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RDI watch winder collection 2022

Posted on 13 January 2022 at 4:45 PM

If you are looking for a good watch winder for your Rolex, Breitling, IWC, Oris or Longines watch, you choose for quality. After all, you want your automatic watches to be wound safely and properly so that you can wear them whenever you want, without having to reset the time and date. This watch accessory is therefore indispensable if you have one or more automatic watches.

Switzerland is home to many beautiful watch winder brands, that's no secret. Every brand distinguishes itself in this respect in terms of design and appearance, but also, for example, in terms of capacity and any additional functionalities. However, there is no arguing with any Swiss made watch winder brand, which is unparalleled in any case. Certain Swiss brands put a clear signature when designing their designs.

An interesting Swiss brand is RDI watch winders. RDI offers a very nice collection in which the models are equipped with a Swiss engine and the well-known Swiss technology. With regard to the design of the watch winders, RDI works together with various artists, among other things, and knows how to unite art with the latest technologies. For the designs, the designers at RDI are inspired by the beauty of nature, among other things. Although the designs from the collection are very characteristic and recognizable as those of RDI, each design has its own absolute identity at the same time. RDI therefore knows how to serve the enthusiast with a more pronounced taste and preference for color, but also those who prefer a quieter-looking model.

The RDI collection consists of different series of handmade watch winders. The RDI horizon series, for example, consists of more quietly designed models. Within this series we find, among other things, the RDI Horizon black leather and the Horizon black leather red. These watch winders are made of black leather, where the Horizon black leather red has red accents. These watch accessories can be closed with a glass door to protect against external influences. The two previously mentioned models are equipped with an overwind protection and function both with an adapter and on batteries.

A second beautiful series within the collection of this Swiss brand is the RDI Prestige series. In this series we find models made of stainless steel, in which the color black plays an important role. The design of the watch winders is unique and characteristic of RDI. The appearance of these watch accessories is original, stylish and elegant. These Prestige watch winders from RDI provide all necessary winding programs and, just like the Horizon models, function both on an adapter and on batteries. Of course, these watch winders also offer overwind protection.

In the RDI Safe-Lift series, we find the RDI Safe-Lift for 4 watches. This watch winder is a feast for the eyes and will have a certain appeal for every lover of automatic watches. This watch winder is a true masterpiece and is therefore a tribute to the tradition of craftsmanship. The solid gold gears that adorn this model are beautiful, they symbolize the inside of the timepiece. This is an example of a beautiful watch winder, especially suitable for the collector who sees a model as an addition to his collection and interior. This model has a very luxurious appearance and is the pinnacle of good taste. This Prestige model is of course equipped with a Swiss motor and offers all necessary winding programs. There is also an overwind protection.

In the RDI Signature series we find watch winders with a lively use of color and artistic patterns. These are real watch winders for lovers of color and a distinct taste. The black accents also make the colors stand out even more. The Signature Traces and Signature Vegetal are models that are suitable for winding a single watch. Both models can be closed with a door for optimal protection. They can be used with both an adapter and a battery. In addition, the design of both watch winders is compact, making them easy to move and, if desired, can also be placed in a safe. Furthermore, these models offer different winding programs and an overwind protection. Because these watch winders from RDI belong to the limited editions of RDI, you also know that you have something that not many other people have at home. That makes the unique designs even more special.

With these designs, RDI is able to offer a very diverse collection, with which you as an enthusiast or collector have a unique addition to your watch(s) and also an absolute eye-catcher in your interior. All RDI watch winders are equipped with a Swiss motor. This forms a solid heart as a basis and also ensures that the models are very quiet in use. You can therefore also place your RDI watch winder in your bedroom or at your workplace without worry, without being bothered by annoying noises during the winding process.

RDI watch winders offer top quality at a generally attractive price. Every Swiss made watch winder from RDI is handcrafted with the utmost care and then thoroughly checked. The ultimate customer thus receives a perfectly working watch accessory.

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