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The new Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders

Posted on 28 September 2020 at 11:58 AM

The Swiss watch winder brand Swiss Kubik is one of the most famous brands in the world. This brand produces high end watch winders with a compact shape and modern design. These watch winders are loved for their Swiss motors that are very energy efficient. The Swiss Kubik watch winder works for up to 3 years on one set of AA batteries. That is exceptionally long so that you are completely flexible where you place the watch winder.

Swiss Kubik Double watch winder

Swiss Kubik watch winders are available as Startbox, the entry-level models from Swiss Kubik, and as Masterbox. The Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders have a more luxurious design and have Bluetooth technology so that you can set the watch winder by an app. The Startbox watch winders are made of plastic with a soft outer layer that feels very comfortable. Via the USB connection you can set the watch winder exactly to your liking.

The Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders are available for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and even 8 automatic watches. What is striking about these watch winders is the compact size. Each watch winder is 10x10x10 cm. This means you can actually place the watch winder anywhere and even place it in a safe. This will wind the watches and at the same time keep them safe in the safe. If desired, you can provide the watch winders with a plexiglass door that protects the watches.

Where the Swiss Kubik Startbox watch winders are available for 445 euros, the Swiss Kubik Masterbox watch winders are slightly more expensive. These models start from 695 euros for the aluminum versions. If you want a watch winder with a larger capacity to wind watches or that is made of a different material, then it's a bit more expensive.

The benefits that a Swiss Kubik watch winder offers are numerous. The compact design and battery function are very pleasant to use. In addition, the Swiss motor is of very high quality, so you can wind any watch, regardless of weight or size. In addition, you can enjoy a Swiss Kubik watch winder for a long time given the solid technology and the standard 3-year warranty.

Do you have a few automatic watches that you want to wind in a watch winder and would you like a watch winder of excellent quality? Then we recommend a Swiss Kubik watch winder. As an official dealer of this brand, we have extensive experience with this Swiss brand and we know from experience that a Swiss Kubik watch winder is a very good choice!

As an official dealer of Swiss Kubik watch winders, we only supply 100% new and original watch winders. Each watch winder comes with the original packaging with manual and a 3-year warranty. We supply most watch winders from stock. We ship worldwide via DPD, Fedex and PostNL. You can pay in our webshop with your credit card, iDeal, Paypal or regular bank transfer.

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