere. In addition, a watch winder that makes a lot of noise is disturbing, especially in your bedroom or office.

A watch winder that you maintain properly can last for years. This saves you money for a new watch winder. Money that you would rather spend on beautiful automatic watches or other things. Our advice is therefore: buy a good watch winder and maintain it properly.

Would you like advice on the maintenance of a watch winder? Or do you have a watch winder that is defective? We are happy to help you. We have a service center that can service or repair almost any watch winder of the brands of which we are an official dealer. In the event that we cannot resolve the defect, we can send the watch winder to the relevant brand for investigation and repair. This way you are assured of proper functioning and years of enjoyment!

Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder

Posted on 17 December 2020 at 2:12 PM

When you, as a collector of automatic watches, look for a suitable watch winder, you obviously do not go for the first best choice. Besides an indispensable part of a collection of automatic watches, a watch winder is so much more. Of course, in the first instance it ensures that your watches keep running, even if you are not wearing them. But in addition, a good watch winder also offers a safe storage place and in many cases also serves as a presentation for the watches, so that they look extra beautiful. Ideal, especially for a collector! The right watch winder is therefore not only very functional, but also has an added value for your collection in terms of aesthetics. Finding the perfect watch winder for your collection can therefore be quite a quest. In this article we will help you on your way!

Orbita Avanti Thirty Six W70005 watch winder

There is a wide range within the segment of high-quality watch winders. However, when you are looking for a watch winder for a larger collection of automatic watches, watch winders with limited space are not the best choice. Of course it depends on how big your watch collection is, how much choice you have exactly. There are various brands that also offer quality watch winders for larger collections. A nice brand within this segment that we would like to name is Orbita watch winders. As one of the oldest watch winder brands, Orbita is very experienced in this field. This brand belongs to the absolute top and is certainly known by many enthusiasts. Orbita is a special brand from the US, which has several patents to its name in the field of technology and movement. In addition to the standard way of winding through rotation (Programmable System), Orbita also offers the Rotorwind System that they have patented. This system powers automatic watches by gently shaking the watch. The look of the watch winders is luxurious and classic at the same time. The wood used for the Orbita watch winders comes from Italy and therefore offers real Italian class. In short, the Orbita watch winders are a perfect combination of traditional design and the latest technology.

Orbita offers various models of watch winders for collectors. For the collector with a large collection, the Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder is a wonderful choice. This watch winder is of absolute top quality and equipped with Swiss quality motors. This watch winder is not only energy efficient, but also very quiet in use. This model offers space for winding up to 36 automatic watches. The so-called "clean design" of the watch winder ensures that all 36 watches immediately catch the eye and can be beautifully presented when placed in the watch winder. In addition to the space for winding watches, this model also offers space for storing 10 extra watches. This watch winder, like all other Orbita watch winders, is made by hand with the utmost care. The combination of the beautiful macassar wooden case, glass door and black interior (inlaid carbon) give the watch winder an extremely luxurious look. In addition, the glass door provides extra protection for your beloved watches, against dust, dirt and condensation, among other things. This allows you to create the optimal conditions for your watches to enjoy them for as long as possible.

The Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder offers different programs and works with an adapter. The rotors are individually adjustable, with which the most optimal conditions can be set for each watch. This watch winder is therefore suitable for any brand and type of automatic watch. Of course, the watch winder is also equipped with overwind protection. Orbita uses flexible cushions on which the watches can be placed. These pads are made of a type of foam and provide extra protection against scratches and damage. The pads are suitable for almost all sizes of watches, but if you own an extra small watch, there are specially smaller pads available. These are provided with the Orbita logo, which gives an extra luxurious look. We can say that with the Orbita Avanti Thirty Six Rotorwind W70005 watch winder you get a real gem, so you will enjoy your watch collection even more!

If you are interested in this specific watch winder from Orbita, you want to be able to order it with a safe and good feeling. After all, it is not an everyday purchase. You can visit our webshop and see the complete collection of Orbita watch winders. As an official dealer of Orbita, we are able to help you in the right way and provide you with the necessary service. You can also contact us for various other Orbita watch winders and various other renowned watch winder brands. In the webshop you can easily enter your wishes in the filter system, so that you get to see the watch winders that suit you best. You can also easily compare different watch winders with each other so that you make the right choice. When you order an Orbita watch winder, you will receive it with a 2-year warranty and manual.

Swiss Kubik SK02.CV004 watch winder

Posted on 11 December 2020 at 3:03 PM

Swiss quality is highly regarded in the worldof watches. This applies not only to the watches themselves, but also to the watch winders that must provide automatic watches with energy when they are not being worn. Because where the natural movement of the wrist normally meets this need, the watch winder takes over this function when a watch is not being worn. In addition, a watch winder protects against various external influences, so that you can enjoy your watches for a long time. A Swiss made watch winder stands for quality, reliability and durability. After all, Switzerland has a reputation to uphold and the "Swiss made" label should not be used just like that. Various requirements and conditions must be met to use that privilege.

Swiss Kubik Double SK02.CV004 watch winder

Switzerland is home to some watch winder brands that honor the "Swiss made" label. A nice brand that falls under this heading is the watch winder brand Swiss Kubik. Swiss Kubik produces high-quality watch winders with the most modern techniques. This is done with the utmost care and by real professionals, in Geneva. It is not without reason that this brand has a very good name in this field for years. Characteristic of this high-end watch winder brand is not only the high quality, but also the compact design of the Swiss Kubik watch winders. What also stands out with the Swiss Kubik watch winders is the perfect finish. Although Swiss Kubik offers a wide collection of watch winders with a diversity of capacities, the design in each design is clearly Swiss Kubik. There is a choice of watch winders with space for 1 and 2 watches for the enthusiast, up to 12 watches for the real collector.

A big advantage in combination with the compact design of the watch winders is that each Swiss Kubik watch winder can function for an average of 3 years on a set of AA batteries. This combination makes it possible to easily place the watch winder, for example in your office, in a safe or to take it with you on a trip. Placing the watch winder in a safe is especially a great option, so that you can store your watches and watch winder with a safe feeling. As an extra option, Swiss Kubik offers plexi glass doors at an additional cost that fit perfectly on the Swiss Kubik watch winders. This ensures extra protection for your watches against dust, dirt and condensation. Naturally, the Swiss Kubik watch winders are suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of brand or type. With a Swiss Kubik watch winder you can easily wind automatic watches from brands such as Rolex, IWC, Oris, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Patek and Breitling.

The Swiss Kubik watch winder collection consists of different series. A nice model watch winder that we would like to highlight in this article is the Swiss Kubik SK02.CV004 watch winder. This design is suitable for 2 watches and therefore ideal for the enthusiast who has a pair of automatic watches. This watch winder is made of beautiful brown leather. The brown leather exterior in combination with the sleek design means that the watch winder will fit perfectly in both a classic interior and a modern furnished home in terms of appearance. With this you immediately give your beloved watches a stage.

Of course, this Swiss Kubik SK02.CV004 watch winder from Swiss Kubik is also equipped with a reliable Swiss quality motor. This motor is and remains silent during the winding process even with longer use. This prevents unnecessary irritation when the watch winder is in use and provides optimal ease of use. In addition, the motor is energy efficient, which is also not entirely unimportant. The number of revolutions per day is also programmable and the watch winder has a USB connection. Of course, the watch winder is also equipped with overwind protection. In short, this specific watch winder model from Swiss Kubik is one that, despite its small size, is very complete and on the other hand, partly because of this size, offers various additional benefits. Every watch will look extra beautiful in this design, which fits almost anywhere. When it comes to quality, you can rely on the well-known Swiss reliability and durability. What else do you want?

Are you curious after reading all the benefits that Swiss Kubik offers you? Then take a look at our webshop! When you go for a quality product such as a Swiss Kubik watch winder, you prefer to order it from an official dealer of the brand, who knows what he is talking about. This way you can count on good service and the right advice when necessary. Moreover, an official dealer has access to the latest collections and best prices!

We are official dealer of Swiss Kubik and therefore have the necessary knowledge and expertise ready. You will find a wide range of Swiss Kubik watch winders in our webshop. You order your favorite watch winder from Swiss Kubik or one of the other well-known quality brands in our webshop easily and with peace of mind. When you order a Swiss Kubik watch winder, you will receive it carefully packaged in sturdy packaging, with a 3-year warranty. This says enough about how much confidence we have in the Swiss Kubik watch winders.