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Benson Compact Double watch winders

Posted on 10 February 2021 at 12:40 PM

The Benson Compact Double watch winder series is perhaps one of the most popular series within the Benson watch winder collection. These watch winders are suitable for winding 2 watches and have a compact and modern design. They are also available in different colors. The Benson Compact Double watch winders have excellent features and an affordable price. In this price range, there is actually no other brand that offers a better watch winder. The Dutch brand Benson combines excellent quality with a beautiful design and fine service. These properties result in the Benson watch winders being highly regarded worldwide.

Benson Compact Double 2.WAG watch winder

The Benson Compact Double watch winders are available in the colors black, carbon fiber, white and walnut. In addition, there is a choice of a chrome or gold-colored ring that gives the watch winder an extra chic look. The Compact Double watch winders are compact and can be placed anywhere you want. You can connect the watch winder to mains power via the included adapter.

The Benson Compact Double watch winders are made of wood that absorbs sound but is also very solid. The wooden case ensures that this watch winder is one of the quietest watch winders in this price segment. At the bottom of the Benson Compact Double watch winders you will find soft fabric so that you can place the watch winder anywhere without risk of damage. Of course, these Benson Compact Double watch winders are also equipped with handy and flexible watch holders that are suitable for any type of watch. You click the watch holder with watch on it in the watch winder so that it is securely fastened while turning. It cannot fall out, something you sometimes see with watch winders with cushions.

The touchscreen is located on the front of the watch winder. Via this touchscreen you can set the watch winder exactly to your liking. You can turn the watch winder clockwise, anticlockwise and alternately clockwise and then left. You can also set the number of revolutions per day via the touchscreen. This is very important for the proper winding of an automatic watch. The advantage of the touchscreen is that you can set everything quickly and easily and you always have a good overview of the chosen settings. It is also important to mention that this generation of watch winders have built-in LED lighting. This is extra fun in the dark, then you have a nice view of the rotating watches.

There are many advantages that the Benson Compact Double watch winders offer. But the biggest advantages are the luxurious look, the possibility to wind 2 watches individually and the affordable price. However, we must also not forget the Japanese motorcycles. The motors are the heart of the watch winder. The Japanese motors are durable, virtually silent and powerful. If we look at the new Benson Compact Double watch winders, the Benson Compact Double 2.CF and Benson Compact Double 2.WAS are our favorites. The first has a carbon fiber exterior and the second has a walnut exterior. Both are beautiful to see. Where one is sporty and modern, the second is more classic and stylish. In short, there is enough choice for every watch lover!

The Benson Compact Double watch winders come in a beautiful packaging with manual and adapter. The warranty period is at least 2 years.