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Heisse and Sohne watch winders

Posted on 9 February 2022 at 4:24 PM

A special brand that produces beautiful watch winders of good quality is Heisse & Söhne. This German brand comes from the Sauerland and is the number 1 brand in Germany. has been an official dealer of Heisse & Söhne for over 15 years, which means that we offer the latest models, competitive prices and excellent service. If you ask us what the strong points of the Heisse & Söhne watch winders are, we come to the conclusion that these are the quality and the beautiful designs.

Some watch winder brands are known for the high quality of their watch winders because they use high-quality motors. Heisse & Söhne watch winders use Japanese Mabuchi motors that are very solid and reliable. In addition, this brand distinguishes itself through beautiful designs and materials. Especially if you are looking for a larger watch winder, Heisse & Söhne is definitely a brand that you should check out. Winding 6, 8, 12 or 16 automatic watches is no problem at all with this German brand.

A watch winder is of course very functional, but if you not only want to be able to provide your watches with the required energy, but also want to be able to exhibit your watches, the design and use of materials of a watch winder is of course of great importance.

Heisse & Söhne offers an extensive collection of watch winders with a diverse capacity. We see different models with space for winding a few automatic watches, but also a wide choice for the real watch collector. In addition, Heisse & Söhne also offers watch winder safes that meet the highest European standards and thus guarantee the safety of your watches. These safes are not on our website, but we can supply them. These safes are transported by a team of professionals and installed as desired.

To illustrate the sense of luxury within the Heisse & Söhne collection, we will discuss a number of different types of models from the collection. We have chosen to highlight some of the models from the Triton and Collector. In these series we see beautiful cabinets made in Germany with a very nice appearance. Both series from the collection offer the true collector of automatic watches the opportunity to present their collection in an extremely stylish way, thereby immediately providing the necessary excitement and a safe storage place. The high-quality watch winders from the Triton and Collector series therefore offer the well-known German solidity and reliability in combination with a very stylish design.

A first model from the collection that we would like to discuss is the Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37. This watch winder is ideal for the collector with an extensive collection, because it offers space for no less than 16 automatic watches. The design of the beautiful cabinet on a beautiful foot is exactly what Heisse & Söhne is known for. A particularly beautiful color wood has been used for the exterior. The interior of the watch winder is black in color and made of a soft fabric, to ensure that your watches enjoy optimal protection.

This watch winder can also be closed with a door made of mineral glass. This door ensures that dust, dirt and condensation do not stand a chance. The door is secured with a special fingerprint lock that ensures that you are really the only one who can access your beloved collection of watches. The Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37 is equipped with Japanese Mabuchi engines. These motors are widely known for being reliable and energy efficient. In addition, these are very quiet, so you don't have to be afraid of disturbing noises during the winding process. The rotors are all individually programmable, using the high-quality LCD screen. This makes it possible to create exactly the right conditions for each individual watch.

The Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37 offers much more in terms of technical finesse. It is equipped with built-in LED lighting, so your watches are always perfectly visible and the luxury feeling is emphasized even more. The watch winder offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. In addition, with this model you also have a sleep mode. With this function you can give your watches peace of mind. This is done by keeping them just below the optimal level of arousal. The energy supply of this watch winder takes place with the aid of an adapter via mains power.

A second model that we discuss comes from the Collector series, namely Heisse & Söhne Collector Watchwinder 70019/105. This watch winder is suitable for winding 8 automatic watches and also offers a large degree of luxury. This model is made of wood and the exterior is white. The inside of the watch winder is gray in color and also made of a soft fabric. The wooden case is placed on a metal base, with which you can also see this watch winder perfectly as a display for your collection.

Naturally, the Heisse & Söhne Collector Watchwinder 70019/105 is also suitable for winding any automatic watch, regardless of the brand or type of watch. The watch winder is adjustable with the LCD screen, separately for each rotor. You can use this to determine the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day per watch. The built-in LED lighting ensures a good view of your watches at all times. With this model you also have access to the programs CW, CC and Alt, an overwind protection and a sleep mode.

In our webshop you have a wide choice when it comes to Heisse & Söhne watch winders. We supply every Heisse & Söhne watch winder with a minimum 2 year warranty and a clear manual. Take a look at the other watch winders from this special brand and choose your favorite!