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Bernard Favre Planet Carbon watch winder

Posted on 4 September 2021 at 12:19 PM

In this article we write about a high-quality watch winder that provides automatic watches with energy in a very special and unique way, so that they no longer stand still. This means that the watch is always immediately ready to wear, without having to set the time, date and other functionalities correctly. In this blog we write about the Bernard Favre Planet Carbon watch winder. A watch accessory that combines ultimate luxury with beautiful materials. A watch winder that has no equal. There are imitations that try to wind watches in a similar way, but they certainly do not come close to the original. Bernard Favre stands for precision, quality and a unique concept. In this blog we describe the properties of the Bernard Favre Planet Carbon so that you have a better idea and know exactly why this beautiful watch winder should be part of your collection.

A particularly beautiful automatic watch deserves a particularly beautiful watch winder. Various brands offer exclusive designs and of course an extremely high quality paired with various beautiful technical properties and extra functionalities. If you are looking for a watch winder with an original and very luxurious design, the Bernard Favre brand is an absolute must. Bernard Favre is not only one of the cream of the crop in terms of technology and quality. They are also in a class of their own in terms of appearance and design. Each design by Bernard Favre is clearly recognizable and the brand has its own identity. This will certainly appeal to many enthusiasts of automatic watches.

Bernard Favre is a Swiss brand. Every enthusiast and/or collector of automatic watches will know that Switzerland is seen as the watchmaking country pur sang. With a Swiss made watch winder you can always be sure that you are in the right place in terms of quality. Reliability, solidity and durability are very important to the Swiss brands. The same goes for Bernard Favre. Naturally, the well-known Swiss motors are used for Bernard Favre's watch winders. A unit with a Swiss motor offers a powerful, efficient and safe mode of winding. In addition, they are known for being energy efficient in use. It is certainly not unimportant that Swiss motors carry out their work in silence, so that you are not bothered by disturbing noises during the winding process.

As mentioned, Bernard Favre's designs are all exclusive and can be recognized by the clear signature of Bernard Favre. A particularly beautiful model from the collection is the Bernard Favre Planet Carbon watch winder, which is suitable for winding 1 watch. This model has a carbon base and is furthermore made of stainless steel PVD. This gives the whole a very luxurious and chic look. The glass dome that can be placed over the watch winder emphasizes this feeling of luxury even more. Moreover, the material not only looks luxurious, it is also very solid and strong. The name of Bernard Favre's watch winders does not just come out of the blue. The watches rotate on their own axis just like a planet, which is a very fascinating sight. The name of this watch accessory can therefore be traced back to this. The enthusiast will certainly be charmed by the view of the watch during the winding process.

Also technically, this watch accessory offers almost everything an enthusiast's heart desires. For example, the Bernard Favre Planet Carbon watch winder has the CW, CC and Alt programs and an overwind protection. In addition, the rotors are programmable and the watch winder is equipped with a built-in battery (100 days). In addition, the watch winder is compact, this combination makes this model easy to take with you or to place in a safe. This ensures an optimal safe place for both your beloved watch and this watch winder. The LED indicator conveniently indicates the status of the watch winder. Via the USB connection, this model can easily be charged with mains power, PC or Smartphone. This makes the Bernard Favre Planet Carbon easy and quick to use, which ensures a high level of user comfort.

In short, with the Bernard Favre Planet Carbon watch winder you choose a high-end watch winder, both in terms of technology, quality and appearance. All eyes will be on your watch winder when you place it in your interior. This piece is a piece of craftsmanship in itself and when you place your beloved watch in it, you will certainly like to follow the winding process. With a Bernard Favre watch winder you go for the ultimate feeling of luxury, class and style. If you would like to see Bernard Favre's watch winder at work, you can watch the video in our webshop. This gives you an idea of ??how your watch would look in this beautiful watch accessory and how a watch is supplied with energy through the three-dimensional movements. You will be immediately impressed! With this carefully handcrafted model you will definitely be very satisfied. The hand of a true craftsman is clearly recognizable. An eye for detail, precision and a sublime finish are features that every Bernard Favre watch winder has. Bernard Favre's models are tested for a few days after production, so that one can be sure that a top product is sent out. So you only receive the very best as a customer and you can be sure that you will make a purchase that you will enjoy for a long time.

If you want to order the Bernard Favre Planet Carbon watch winder, you can do this easily, quickly in our webshop. You will receive this exceptional watch winder at home in a luxurious leather case and with a 2-year warranty and of course a clear manual.