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Paul Design watch winders | Innovative and affordable

Posted on 13 May 2019 at 9:05 AM

As a watch enthusiast or collector of automatic watches you're probably looking for a high-quality watch winder with a luxurious look for a competitive price? Then the Paul Design watch winders are definitely worth considering. Paul Design is based in Great Britain and one of the most appealing watch winder brands on the island. The watch winders from Paul Design are designed by Paul Chen, the founder of the brand. His experience and expertise in this area result in beautiful watch winders of the highest quality with the latest technology. The brand may still be relatively young on the watch winder market, but it has certainly been able to build up a good name. In addition to the state-of-the-art technology, Paul Design is also known for its natural designs, good functionality and affordable quality.

Paul Design watch winders

The Paul Design watch winders are equipped with reliable Japanese Mabuchi motors. In the field of technology, they offer an innovative touchscreen with which you can, among other things, set the number of revolutions and the direction of rotation per watch. There is also the "speed winding" option. This makes it possible to wind up the watch in a short time. In addition to providing the watches with the necessary energy, the watch winders also offer a safe storage place for your watch(es) and prevent the watches from damage and wear. The watch winders are available for different quantities of watches. In addition, they are suitable for any brand and type of automatic watch. Paul Design watch winders are available from stock from us.