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Benson watch boxes

Posted on 4 December 2021 at 3:12 PM

If you have one or more beautiful watches you want to be able to store them safely and clearly. With automatic watches you can choose to purchase a watch winder to wind your watches and to store them in a safe and efficient way.

Benson LWB8 Blue Leather watch box

However, if you have watches with a quartz movement or if you do not need a watch winder for your automatic watches, a beautiful watch box is indispensable. The real enthusiast and fanatic collector will choose his watches with care and will therefore be extremely careful with them. For the enthusiast, a watch is more than just a watch or piece of jewelry. In addition, a high-quality watch often has a function as a status symbol or as a collector's item. It is not surprising that you want the best to protect your watches against damage or external influences.

When it comes to watch boxes, there is a lot of choice. But which watch box is best to choose? In terms of watch boxes, we see a difference in quality, price, capacity and brands. If you are looking for a watch box that offers your watch protection and that also suits you aesthetically, you will find various stylish models within the Benson collection. In addition, the Benson watch boxes are also affordable. Benson offers different series of watch boxes so that there is a suitable watch box for everyone's watch collection. Benson's most luxurious line are the Benson Black Series watch boxes. We will describe this series of watch boxes in more detail in this article.

The Benson Black Series watch boxes offer a variety of watch boxes. There are watch boxes available for 3, 8 or 12 watches and there are also different colors to choose from. The watch boxes are available in black, blue, dark brown and carbon fibre look. With a Benson watch box you choose a stylish luxury box, which can also be closed with a lock. This way you can be sure that no one comes to your watches when you don't want to. Moreover, after closing the watch box, no dirt, dust or moisture will reach your watches, which extends the life of your watches and offers them optimal safety.

The inside of the Benson Black Series watch boxes is provided with a soft fabric so that no scratches or other damage can occur. In addition, these watch boxes provide watch pads on which the watches can be placed, which are suitable for almost every type and brand of watch. As a result, you can also use a Benson Black Series watch box for an oversized watch.

The exterior of the Benson Black Series watch boxes is made of particularly beautiful quality leather. What is striking is the extremely beautiful finish of the boxes. This is reflected, among other things, by the fine stitching that has been used, but also by the Benson logo printed in the leather. These watch boxes therefore provide a pure feeling of luxury that matches the feeling you get with your beloved watches. Because so much attention has been paid to the design and design of the Benson watch boxes, they will be a real eye-catcher in any interior. It does not matter whether you have a modern or more classic interior, the watch boxes from the Benson Black Series are always appropriate. The compact design of the watch boxes makes it easy to find a nice place for it.

We can conclude that the Benson watch boxes are an excellent choice. There is really no better choice in this price segment. With the Benson Black Series watch boxes, Benson knows how to combine all the important features of a good watch box. Safety for your watches has been thought of, both the lock and the soft interior and watch cushions guarantee this. In addition, there is sufficient storage space, even for oversized watches. In addition, high-quality materials have been chosen that last a long time, so that the watch boxes are also durable. In addition, the watch boxes are easy to handle and convenient to use. Last but definitely not least, the watch boxes from the Benson Black Series are attractively priced. The price/quality ratio of these watch boxes is therefore very good. We even dare to say that the Benson Black Series are among the best in its class.

In our webshop you can order your Benson Black Series watch box quickly, easily and safely, so that you can store your watches in an elegant and safe way. These Benson watch boxes come with a 2-year warranty and certificate, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

We ship your watch box worldwide, securely packaged with PostNL, DPD or Fedex. If you only own automatic watches, the Benson brand also offers high-quality and stylish watch winders to provide your watches with the necessary energy and at the same time offer a safe storage place. So don't wait any longer and choose the best for your watches, choose Benson!