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Watch winder to wind Breitling watches

Posted on 12 October 2021 at 1:41 PM

The watch winder as a watch accessory is indispensable these days. Any automatic watch will stop when you're not wearing it, even a Breitling watch. Then the time and date are no longer set correctly and you have to shake it or wind it manually via the crown to get it going again. This is inconvenient and time-consuming, and downtime is also not good and not necessary at all. Simply because a watch winder prevents downtime of automatic watches. So you no longer have to worry about your automatic watches when you wind them in a watch winder. After wearing it, place your Breitling watch in the watch winder and take it out if you want to wear it. In the meantime, this watch accessory has supplied your Breitling watch with energy so that it is immediately ready to wear.

Benson Black Series 6.16.WA watch winder

Breitling watch winder

If you have a beautiful Breitling watch, you don't want it to come to a standstill if you don't wear it for a while. For example, if you wear a different watch, go on holiday or do work where you prefer not to wear a Breitling watch. Think, for example, of construction work, work in the garden, golf or other activities where you could damage the watch.

The solution against standstill of your Breitling watch is using a watch winder. A good unit is a must have if you have a beautiful automatic watch. But which watch winder is suitable for a Breitling watch? What is a good Breitling watch winder?

What should you pay attention to when buying?

A Breitling watch is of course a beautiful piece of technology. A high-quality automatic timepiece that doesn't come cheap. That's why you want a good accessory that ensures that the Breitling watch is wound safely and professionally. If you want to buy a watch winder for your Breitling watch, you have to pay attention to a few things. First of all, it is important to choose a brand with a good reputation. In addition, the type of motors is of great importance. Forget Chinese motors from cheap models, they only cause misery. Choose a brand that uses Japanese, German or Swiss motors. As a last tip, we would like to give you to choose a watch winder that offers good functionality. By this we mean a model in which you can set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. Not every automatic watch is wound in the same way. This differs per timepiece inside the watch. That is why it is important to choose a Breitling watch winder that you can set as desired. That is handy because then you can also use this watch accessory for other automatic watches.

Suitable watch winder brands for a Breitling watch

We regularly get the question; what is a suitable watch winder for a Breitling watch? Based on the above tips, you can quickly and easily determine which brand and model is suitable for you. But let's also mention a few brands that can provide your Breitling watches with energy so that they never stand still again. Our favorites for winding Swiss watches are the Benson Black Series watch winders, especially if you want to wind several automatic watches in one watch winder. These models offer a lot of luxury with their touchscreen, LED lighting, extra storage and adjustment options. But the watch winders from Heisse & Söhne are also an excellent choice. This German brand offers a lot of quality. In addition, the designs are very luxurious and offer a beautiful appearance when the model is placed in the living room, bedroom, office or hobby room.

If you want a perfect combination of classic design and Swiss quality, you will come to Orbita watch winders. This brand from the United States is a luxury brand that offers top quality. Your Breitling watch is perfectly supplied with energy in a model from this brand. The beautiful wooden cabinets have a refined look. These models are real “eye catchers” in any interior.


If you have a beautiful Breitling watch, don't save on a watch winder. This watch accessory is very handy and good for preserving your watch. Choose quality, just like you did when you bought a Breitling watch. Choose a well-known brand that is well known and offers service. After all, you want the best for your beautiful automatic watches.

A Breitling watch winder really does not have to be expensive. You can already buy a good model for 199.00 euros (Benson Compact Single). If you want a model that is suitable for winding multiple automatic watches, you will have to spend a little more.

Are you looking for a good watch winder but do you have any questions or comments? We are happy to help you with sound advice and examples of models that are suitable for winding your automatic watch. This does not necessarily have to be a Breitling watch, it can be an automatic watch from any brand. For example from Omega, Tag Heuer, IWC, Seiko, Oris, Patek, Longines, Baume et Mercier, Tissot, MeisterSinger etc etc etc.