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Benson Swiss Series Double watch winders for 2 watches

Posted on 26 March 2024 at 11:20 AM

With a good quality watch winder in your possession you cannot wear your automatic watches for a longer period of time, without having to worry about the standstill of your automatic watches. This prevents you from having to reset your automatic watch or watches after a standstill and moreover you no longer run the risk of inaccuracies in the time display.

In addition, you can safely store your automatic watches and present it in a beautiful way. All in all, a good watch winder is indispensable for every enthusiast and collector of automatic watches.

Are you now looking for a high-quality watch winder at a competitive price? Then we are happy to help you on your way. We are happy to give you a glimpse into the beautiful collection of the Dutch brand Benson. The Swiss Series of this brand in particular are very special. These watch winders are among the best in the world and offer the best technology currently available on the market.

Benson knows how to distinguish itself from other watch winder brands in different ways. Firstly, the brand offers a very good price/quality ratio. You therefore purchase a high-quality watch winder from Benson without having to pay a lot of money. The second point with which the Benson brand manages to stand out is the high degree of user-friendliness of the watch winders within the collection. For example, the watch winders of the brand are easy to operate and they offer several beautiful extras. For example, you can think of a built-in LED lighting or an extra storage space. Another characteristic feature of the Benson brand is the diversity that the brand knows how to offer within the collection. For example, the Benson watch winders collection houses with a diverse capacity, made from different materials, in different price ranges. Moreover, with this brand you can choose from watch winders with high-quality Japanese motors or watch winders with Swiss made motors. In this article we would like to tell more about a specific line from the Benson collection, namely the Benson Swiss Series Double.

Within the Benson Swiss Series Double collection we find watch winders that are modern and sleek. These watch winders are suitable for exciting two automatic watches at the same time. That makes these models ideal when you have two or three automatic watches. Characteristic of the Benson Swiss Series Double watch winders is also that they are equipped with the worldwide known Swiss motors. These motors offer a reliable and safe method of excitement. Moreover, they do their work in silence, which positively influences the user comfort of this watch winder. In addition, the Benson Swiss Series Double watch winders are been assembled in the Netherlands.

The watch winders from this series are made of different materials and in different colors. With a watch winder from this collection you not only opt for a safe way of excitement of your automatic watches, but also for a stylish display and storage place, which will certainly catch the eye. A good example of a model from the Benson Swiss Series Double is the Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Red Leather. This is a limited edition that is limited to 250 pieces worldwide. This beautiful watch winder can be called a real eye -catcher by the combination of the material and the color. The watch winder is covered with leather in a striking red tint. The watch winder is covered on the inside with a soft black fabric. The special flexible watch holders with which this watch winder is equipped ensure that almost every model and format will automatically fit the watch winder watch perfectly. Because the watch winder can also be locked with a door of mineral glass, you always store your automatic watches with a safe feeling in this model. After all, harmful influences such as moisture and dust get no chance of damage your automatic watches in this model. The Swiss Made motors that form the basis for the Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Red Leather ensure an extremely effective and safe method of excitement.

Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Red Leather

The Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Red watch winder is also equipped with a special safety system. This system ensures that the engine disconnects when a watch is placed or removed. With the modern LCD screen you determine the settings of the watch winder with the push of a button. This way you can easily and quickly set the number of rotations per day and the direction of rotation. With the beautifully built -in LED lighting you put your watches in the spotlight if desired and you have a good view of your watches at any time of the day. Finally, the Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Red Leather offers the CW, CC and Alt programs and a overcome protection. The watch winder can function on battery and using an adapter.

The Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Red Leather is one of the many beautiful models from the Benson Swiss Series. We deliver this unique watch winder with a whopping three year warranty, a clear manual and certificate. Order this watch winder now in our webshop, or view the other appealing designs of the Benson brand! is an official dealer of Benson. This appealing brand is the market leader in the field of high-quality watch winders who are suitable for watches from all well known watch brands, such as Breitling, Oris, Omega, Tag Heuer, IWC and Rolex, to provide energy completely safely and professionally. As a result, an automatic watch will no longer stand still, so that you do not have to reset the time and date (and/or other functions). In short, a Benson watch winder is not only useful, it also saves you a lot of time and you reduce the risk of defects in your automatic watch.