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The new Paul Design watch winders from the UK

Posted on 23 January 2019 at 1:50 PM

For watch collectors the Paul Design watch winders are absolutely a good choice. Paul Design is a company from the United Kingdom that has been producing high-quality watch winders for many years. The watch winders are designed by the best designers. The Paul Design watch winders are innovative, equipped with the latest technology and are also affordable. In addition, the stylish designs are a decorative object as well. Paul Design offers various models of watch winders with different capacities. There are watch winders with space for one automatic watch, but also watch winders with space for up to twelve automatic watches.

In the technical field Paul Design offers a lot of ingenuity. Consider, for example, an LCD display with which you can individually set the number of revolutions and the direction of rotation for each watch. Or the 'speed winding' option with which you can provide your watch with the necessary energy in a short time. The watch winders are also equipped with Japanese motors and are suitable for all watch brands.

The Paul Design watch winders are also characterized by a beautiful use of materials. For the watch winders only high-quality materials are used, such as different types of wood, such as walnut and macassar. This gives the watch winders a luxurious and stylish look. This makes a Paul Design watch winder not only very useful for winding your automatic watches, it is also an eyecatcher in the interior of every watch lover!

Paul Design watch winders