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Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black

Posted on 13 January 2023 at 10:26 AM

For the true enthusiast of automatic watches a watch winder is more than just a handy accessory for winding these watches. Of course, you initially purchase a watch winder to ensure that your automatic watch or watches do not stop. In addition, a good watch winder offers the ideal way of movement to ensure that the oil in the watch is distributed perfectly. In addition to these practical benefits that a high-quality watch winder offers, there is also the aesthetic value.

A true enthusiast also finds the appearance of a watch winder important and therefore sees it as a way to present and neatly store his watch or watches. Because the enthusiast and/or collector of automatic watches generally attaches great value to the quality, the technology behind the watch winder and the design, a good watch winder brand knows how to offer the best of the best in all these areas. Many beautiful brands that propagate this in their watch winder collection can be found in Switzerland. The Swiss brand Swiss Kubik is an example of such a high-end brand.

Within the Swiss Kubik watch winder collection, we clearly see the values of this exceptional brand. Swiss Kubik stands for the golden combination of preserving tradition on the one hand and the drive for innovation on the other. In this way, the brand offers the best of both values. In the 10 years that the brand has been producing watch winders, innovation has always been of paramount importance. In addition, Swiss Kubik believes it is important to value human relationships. They have therefore built up a confidential relationship with their suppliers, who they have deliberately chosen only within 50 km of their company. Watch winders that are handcrafted with the greatest possible care are available in many variants at Swiss Kubik. The brand opts for the most beautiful materials for these watch winders, including wood, aluminum and leather, for example. The exclusivity of these watch winders is also reflected in the sublime finish, the characteristic design and the well-known Swiss technology that is hidden behind the watch winders. Swiss Kubik watch winders have a compact design and are notable for their characteristic cube-shaped designs. In addition, the brand offers variety in terms of both capacity and color. Whether you have a more subdued taste or like lively use of color and whether you are a small or large collector, Swiss Kubik offers the watch winder for you!

In this article we would like to pay more attention to the Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black. This Swiss Kubik watch winder is suitable for winding one automatic watch at a time and is made of aluminium. Because this material has been chosen, the watch winder is both solid and light in weight. This specific model is black in color, but this watch winder is also available in other colors. Think, for example, of blue, green and red. The watch winder can be expanded with a plexiglass door if desired. This is easy to attach to the watch winder and makes it lockable. This way you ensure that harmful influences such as moisture and dust don't get a chance to affect your watch. The Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black is of course equipped with a Swiss made motor of impeccable quality. This allows you to provide any automatic watch with the necessary energy without any problems, regardless of the brand or type of watch. These motors are also durable and reliable, so you can be sure that your watch is always ready for use. Finally, Swiss motors are energy efficient and quiet in use. The latter feature ensures that you can place the Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black watch winder very well in places where silence is desired, such as the bedroom or your workplace. Its handy size also makes it easy to carry. The watch winder can also function for up to 3 years on a set of AA batteries. You can therefore also choose to place this watch winder in a safe, with which you choose the safest place for your watch. The number of revolutions of the watch winder is adjustable using the handy USB connection. This allows you to give your watch just the right kind of excitement. Of course, the Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black is also equipped with overwind protection, which protects your watch against overvoltage.

In short, with the Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black you choose a watch winder of world quality. The watch winder is reliable and suitable for any automatic watch. The stylish look of the watch winder ensures that your watch has a beautiful storage place. Finally, thanks to the high-end Swiss technology of the watch winder, you can be sure that you will never have to worry about the energy supply of your watch again.

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