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The advantages of a high end watch winder

Posted on 3 September 2020 at 8:00 AM

Choosing a good watch winder is not always easy. There are many different brands and the quality differences are large. In addition, there are many differences in price, materials and functionality. When choosing a watch winder, you also have to think about the capacity of the watch winder, in other words how many watches can be wound in the watch winder. If you only have one automatic watch, you probably choose a watch winder that is suitable for winding one watch. But if you have 6 or more watches, and your watch collection probably changes regularly, you quickly choose a larger watch winder that is suitable for 8, 12 or even 16 watches. You are then flexible and have a watch winder that is suitable for the future.

If you have a nice budget to spend, you can opt for a beautiful high-end watch winder. A high-end watch winder is a watch winder from the higher price segment that is often equipped with better motors, more functionalities and all kinds of nice extras. A high end watch winder is more than just for winding automatic watches. It is also an object for a beautiful interior. In English they call this a “conversation piece”.

High quality motors

The heart of the watch winder is formed by the motor. The motor drives the rotor in which the watch is mounted. It is therefore important that the motor is strong enough but also functions with as little noise as possible.

High end watch winders almost all use Swiss and German motors. A good example are the Swiss Kubik and Orbita watch winders. Both brands are equipped with Swiss made motors. But there are also excellent German motors, which are used, for example, by Chronovision watch winders. Quality motors are extremely important for high end watch winder brands. The customer expects the best and high durability for years of enjoyment from the device.

Material use

Most luxury watch winders are made of very beautiful materials. You can think of wood, stainless steel, gold, carbon and leather. It was decided to use the best materials during production to guarantee an extra nice result. The finish also plays a major role. The best quality is offered with great attention to detail and finish.

Because high-end watch winders are usually made entirely by hand, the production of such a watch winder takes an enormous amount of time. During the production process, specialized professionals are not only busy with the construction of the watch winder itself, but also with quality control.

You can expect from a high-end watch winder that it offers all options to wind one or more watches safely and professionally. This type of watch winder will therefore offer many options to provide an automatic watch with energy. The direction of rotation can of course be selected and you can choose between winding clockwise, anti-clockwise and alternately. In addition to the direction of rotation, you can also choose the number of revolutions per day. In English this is called TPD (turns per day). Each automatic watch needs a different number of revolutions per day to obtain good energy. The most common TPD are 600, 900, 1200, 1500 and 2100. A high end watch winder offers all this TPD, so you can choose the direction of rotation and TPD for each watch.

In terms of functionality, you can also think of built-in LED lighting. This provides a nice view of the rotating watches. This is especially beautiful in the dark. In addition, it is functional because you can see exactly how you click the watches in the watch winder and remove them safely. Nice extras with a high end watch winder include a fingerprint lock, remote control and bluetooth connection. These options are also offered by watch winder brands that are not a high end brand, but do produce fantastic watch winders. A good example of this is Paul Design watch winders.

The advantages of a high end watch winder

We have now listed some features of a high end watch winder, but what are the real advantages of a high end watch winder. We believe the greatest advantages are the quality, durability, functionality and finish.

Quality assures you of a nice watch winder that you will enjoy for years to come. Reliable motors that wind your watches smoothly and safely are extremely important. What is also very important is the functionality. You want a watch winder that is easy and quick to operate, but also where the watches are safe. A high-end watch winder often has a beautiful finish. You can think of a beautiful design, attention to details and beautiful materials. You often recognize a high-end watch winder immediately. This is stylish, luxurious and beautifully designed.

Especially for your beautiful automatic watches, for example from Oris, Omega, Rolex, Breilting or Tag Heuer, you want a good watch winder. You are not placing your beautiful Swiss watches in a cheap watch winder that you are not sure is good for your automatic watches, right?

A good watch winder is part of a beautiful watch collection. It really doesn't have to be a high end watch winder because there are plenty of affordable brands that offer excellent quality. For example, you can take a look at Benson watch winders or Heisse & Söhne.

If you have enough money for a beautiful watch winder, we definitely recommend a high-end watch winder that fits well with your watches but also in your interior. As a beautiful object in your living room, bedroom or office you will certainly have a topic of conversation with your friends, colleagues or family.