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The 5 best watch winders under 1000 euro

Posted on 29 April 2020 at 6:46 PM

The real watch enthusiast owns at least one automatic watch. An automatic watch has a timepiece that needs movement. The spring inside the timepiece tightens by means of movement and when it relaxes the hands move forward. But what happens when an automatic watch does not move, for example because it is stationary? The watch will then stop. If you want to wear the watch again, you must first set the time, and any other functions, and move the watch or wind it manually by turning the crown. Every watch enthusiast knows that this is not convenient. It takes time and you risk damaging your watch, since the crown is one of the weakest parts of a watch. In addition, an automatic watch does not get better from a standstill. The solution is to use a watch winder. A watch winder is a watch accessory for automatic watches that keeps the watches moving and therefore running. The automatic watches rotate gently in a watch winder, so that the energy in the watch is preserved. You can therefore take the watch out of the watch winder at any time and wear it immediately. Handy and time-saving, but also better for automatic watches.

But which watch winder up to 1000 euros is best to buy? You want a good watch winder that not only winds your watches, but also looks beautiful in your office, bedroom or living room. In addition, the watch winder must also be sustainable, because you would rather spend your money on your watch collection. In this blog article we help you a little bit by answering the question what the best 5 watch winders are up to 1000 euro.

To determine what the 5 best watch winders are up to 1000 euro, we have to set a few criteria. We exclude cheap watch winders from China that you can buy via Amazon, Alibaba or Ebay. We have selected only respected and well-known brands that have built a good reputation over the years. We also looked at watch winders that have an excellent price/quality ratio. We do not consider watch winders that are “over priced” in our opinion. However, we have chosen a wider choice in terms of capacity. Our rankings include watch winders for 1 to 8 watches.

1) Benson Black Series 6.16.CF watch winder

This watch winder from the Dutch brand Benson actually has everything you need to wind your automatic watches professionally and safely. With a capacity for 6 watches and extra storage for 5 other watches, you have enough space for your watch collection. You set the watch winder via the touchscreen with which you control the direction of rotation, the number of revolutions per day and the LED lighting. Of course you can operate each rotor individually so that you can also wind 3 or 5 watches, for example. The Benson Black Series 6.16.CF watch winder is made of carbon fiber. This gives the watch winder a modern and sturdy look. This watch winder is for sale for 959 euro.

2) Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black watch winder

Swiss Kubik is a manufacturer from Switzerland known for its beautiful watch winders. These watch winders are compact, modern and available in all kinds of colors and designs. The motor is Swiss made, very durable and almost silent. You can wind one automatic watch in this watch accessory. The Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black is made of aluminum and comes in black color, but you can also choose blue, red, silver, orange and green. The watch winder works on a set of batteries that last up to 3 years. For the price of 695 euro you have a good watch winder with this Swiss watch winder.

3) Boda Concept C4 watch winder

Boda Concept is a watch winder brand from Hong Kong that produces modern watch winder with Japanese motors. The brand has become known for their stylish designs and good technology. In addition, they are affordable. The advantage of the Boda Concept C4 watch winder is that it is positioned vertically, making it a kind of a tower. This saves space and gives the watch winder a modern look. The glass door gives you a good view of the rotating watches. This watch winder is suitable for winding 4 automatic watches. The combination of a beautiful design, vertical position and the affordable price make this watch winder a good choice! You can buy this Boda Concept C4 watch winder for 639.00 euro.

4) Paul Design Gentlemen 4 + 6 Black Shadow

Paul Design is based in the United Kingdom. This relatively young brand produces excellent watch winders with modern technology and beautiful materials. Paul Design watch winders are known for their appealing designs. The Paul Design Gentlemen 4 + 6 Black Shadow is one of the most popular models in the collection. This watch winder is suitable for winding 4 automatic watches and has space under the lid to store extra watches. Operation via the touchscreen is easy and clear. You set each rotor exactly as suitable for your automatic watch. With a price of 980.00 euro, this watch winder comes close to the maximum of 1000 euros that we have set in this blog article.

5) Elma Motion Corona Burlwood watch winder

In these times the name may have been chosen a bit unfortunate, but Elma Motion introduced this model several years ago. Despite the name, Elma Motion is a very appealing watch winder brand that supplies the technology for the high-end Buben & Zörweg watch winders. This brand is leading in the field of extremely luxurious watch winders and safes. This proves that the Elma Motion Corona Burlwood watch winder itself is also very good, because they use the same motors and technology. However, these Elma Motion watch winders are priced considerably lower. The wooden case is beautiful and the watches rotate safely inside. This watch winder is suitable for 2 automatic watches, regardless of brand or model. The Elma Motion Corona Burlwood watch winder is currently discounted from 1150 to 899 euro.


With a budget of up to 1000 euros, there is plenty of choice from various good watch winders. These 5 best watch winders are in random order because the watch winder differ so much in capacity and price that a real number 1 designates the others. All 5 watch winders are excellent in terms of quality, ease of use and durability. The most important thing is that they all wind your automatic watches professionally and safely.

The 5 best watch winders under 500 euro

Posted on 23 April 2020 at 4:32 PM

Which watch winder should you buy when you have a maximum of 500 euros to spend? We will address this question in this blog, as this budget is common among watch enthusiasts. To answer the question correctly, we looked at different brands, capacity and functionality.

There are various brands that offer an excellent watch winder for less than 500 euros. Most of these watch winders are suitable for 1 or 2 automatic watches. If you want a watch winder for 3 or more automatic watches, you will soon cross the limit of 500 euros. A watch winder with more capacity, which can therefore wind more watches, simply costs more than a watch winder that is suitable for 1 or 2 watches.

In the assessment we looked at the price/quality ratio and whether the brand offers what you can expect from a good brand. In other words, they have a good reputation in watch winders and offer good service. We have created a ranking of the best 5 watch winders up to 500 euros. However, the differences in quality are so small that a different order is also possible, depending on your wishes such as functions, design and capacity.

1) Swiss Kubik Startbox watch winder

The Swiss watch winder brand Swiss Kubik is a well-known manufacturer of watch winders. The watch winders are entirely made in Switzerland and offer a lot of quality. The designs are modern, compact and available in many different versions. The Swiss motor impresses with its flexibility and low sound level. The Swiss Kubik Startbox is the entry-level model of this brand. This watch winder is a more simple model than the more luxurious models that they also have in their collection. The cabinet is made of hard plastic, while the more expensive models are made of aluminum, wood or leather. The nice thing about these watch winders is that they work on batteries. The watch winder works on one set of batteries for up to 3 years. The Swiss Kubik Startbox watch winders are available for 445 euros.

2) Chronovision One watch winder

In Germany, the Chronovision brand produces beautiful watch winders. The Chronovision One watch winders are suitable for winding 1 automatic watch. This watch winder also has a modern and compact design. This watch winder also works on a set of batteries. However, not as long as the Swiss Kubik Startbox. The nice thing about the Chronovision One watch winder is that you connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone and determine all settings. This is hip and easy. This series of watch winders starts from 479 euros.

3) Benson Smart-Tech II 4.18.B watch winder

The Dutch watch winder brand Benson has been a very successful producer for several years and is appreciated by many watch enthusiasts and professionals who work in the watch industry. Benson has become very famous for their Black Series watch winders, but the popular Smart-Tech II models also offer a very good price/quality ratio. The Benson Smart-Tech II 4.18.B watch winder is suitable for 4 automatic watches and has a modern touchscreen with which you can set all functions quickly and easily. The advantage of this watch winder compared to the above models is the capacity. After all, you have the option of winding 4 watches here instead of 1 or 2. The motors are Japanese and very reliable. The Benson Smart-Tech II 4.18.B watch winder is available for 429 euros.

4) Paul Design Gentlemen 2 + 3 watch winder

With this watch winder we cheat a bit, because the price is 510 euros and therefore slightly higher than the 500 euros that we set as a limit. However, we would like to include this watch winder in our ranking because the difference is only 10 euros and this Paul Design Gentlemen 2 + 3 watch winder actually offers everything you need if you want to wind 2 automatic watches. First of all, this watch winder has a beautiful design and beautiful finish. In addition, this watch winder can wind any automatic watch by means of a modern touchscreen. The Japanese motors are powerful and are also used by brands such as Benson, Heisse & Söhne and Boda Concept. The Paul Design Gentlemen 2 + 3 costs 510 euros.

5) Orbita Sparta Bold 1

The Orbita brand is established in the United States. This brand is less known in Europe, but a major player in the watch winders in the US. Orbita watch winders have an excellent reputation and are mainly active in the higher price segment. However, they also have a more simple series of watch winders called Sparta Bold. These Orbita Sparta Bold watch winders are available for 1 and 2 automatic watches. The watch winder in this article is suitable for 1 automatic watch. The model for 2 automatic watches is slightly more expensive than 500 euros and falls outside this ranking.

The Orbita Sparta Bold 1 is an excellent watch winder because it is very compact, durable and affordable. This allows you to buy a watch winder from an high end brand that is very affordable. The watch winder is simple in terms of design and materials. It is an open watch winder without a door or glass. The watch is therefore not protected. Is that needed? No, not for many watch enthusiasts at all. You can place the watch winder anywhere you want, even in a place where your watches are already safe. For example in a cupboard or safe. The Orbita Sparta Bold 1 watch winder is available in different colors and costs 279 euros.


If you are looking for a good watch winder up to a maximum of 500 euros, you can blindly choose one of the watch winders above. All 5 watch winders meet all the characteristics to wind an automatic watch properly and safely. Quality is assured. We are official dealer of all the above brands and so we have extensive experience with these watch winders. Not only in terms of quality and durability, but also in terms of service in the event of a defect. This is just as important for us as an official dealer!

With brands such as Swiss Kubik, Chronovision, Benson, Paul Design and Orbita you can easily find a good watch winder under 500.00 euros. Take a quick look at the different watch winders that these brands have to offer.

Affordable watch winder

Posted on 17 April 2020 at 8:11 AM

In our webshop you can find watch winders in different price ranges. In the higher price ranges we see very exclusive designs. Luxury watch winders can be called true works of art. There are even those that are designed in collaboration with artists, but also watch winders that use very high-quality materials such as gold, real leather or rare wood. Watch winders for thirty-six watches and watch winders with built-in safes are also available. In some cases, the watch winder is the icing on the cake of a watch collection. It is used to present the watches in a beautiful way, to keep them safe and as an eye-catcher in an interior. Good examples are the watch winders by Orbita and Bernard Favre. The watch winder is increasingly becoming more popular and in fact it's the watch accessory "pur sang".

Orbita Sparta 2 Bold watch winder

But there is also a completely different group of watch winders. Because for those who simply want a high-quality watch winder that is particularly functional and reliable, without unnecessary fuss, there is also plenty of choice. This blog article is therefore for the consumer who is looking for a good and affordable watch winder and does not want to spend too much money. Are you not so much looking for luxury, but for functionality at a competitive price? Then keep reading.

A watch winder is more or less indispensable if you own one or more automatic watches. This handy accessory efficiently ensures that your watch does not stop when you are not wearing it. An automatic watch depends on the correct movement for generating energy, instead of using a battery like in a quartz watch. When you are not wearing your watch, a watch winder can take over this function. It is therefore important in the first place that a good watch winder does this correctly. This prevents wear and damage to your watch. Reliability, reliability and durability are also important terms when you are looking for a good watch winder.

A great brand in the field of affordable watch winders is Benson. The collection of Benson watch winders includes several series, of which the Benson Compact series and the Smart-Tech II series are beautiful examples of high quality watch winders, which are very functional, at a competitive price. Benson knows how to guarantee a good price/quality ratio because the watch winders are manufactured in-house. The Dutch brand has extensive experience in watch winders and has been producing very good watch winders for years.

The Benson Compact series watch winders are compactly designed. They are very functional and at the same time ideal when you are looking for an affordable watch winder that you can easily take with you on a trip or use in the office. Equipped with quiet, energy-efficient and strong Japanese motors, these watch winders are very comfortable and at the same time durable in use.

The Benson Smart-Tech II series watch winders are also a nice choice for anyone looking for a watch winder with a good price/quality ratio. These models offer a bit more luxury than the Benson Compact watch winders. Like the Benson Compact series these watch winders are very effective in winding your automatic watches in the right way. Despite the fact that these watch winders are affordable, they are fully equipped to provide your watches with energy. With the modern touchscreen, the rotors can be individually set with regard to the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. The Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders are also equipped with a powerwind function, overwind protection and LED lighting. There is a Smart-Tech II watch winder for two, four or six automatic watches. In addition, the built-in drawer offers extra space to store other watches, jewelry or cufflinks. Through the glass door you have a perfect view of the rotating watches.

A good quality watch winder does not have to be expensive at all. You just have to know where to look, because not all inexpensive watch winders also offer the necessary functionality and reliability. And of course you want to enjoy your watch winders and your watches for a long time! Therefore choose a good watch winder brand and always buy from a seller who has experience with this accessory. You only want to wind your precious automatic watches in a good watch winder, right ?!

Why are the Chronovision watch winders so good?

Posted on 11 April 2020 at 9:00 AM

Watch winders that are made in Germany and Switzerland have a good reputation. Not only because most watches from both countries are also well regarded, but mainly because these watch winders offer a lot of quality. The quality is determined, among other things, by the motor, the operation and the use of materials. It is very important for the user that the watch winder is easy to operate and set up without complicated menus. As an official dealer of Chronovision, we write an article about this German brand in this blog. Chronovision is one of our premium watch winder brands in our collection. But why are the Chronovision watch winders so good?

Chronovision One watch winders

Chronovision watch winders are made in Sauerland, a region in Germany. At the heart of the watch winder is a motor designed and produced in Germany. This motor ensures optimal excitement of automatic watches with an extremely low sound level. The watch winders have a compact design and modern appearance. Every Chronovision watch winder has Bluetooth that can be connected via the special app. With this app you can set the watch winder to your liking. You can determine the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day and adjust them if you want to wind another watch in the watch winder.

The nice thing about the Chronovision watch winders is that they work on a set of batteries. On such a set, the watch winder works for at least half a year depending on the chosen winding program, the size and weight of the watch. Due to the compact design and the battery operated watch winder, you are very flexible where you place the watch winder. You can easily place the watch winder in a safe, in a cabinet or on a desk. You do not need mains power.

Chronovision cabinet watch winder

What we like about the Chronovision watch winders is the modern appearance and the wide choice that the brand offers in terms of material and color. There is always a watch winder that suits your taste, style or interior. The materials have been chosen with care and have a very luxurious appearance. The brand has carefully looked at what its customers like and has put together a collection based on that.

We recently visited the Chronovision factory. Watch winders from A to Z are produced here. Each watch winder is put together step by step, whereby the functions and finish are continuously monitored. Each watch winder is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.

Chronovision watch winders are produced through a professional production process with a lot of attention to quality and finish. The German motor, convenient operation and modern app make every Chronovision watch winder an ideal watch winder for those who prefer not a standstill of their automatic watches.

As official Chronovision dealer we supply every watch winder with a 3 year warranty and manual. The app is made available free of charge.

Watch winders in a safe

Posted on 31 March 2020 at 6:51 PM

Let's start at the beginning. Because what exactly is a watch winder? When do you use it? The true enthusiast or collector of automatic watches will certainly not be unknown to this watch accessory. An automatic watch does not work on a battery, but through movement. This means that the watch only continues to run when it is in motion. This happens automatically when the watch is worn. The natural movement of the wrist then provides the necessary energy to run the watch. If the watch is not worn and there is no movement, the watch will eventually stop. Besides being annoying that you have to reset the time and functions, this is also harmful to your watch. This can cause inaccuracies in time and date display, among other things, because the oil in the timepiece is no longer nicely distributed over all moving parts of the timepiece. The oil is necessary for all moving parts to move smoothly and without much resistance. Standstill literally means decline.

A watch winder is a good and suitable solution when you are not wearing your automatic watches. The watch winder provides the necessary movement (usually by rotation) and in this way ensures that your automatic watch does not stop. A watch winder is suitable for someone with a single automatic watch that is not always worn, but also for the watch collector who logically cannot wear several watches at the same time. Other benefits of using a watch winder is that it protects the watches from external influences such as dust and dirt. The watch winder also protects against damage and at the same time offers a nice storage place for your watches.

Then we come to the topic of this blog. Watch winders in a safe. If you are a fan of good quality watches, you will want to store them safely. As mentioned earlier, a watch winder already protects your watches in different ways. But you also want to protect your watches against theft. A good option is to place your watches with a watch winder which is placed inside a safe. In a so-called watch winder safe, the watches are safe and yet they are wound because the watch winders provide them with energy.

There are a few options. You have complete safes in which watch winders are fully integrated. You place your watch in the safe and the watch is wound. These safes are quite luxurious and specially aimed at winding and keeping your automatic watches safe. A good example is the Benson safes. These watch winder safes are completely with built-in with watch winders. Because mains power is provided, you can connect the safe via the adapter. Ready for use.

Another option is to place small individual watch winders in a safe. These watch winders work on batteries and can be placed individually in the safe. So they are loose in the safe and you can easily take them out again. You can find examples of these watch winders at Swiss Kubik and Chronovision. These brands make high-quality compact watch winders that work on a set of batteries for 1 to 3 years. Ideal to place in a safe. However, you are probably a bit more expensive than buying a ready to use watch winder safe.

Do you really want a professional safe of hundreds of kilos in which you can store not only your watches, but also papers, jewelry or other jewelry? Then the German brand Heisse & Söhne is a good choice! These large watch winder safes meet the highest European standards in this area and are therefore also very suitable for storing your watch winder and your beloved watches. In addition, these safes meet the requirements of insurers. These safes are very heavy and are specially produced according to the wishes of the customer. They are brought on site and installed by a professional from Heisse & Söhne.

No watch enthusiast wants his or her beloved watches to be stolen or damaged. Placing a watch winder safe or compact watch winders individually in a safe is then ideal. It just depends on which option suits you better. The advantage of placing compact watch winders in a safe is that you are more flexible. If you buy or sell one or more watches, simply place or remove a watch winder in/from the safe. A watch winder safe, however, offers an all-in-one package. You are ready immediately, it looks beautiful and you have mains power (no batteries replaced, etc.).

The choice is yours!