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Watch winder for 4 watches

Posted on 30 April 2021 at 9:30 AM

A watch winder is the ultimate accessory for automatic watches. By using it, automatic watches never stand still and are immediately ready to wear. There is a lot of choice when it comes to watch winders. As a fan of automatic watches, you are of course aware that automatic watches and watch winders are inextricably linked. Suppose you have 4 or 5 automatic watches and you want to keep them neatly together and have them ready to wear them immediately, then we recommend a watch winder for 4 watches.

A watch winder suitable for 4 watches is ideal if you have several automatic watches. This type is usually somewhat larger in shape, because they have to wind at least 4 watches and often offer some interesting extras such as extra storage options, LED lighting and a lockable door. With a watch winder for 4 watches, you not only opt for the optimal winding of your automatic watches, but also for a safe storage place for your watches. The watch winder can also serve as a display for your watches, with which you ensure that all eyes will be on your rotating watches. For many a enthusiast and/or watch collector, a stylish, high-quality watch winder for 4 watches will also be a kind of status symbol, just like the watches themselves. A watch winder for 4 watches is not only very handy because you never have to wind the watches again or reset the time and date, the watch winder is also a real eye-catcher. The design and appearance also play a role in choosing a good make and model.

If you know that you want to buy a watch winder for 4 watches, you are not there yet. This watch winder variant is also available in different types, price ranges and from different brands. In this article we want to zoom in on two different beautiful and functional watch winders for 4 watches that you should definitely have seen.

We start with the Benson Smart-Tech II 4.20.B watch winder, which is one of the latest Smart-Tech II models of this Dutch brand. This watch winder offers the possibility to wind 4 automatic watches and also has extra storage options for no less than 5 watches. With this you choose an ideal storage place for your watches. You can of course also use the extra storage space for other jewelry or, for example, cufflinks. The Benson Smart-Tech II 4.20 B watch winder has a modern look due to the sleek design and black color. The watch winder is made of, among other things, high-quality wood, stainless steel and glass. With the glass doors you can easily close your watch winder for optimal protection of the watches.

This watch winder from Benson is suitable for all automatic watches, regardless of brand or model. You can therefore use this model perfectly to wind watches from Tag Heuer, Seiko, Longines, Rolex or Oris. Using the modern touchscreen, you can easily set the rotors in terms of direction of rotation and number of rotations per day. This is possible per watch separately, so that you create the most ideal conditions for each watch. Because this watch winder is equipped with a built-in LED lighting, you can easily place your beloved watches in the spotlight, even during the winding process. The watch winder is equipped with excellent quality Japanese motors. Furthermore, this watch winder offers all necessary directions of rotation (clockwise, counter-clockwise and these two directions alternately one after the other) and an overwind protection. With the help of the power winding function you wind your watches in a short time. Ideal if you are short of time! Thanks to the flexible watch holders, almost any watch can be placed effortlessly in the watch winder. The Benson Smart-Tech II 4.20.B watch winder offers an unprecedented price/quality ratio. In short, with this watch winder from Benson you are prepared for anything. Your watches get an efficient and optimal winding, so that you avoid downtime and the associated inaccuracies in time and date display. Moreover, this watch winder is very affordable, so that it is also within reach for people with a less large budget.

The second model that we would like to highlight comes from the Paul Design brand. The man behind Paul Design is Paul Chen, a true professional in this field who has a lot of knowledge and experience. Within the Paul Design collection we find the Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 Black Shadow watch winder. This watch winder offers the possibility to wind 4 watches and also has extra storage space for 6 watches. The look of the watch winder is chic and stylish. This is partly due to the particularly beautiful wood that is used for this watch winder. This watch winder can also be closed with a glass door, with which your watches are optimally protected. The basis of this watch winder is formed by high quality Japanese Mabuchi motors. Furthermore, this watch winder has a touchscreen. With this you can easily change the settings per watch. This watch winder also has a built-in LED lighting as a particularly beautiful feature, which is a great feature if you want to be able to view your watches at all times. The real enthusiast will certainly appreciate this. This watch winder from Paul Design rotates clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternately and also has an overwind protection. With a watch winder from Paul Design you generally opt for affordable quality. You can therefore be sure that you are purchasing a reliable, durable and solid product.

We are official dealer of both brands, Paul Design and Benson. We have almost all popular models of these watch winder brands in stock and we can deliver quickly. We also have a service workshop where we can provide fast and professional service. As an official dealer, we offer certainty, competitive prices and fast delivery. Are you interested in a good watch winder for 4 watches? Take a look at our webshop!