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Watch winder suitable for Breitling watches

Posted on 8 February 2024 at 8:19 AM

An automatic watch such as from the well-known watch brand Breitling is inextricably linked to a good watch winder. Why? An automatic watch functions automatically in a very advanced way when you wear it. This is due to the natural movements that you make unnoticed with your wrist. These movements are converted into energy for your automatic watch, so that it is always automatically wound when you wear it. This is a big difference with a watch with a mechanical movement that has to be wound by hand, or with a quartz watch that functions with the help of a battery. On the other hand, this means that your automatic watch will stop if you do not wear it for a while. Finally, the movement on which the watch depends is missing. This is where the high-quality watch winder comes into play. This is specially designed to provide your automatic (Breitling) watch or other watches with the correct energy.

Most high-quality watch winders take care of the energy needs of your automatic watches through rotation. This movement not only ensures that your automatic watch is wound, but also immediately guarantees ideal oil distribution in the watch. This obviously benefits the lifespan of your automatic watch.

Do you own several luxury automatic watches from, for example, the Breitling brand? Then we have selected two high-quality watch winders especially for you with which you can easily supply your automatic watches with energy. We start with the Benson Black Series 6.16.WA Limited Edition. This spacious watch winder has the capacity to wind six automatic watches at the same time. If you also own other watches (quartz or mechanical watches) or other jewelry, then this watch winder is also ideal. Under the soft close lid at the top of the watch winder there is additional storage space for five more watches. The watch winder has a very luxurious appearance, is made of wood and finished with a walnut look. The Benson Black Series 6.16.WA Limited Edition watch winder also has no fewer than twelve layers of paint and a protective layer of lacquer. The eye for detail and precision that the Benson brand strives for is also clearly reflected here. The inside of the watch winder has a beautiful soft velvet in black. This ensures that your watches are protected against scratches or other damage. The top-quality Japanese motors with which this model is equipped ensure that you can easily and safely power any type and brand of automatic watch. The handy touchscreen makes it possible to individually adjust the settings regarding rotation direction and the number of turns per day per watch. This means you can be sure that every automatic watch is wound in exactly the right way. The Benson Black Series 6.16.WA Limited Edition is not only ideal for powering and storing your automatic watches, but also offers a perfect opportunity to present your collection of automatic watches in a professional manner. The modern built-in LED lighting ensures that your automatic watches immediately catch the eye. In addition to the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection, the Benson Black Series 6.16.WA Limited Edition also offers a handy power winding function to provide your automatic watches with energy in a short time. Finally, with this model you have a handy USB connection. All in all, a very luxurious and complete watch winder that can be purchased at a competitive price.

A second watch winder that we would like to put in the spotlight in this article is the Paul Design Gentlemen 8 Macassar. This extremely beautiful watch winder offers space for winding up to eight automatic watches at the same time. The watch winder is made of a very beautiful type of wood and has a macassar look, which makes this model a very nice display to exhibit your automatic watch collection. Moreover, you can store your watches very safely in this watch winder. This model is not only lockable with a beautiful glass door, but is also equipped with a high-end fingerprint lock. This way you can be sure that no one will accidentally touch your watches. The Paul Design Gentlemen 8 Macassar watch winder is adjustable using the innovative touchscreen display. This allows you to change the settings per watch regarding rotation direction and the number of revolutions per day, among other things. The watch winder is equipped with high-quality Japanese motors from the well-known Mabuchi brand. These strong motors ensure the winding of your watches in an energy-efficient and quiet manner. As the icing on the cake, this watch winder offers built-in LED lighting, which allows you to keep your automatic watches in view all day long. Finally, with this luxury watch winder you have the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection. The watch winder comes with a remote control, which further emphasizes the high user comfort of this model.

You can find both watch winder models mentioned in our webshop. These watch winders stand out because of the good price/quality ratio they offer. With one of these watch winders you choose very high quality and high user comfort at a competitive price. Both models are supplied by us with a two-year warranty and clear manual.