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Bernard Favre Planet Black and Black Leather watch winder

Posted on 23 September 2021 at 2:36 PM

The watch connoisseur and collector knows that a beautiful watch box and handy watch winder are of great importance for the safe storage and good winding of automatic watches. Anyone who uses a watch winder to wind watches does not want to do without it. Simply because this watch accessory ensures that your automatic watches always run on time and that you do not have to wind them up and reset them in terms of time and date every time they are stationary. In other words, a watch winder has many advantages and is a must have if you own several automatic watches. In this blog we take you into the world of high-end watch winders. In particular, we write about a unique Swiss brand that produces beautiful models that provide each automatic watch with energy in a very special way.

Switzerland has a rich history when it comes to watches. It is therefore the watch country pur sang and it is known for its unprecedented quality and finish. Both in the field of watches and watch winders. If you want to carry the Swiss made label as a brand, you must be of good quality and meet strict requirements and conditions. So when you get a Swiss made product, you can be sure that it is a high-quality, durable and reliable product.

Switzerland of course has many brands that can provide you with this Swiss made quality, both in the field of watches and watch winders. If you are in possession of one or more automatic watches, a watch winder is an accessory that cannot be missed. Where an automatic watch normally gets energy from the natural movement of the wrist, a watch winder can take over this function when the watch is not worn.

Bernard Favre is a Swiss brand known for its extremely high quality and for its unique and very special designs. Bernard Favre can count himself among the best watch winder brands in the world and that is not for nothing. Each Bernard Favre watch winder is made by hand with the greatest possible care by a craftsman. Quality, finish and an eye for detail are very important here. After a Bernard Favre watch winder is ready, it is tested for a few days to make sure that they deliver a sublime product. The production of Bernard Favre's watch winders is relatively small on an annual basis. As a result, with a Bernard Favre Planet watch winder you have a unique and exceptional piece in your hands, which you will certainly not encounter with every enthusiast.

Bernard Favre's watch winders are very recognizable because the designs have a clear identity of their own. Bernard Favre uses the so-called Planet Winding System. The watches that are placed in the watch winders rotate around their own axis during winding. This makes the link with the rotation of planets, which makes the name of this system very appropriate. The excitement process will be a fascinating sight for any enthusiast in this way.

The glass dome that can be placed over the watch winders completes the picture and gives it an extra luxurious look. In addition, this glass dome ensures that dust and dirt do not stand a chance. The Swiss motors used for Bernard Favre's watch winders are powerful and at the same time quiet in use. Moreover, they are very energy efficient and therefore also sustainable. Bernard Favre's watch winders are also compact and therefore easy to place in any room.

The Bernard Favre collection includes the Bernard Favre Planet Black & Black Leather watch winder. This watch winder has a black base with a black leather finish, which gives it a chic look. Furthermore, the material has been chosen for stainless steel with a PVD treatment. This makes the material black colored and very strong and durable. The watch winder is of course equipped with a Swiss made motor. This model is suitable for winding 1 watch. Because this watch winder works on a built-in battery (lasts about 100 days on a single charge) and has a USB connection, it is possible to easily take the watch winder with you to the office or on a trip. Another option offered by this built-in battery is to place the watch winder in a safe. This way you can easily store your watch extra safely. If you want to charge this watch accessory, you can easily do this via mains power, PC or USB connection. The Bernard Favre Planet Black & Black Leather watch winder is programmable, so you can set the number of revolutions and the direction of rotation to the needs of your automatic watches. The revolutions are smooth and therefore completely safe for any watch, regardless of brand or model.

Bernard Favre Planet Black & Black Leather watch winder

With the Bernard Favre Planet Black & Black Leather watch winder you choose a real 'piece of art' that will attract everyone's attention. All eyes will be on your watch and watch winder! Your watch is always ready for use and when you are not wearing it you have a safe place to store your beloved watch. Place this watch winder in your workplace or bedroom with confidence, because you will not be bothered by annoying sounds while winding!

When you choose a Bernard Favre Planet watch winder, you will receive it at home with a certificate, USB adapter and manual. The glass dome is of course also included. You also receive a 2-year warranty.

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