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Chronovision watch winders

Posted on 22 December 2022 at 2:37 PM

A good watch winder can be used in various ways. Of course you buy these initially to ensure that your automatic watches can be wound when you are not wearing them. After all, you don't want your watches to stop and have to reset them. Any inaccuracies in time display due to standstill are also highly undesirable. In addition, a watch winder is also good for the correct maintenance of an automatic watch. After all, stagnation is decline. A good watch winder also offers a safe storage place and, especially in a collection, can also be used to present your watches.

Modern technology, German solidity and reliability in combination with an extremely luxurious appearance, that is the Chronovision brand in a nutshell. We are happy to tell you more about this German brand with very high-quality models in its collection. Chronovision attaches great importance to the quality of the watch winders and the associated materials used for this. The materials that Chronovision chooses come from the Sauerland region in Germany and are often processed by hand. The brand also offers a variety of materials and the collection is therefore very diverse. Not only because of the different designs there is a Chronovision watch winder for every personal taste, but also because of the variation in color, for example. Chronovision also offers models for 1 to no less than 8 automatic watches, so that both the avid collector and the enthusiast can turn to this brand. Chronovision models are developed and made in Germany, which is certainly reflected in the quality of the end product. The German motors used by the brand provide a solid base.

What is also striking about the Chronovision collection are the mainly compactly designed watch winders with a very nice appearance and a modern character. Chronovision is also a leader and innovative in the field of technology. As mentioned, the diversity of Chronovision is clearly reflected in the collection. We would like to emphasize this by describing a number of different models from this collection. The first design we would like to highlight is the Chronovision One Elm Bluetooth 70050/101.24.11. This is a watch winder that is suitable for winding a single watch. The watch winder is very compact, but manages to draw all the attention with its luxurious and stylish appearance. The watch winder is made of wood and on the outside the color of the wood is combined with glossy black. A very chic combination.

Of course this watch winder is equipped with a German motor. Furthermore, this model has the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. In addition, this model offers a sleep mode and speed winding function. With this last option you can easily wind your watch in a short time. The settings of this watch winder can be changed using the USB connection. In addition, this model has a Bluetooth connection. This watch winder functions for about a year on a set of C batteries. This in combination with the compact design makes it possible to place the watch winder in a safe.

A second model from the collection is of a completely different kind. The Chronovision Prestige 70050/180.10 is suitable for winding 8 watches and its unique design, including the beautiful foot, makes it ideal as a display for your collection. This model is also made of wood and comes in the color black. The watch winder is equipped with a black leather inlay. The appearance of this watch winder is exceptional, as is the technology. The basis is formed by German motors, which ensure that any type or brand of automatic watch can be wound effortlessly. Because this watch winder is equipped with built-in LED lighting, you can put your collection in the spotlight if desired. The direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day can be set individually for each watch. This watch winder also offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. In addition, this model has a sleep mode and speed winding function. This watch winder is also complete with USB connection and Bluetooth connection. Finally, the watch winder always stops at a 12 o'clock position and is equipped with a start/stop system.

The last model of Chronovision that we mention is the Chronovision Ambiance III 70050/150.18.10. This is a completely different model than the two aforementioned models and is suitable for winding 3 watches. The design of this watch winder can be called compact and sleek. This watch winder is also made of wood and the color of the wood has been combined with the color black. The watch winder can be closed with a glass door for extra protection of your watches. This model is of course equipped with German motors and programmable. In addition, this model has the programs CW, CC and Alt, an overwind protection, sleep mode and speedwinding function. The USB connection, Bluetooth connection and the start/stop system are also present here.

With the examples mentioned, we show that Chronovision has a lot to offer and moreover meets the needs of both the enthusiast with a single automatic watch and the real collector. We offer a wide range of Chronovision watch winders in our webshop, which we supply against the long warranty period of no less than 3 years.