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RDI watchwinders

RDI watchwinders

Established in Switzerland in 2006 RDI produces mechanical watch winders. RDI take great pride in the reliability of the watch winders. Crafted to the exacting standards required by the Swiss-made label, they are among the most silent on the market. Attention to detail, superlative finishes and a passion for innovation distinguish each RDI watch winder. Luxury objects or genuine works of art proposed as limited editions, the RDI watch winders will enhance your most precious watches. The secret lies in the endless creativity and daring that RDI employs to transform the very latest technology into an extraordinarily refined object. The RDI watch winders are a perfect choice when you want the best Swiss technology for your automatic watch collection. 

Currently this brand has no products (yet). Please contact us to order a product of this brand or for more information.