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Benson Swiss Series Four watch winders

Posted on 10 June 2021 at 2:43 PM

As a lover of automatic watches, you will be aware that a watch winder is actually indispensable for the varying wearing of the watches and the preservation of the watches. An automatic watch is normally supplied with the necessary energy by the natural movement of the wrist. When the watch is not worn, this need can be met by a good watch winder. You will find these in different types, sizes and capacity. Various conditions apply to a good watch winder. It should of course provide a mild way of excitement in the first place and offer your watches exactly what they need. Choosing a good brand that uses high-quality materials and a good motor is of course very important. In addition, you do not want to pay too much. And besides, the eye also wants something, after all, a watch winder is not only functional but also a display and storage option for your watches. If you are looking for a model that meets all these conditions, we have a very good model for you!

For those who already know the Dutch watch winder brand Benson, it is no surprise that this brand has much more to offer besides high quality and durability. This quality brand is known for the good price/quality ratio, but also for the luxurious appearance of the watch winders. Most Benson watch winders offer many nice extras, such as extra storage space for watches or other jewelry. Benson's watch winders were previously often equipped with high-quality Japanese motors. These are known for being energy-efficient in use and also remain silent during the winding process, for optimum user comfort.

However, Benson now also has a new collection of high-end watch winders that are equipped with the well-known top quality Swiss motors. This collection is called Swiss Series. Every lover of watches knows that Switzerland only delivers pure quality in this area. A watch winder equipped with Swiss technology is therefore the absolute top. One of the Benson models that we are going to talk about is the Benson Swiss Series Four watch winder. The watch winders in this series are completely assembled in the Netherlands and have a very luxurious appearance, as we are used to from Benson.

These watch winders are also characterized by a modern and sleek design. When you put these in your interior, your watches will stand out more than ever. The materials chosen for the manufacture of these watch winders include wood and mineral glass, but watch winders are also available that are made of particularly beautiful original leather. The watch winders are available in different colors, namely black, brown and blue. The watch winders can be closed with a glass door. With this you can easily prevent dust, dirt or condensation from getting to your watches. Because the watch winders are provided with fabric on the inside, this prevents damage to your favorite watches, such as unwanted scratches.

Of course, the Benson Swiss Series Four watch winders are also suitable for winding any automatic watch, regardless of the brand or type of watch. This is possible because the watch winders are equipped with flexible watch holders and because each rotor is individually adjustable in terms of rotations per day and direction of rotation. In this way, you specifically create the optimum conditions for good winding for your watches. The Benson Swiss Series Four watch winders are suitable for winding 4 watches. Due to the compact design, this watch winder takes up little space. Because the watch winder is equipped with built-in LED lighting, you can even admire your watches during the winding process or, of course, show your pride to someone else.

The Benson Swiss Series Four watch winders are equipped with an LCD display with which you can easily operate the watch winder. Of course, these watch winders with the Swiss made motors are energy efficient and quiet in use. This way you enjoy optimal user comfort. In addition, with a watch winder from the Swiss Series, you have various advantages such as protection glass, a safety system for the motor and an included certificate. Of course, these watch winders are also equipped with an overwind protection.

In short, the watch winders from the various Swiss Series from Benson offer the extremely high Swiss quality and technology. They are available in different capacities, such as watch winders with space for 1, 2, 3 or 4 automatic watches. The design of these watch winders is compact and therefore ideal when you have less space. Characteristic are also the sleek and modern look and the use of particularly beautiful materials such as wood, mineral glass and leather.

Of course, with this Swiss Series, Benson has also managed to maintain the good price/quality ratio for which the brand is known. So it is definitely worth taking a closer look at this series of watch winders. With a watch winder from the Benson Swiss Series you are guaranteed to have an absolutely indispensable accessory in your home for a long time!