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Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder

Posted on 21 May 2024 at 2:56 PM

A good watch winder is an indispensable accessory for the enthusiast of automatic watches, but certainly also for the avid collector. Why? There are several reasons for this. The most important reason, however, is that a watch winder meets the movement needs of an automatic watch when it is not being worn.

Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder

When an automatic watch is on the wrist, the person wearing it moves naturally. This movement ensures that the watch is automatically wound. However, you won't wear your watch all the time, especially if you are an automatic watch collector. At that moment, a watch winder is a solution. You place the automatic watch, or multiple automatic watches, in the watch winder. This then provides the movement that the watch needs to function. In addition, the watch winder also serves as a safe storage place for your watches. There are even watch winders available that can be locked, with a regular lock or, for example, a high-end fingerprint lock. In addition to the winding function and storage function of a good watch winder, a stylishly designed model also offers the opportunity to present your automatic watches in an elegant manner. A quality watch winder fulfills different roles, which is why it is important to choose a new watch winder with the necessary care. It is not always necessary to dig deep into your pockets. A watch winder with a good price/quality ratio offers a solution here.

A brand that is specifically known for the good price/quality ratio of its products is the Dutch brand Benson. Benson chooses to use only high-quality materials to manufacture the watch winders from its collection. In addition, the brand attaches great importance to the user-friendliness of its watch winders. This is reflected, among other things, in the various beautiful additional functionalities that the brand's watch winders offer. Benson also offers an extensive and appealing collection with which the brand can serve almost every enthusiast and collector of automatic watches. Within the brand's collection there is a choice of watch winders with various capacities. Both the enthusiast with a single automatic watch and the avid collector with an impressive collection can visit the Benson collection. In this article we would like to tell you more about a specific watch winder from Benson, namely the Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder. This Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder is suitable for winding up to six automatic watches and also offers extra storage space for another five watches. You can use this storage space for, for example, quartz watches or mechanical watches, but also for any other jewelry or cufflinks. The Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder is made of wood and is black in color both on the interior and the exterior. The watch winder can be locked with the beautiful mineral glass door. This keeps harmful external influences away from your watches, giving your automatic watches the best protection. The watch winder is further equipped with special flexible watch holders, which ensure that you can effortlessly place almost any size automatic watch in the Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder.

The Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder is powered by six high-quality motors of Japanese origin. These motors ensure the winding of your automatic watches in both a safe and effective manner. Moreover, these motors are low-noise and energy efficient, which ensures that this watch winder from Benson can offer you optimal user comfort. The Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder is equipped with an innovative touchscreen, which you can use to determine the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. Of course, you can do this separately for each watch, so that each watch gets exactly the excitement it needs. In addition, the Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder offers built-in LED lighting, with which you can literally put your automatic watches in the spotlight. In addition to the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection, this watch winder also offers a wrist movement simulation and a power winding function. The power winding function offers you the opportunity to provide your automatic watches with the necessary energy in a short time, ideal when you are in a hurry! Finally, the energy supply of the Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder is provided by mains power, using an adapter.

Why is the Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder one of our favorite models? Because this model offers an unprecedented mix of design, quality and functionality. There are actually no other models that come close in terms of these features and competitive price. This makes this model extremely popular among watch enthusiasts who want a high-quality watch winder, but certainly do not want to pay the top price. If we have to mention a disadvantage of the Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder, it is that this model is regularly sold out because it is so incredibly popular. As a result, you sometimes have to wait 2-4 months before you receive the model from the official Benson dealer. However, if you have patience, this is definitely worth the wait.

Would you like to order the Benson Smart-Tech II 6.20.B watch winder, or are you curious about the many other models? Then visit our webshop now. We offer the entire Benson collection in our webshop and are also happy to help you if you need help. Due to our broad knowledge and experience in the field of high-quality watch winders and (automatic) watches, we will certainly be able to assist you in making your choice. View Benson's extensive range of watch winders now and choose your favorite model!