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Orbita watch winder

Posted on 7 April 2023 at 2:49 PM

A golden combination of a traditional design with the most modern technology, these words capture the American brand Orbita in a nutshell. Orbita is known worldwide as a progressive brand, the brand is always looking for innovation and therefore prefers to be at the forefront when it comes to developing the best winding techniques. Orbita therefore offers an extensive collection of watch winders equipped with the most modern technology. Due to its drive for innovation, the brand has managed to put several patents to its name. For example, Orbita has developed the so-called 'Rotorwind System'. This system ensures that every type and brand of automatic watch can be wound by gently 'shaking' the watch. Most watch winders on the market do this by rotation. In addition to watch winders equipped with the 'rotorwind System', Orbita also offers models that work in this way. These watch winders are indicated with the 'programmable System'.

The Orbita collection is diverse in various areas. For example, the brand offers beautiful wooden cases with a large capacity, which are especially suitable for the real collector of automatic watches. In addition, the Orbita collection also includes watch winders for 1 or 2 automatic watches, with a simpler design. These models are ideal if you want the best of the best for your automatic watches, but cannot or do not want to pay the top price for it. We also see various options within the Orbita collection with regard to the use of materials. For example, Orbita watch winders are available made of wood, but also of plastic, for example. In this article we would like to put a specific watch winder from Orbita in the spotlight, namely the Orbita Avanti Nine Rotorwind W70007. This watch winder is especially suitable for the collector who owns 9 or 10 automatic watches. The appearance of this watch winder is extremely luxurious. The beautiful Makassar wooden case looks very chic and ensures that the automatic watches placed in it catch the eye. The interior of the watch winder is black in color and contrasts beautifully with the wooden exterior. The inside is also provided with inlaid carbon, which gives the watch winder its own unique character. Orbita uses special flexible watch cushions made of a kind of foam to attach the watches. The watches are easy to attach to these cushions, which protect your watches against scratches or other damage. Because these cushions are flexible, almost any size automatic watch will fit on them without any problems. However, if you own very small watches, Orbita also offers the possibility to order smaller watch cushions. These are provided with the Orbita logo, which further emphasizes the luxurious character of this watch winder.

The Orbita Avanti Nine Rotorwind W70007 is equipped with the well-known Swiss made motors. With these motors in the base, you never have to worry about stopping your automatic watches again. These motors are not only very reliable, but also energy efficient and quiet in use. With this, Orbita ensures that you experience optimal user comfort with this watch winder. The watch winder is equipped with a special long-life battery system. Because this model works on batteries, you can choose to store the watch winder and thus your watch collection in a safe. With this you also opt for an optimal feeling of safety. The Orbita Avanti Nine Rotorwind W70007 is also equipped with the programs CW, CC and Alt. In addition, the watch winder has overwind protection, which protects your watches against overvoltage. The rotors are individually adjustable, so you can offer every automatic watch the most ideal way of winding. Your watches are therefore always ready for use with this watch winder. In addition to perfect winding, this watch winder also offers a safe storage place for your watch collection. Moreover, you can present your collection beautifully with the help of this watch winder. With this model, Orbita offers everything you could wish for as an avid collector of automatic watches. With this watch winder you offer your watches absolutely the cream of the crop in this area.

If you would like to order the Orbita Avanti Nine Rotorwind W70007, you should preferably do this at an official dealer of the brand. We can be of great service to you with this. You can find the Orbita Avanti Nine Rotorwind W70007 in our webshop.

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