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Is using a watch winder bad for an automatic watch?

Posted on 6 January 2023 at 12:55 PM

A beautiful watch is a valuable accessory and piece of jewelry for the modern man to complete an outfit. When we talk about watches with an automatic movement, we can say that the watch winder is inextricably linked to this. The high-quality watch winder is therefore gaining more and more ground within the watch industry. For the enthusiast and/or collector of automatic watches, the watch winder is an essential part of this hobby. A good watch winder provides the energy supply for automatic watches by offering the correct mode of movement.

An automatic watch or several automatic watches (depending on the capacity of the watch winder) can be placed in the watch winder. This goes easily through the specially intended watch holders in a watch winder. The watch winder then takes care of the movement, often by means of rotation. In this way the automatic watch is wound and you prevent it from stopping when it is not being worn.

You may be wondering whether a watch winder can do any harm to your beloved automatic watch. We can be brief about this, this is certainly not the case. In fact, a watch winder plays an important role in preserving your watch. As mentioned, a good watch winder initially ensures that your automatic watch does not stop when you are not wearing it. Standstill can, among other things, cause inaccuracies in the time display, so you can prevent this by using a suitable watch winder. In addition, a watch winder also ensures optimal oil supply within the timepiece due to the movement offered. Because of the movements, the oil is perfectly distributed in the movement of the watch. This ensures that you protect your watch from unnecessary wear and tear and therefore benefits the life of your watch.

When you purchase a good watch winder, you do not have to worry about overvoltage of your automatic watch or watches. Automatic watches are already equipped with overwind protection, but a good watch winder also has overwind protection. This ensures that your watch is always optimally protected against overvoltage. With all the advantages that a high-quality watch winder offers, it certainly becomes clear that a watch winder is not harmful to your automatic watch. It is a handy and important accessory for the preservation of your automatic watch.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, a watch winder is also perfectly suitable for storing your automatic watch or watches. Watch winders are available for winding and storing one automatic watch, but also watch winders that offer space for an entire watch collection. In addition, there are several beautiful watch winder brands that, in addition to the capacity for winding multiple automatic watches, also offer extra storage space. This storage space can then be used to store other watches or, for example, jewelry or cufflinks. Due to the design of various luxury watch winders within the watch industry, there are also various beautiful options for purchasing a watch winder that can also be used directly as a display for a beautiful collection or of course a single special piece. If you choose a watch winder with a compact design that functions on batteries, placing a watch winder in a safe is also very possible.

We would like to introduce you to a number of watch winders within our collection. It concerns 3 different watch winders, each with their own specific properties and functionalities, in different price ranges. There is a lot that is possible in this area. You will find watch winders from the most exclusive brands with a very luxurious appearance, but also watch winders of excellent quality that are mainly very effective. Depending on your personal wishes regarding a high-quality watch winder and of course depending on your budget, one watch winder is more suitable for you than the other. That is why we would like to show you a bit of diversity in this area. The first watch winder that we take a closer look at comes from the collection of the special Dutch brand Benson. Benson has gained the necessary knowledge and skills with regard to top quality watch winders through years of experience in the watch industry. The brand therefore knows better than anyone what a good watch winder should offer. Benson's watch winders are known, among other things, for the extremely good price/quality ratio that the brand is able to offer. Within the Benson collection you can find very complete and efficient watch winders at a competitive price. The brand also knows how to offer variation. For example, we find watch winders from Benson with the capacity to wind a single watch, but also watch winders with which you can provide energy for an entire collection of automatic watches. You can also go in all directions with Benson when it comes to appearance. The brand manages to achieve this by using different types of high-quality materials, but also by offering both more compact and larger models. Moreover, it does not matter whether you prefer high-quality Japanese motors or Swiss-made motors. At Benson you will find both variants.

The Benson Smart-Tech II 4.20.B watch winder is a model that belongs to the latest models of the brand. This watch winder is suitable for winding up to 4 automatic watches at the same time. In addition, the brand offers a nice extra with this model, namely a handy storage space for another 5 watches. The watch winder is made of wood and has a black color. The inside of the watch winder is provided with a soft fabric to protect your watches. This model is also equipped with a glass door. With this you offer your watches protection against harmful external influences, but you can still see your watches at any time. If you also choose to switch on the modern built-in LED lighting, your watches will stand out completely. Benson uses special flexible watch holders. This means that you can effortlessly place almost any size watch in the holders. The basis of the Benson Smart-Tech II 4.20.B watch winder is formed by 4 high-quality Japanese motors. These motors are not only very reliable, but also powerful enough to wind the heaviest automatic watch. In addition, they do their work in silence, so you can also place this watch winder very well in the office or bedroom. Using the innovative touchscreen, you can change the settings for each watch individually. Think of the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. In this way, every watch gets exactly the right way of winding. This makes the Benson Smart-Tech II 4.20.B watch winder suitable for winding any brand or type of automatic watch. Finally, the watch winder has the programs CW, CC and Alt, a power winding function and of course an overwind protection. With the Benson Smart-Tech II 4.20.B watch winder, you choose a watch winder that provides a safe winding method for your automatic watches and is also perfectly suitable for storing and displaying your watches. This watch winder is supplied by us with a 2-year warranty and of course a clear manual.

The second watch winder we have selected for you is from the Paul Design brand. Paul Design is a brand from the UK that distinguishes itself by offering extremely luxurious and complete watch winders at an attractive price. Within the Paul Design collection, both the enthusiast with 1 or a few automatic watches and the real collector can go. In this article we would like to tell you more about the Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 Black. This luxury watch winder is suitable for winding 4 automatic watches at the same time. In addition, this model also offers a nice storage space for 6 extra watches. This model is made with the utmost care from particularly beautiful wood. The watch winder is executed in the color black in terms of both the interior and the exterior. The glass door offers your watches the best protection. The Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 Black is equipped with Japanese motors and is therefore extremely reliable, durable and quiet in use. In addition, they are energy efficient. Setting up the watch winder is very easy using the handy touchscreen. This allows you to change the settings per rotor separately regarding the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. This allows you to create the perfect values for an effective and safe way of winding for each watch separately. This watch winder is therefore suitable for winding any automatic watch, regardless of the brand or type of automatic watch.

The Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 Black is equipped with built-in LED lighting. If desired, you can literally put your beloved watches in the spotlight. This way you have a perfect view of your watches at any time of the day, even during the winding process. With this watch winder you have the programs CW, CC and Alt. Of course, the overwind protection as protection against overvoltage of your watches is also not missing. With the Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 Black you opt for a very complete and luxurious watch winder at an attractive price! This watch winder is supplied by us with a 2-year warranty and manual. In addition, you will receive the watch winder complete with a handy remote control, which further emphasizes the high user comfort of this watch winder.

The last watch winder that should not be missing from this list is from the well-known Swiss brand Swiss Kubik. Swiss Kubik is known for the production of very high-quality watch winders with the world-famous Swiss technology. In terms of design, the brand's watch winders are very recognizable, due to the characteristic compact and cube-shaped designs. We would like to tell you more about the Swiss Kubik Startbox Gray in this article. This watch winder falls under the entry-level models of the Swiss Kubik brand, which were previously known as the Swiss Kubik ABS watch winders. This specific model is available in gray, but also available in other colors such as blue, orange and red. With this, Swiss Kubik knows how to offer an entry-level watch winder for every interior. The watch winder is made of polyamide and is therefore light in weight. In combination with the compact design, this makes this watch winder very handy. The Swiss Kubik Startbox Gray can function for up to 3 years on a set of AA batteries. You can therefore store this model watch winder very well in a safe. This Swiss Kubik watch winder is of course equipped with a Swiss made motor. With a motor of this caliber you can be sure that you can always count on your watch winder. In addition, these motors are very quiet in use, for optimum user comfort. Of course, Swiss Kubik has also provided overwind protection with this watch winder. This watch winder is supplied by us with no less than 3 years warranty. This further emphasizes the brand's confidence in its own products. With the purchase of this watch winder, you no longer have to worry about the standstill of your automatic watch.

All three watch winders mentioned in this article are available in our webshop. In addition, you will find many other beautiful and interesting models in the webshop from the Benson brand, as well as from Paul Design and Swiss Kubik. We have many models in stock, so that we can be of service to you quickly. In addition, we ship our products worldwide, so that a high-quality watch winder is always within reach. We use the services of DPD, PostNL and Fedex for this. You can pay with us in various safe ways. For example, we offer the possibility to pay with credit card, PayPal, Ideal and a regular bank transfer. You have also come to the right place for appropriate advice and the best service. So take a look at our webshop now and choose the watch winder that suits you best! You can also visit our webshop for special and high-quality luxury watches. We offer everything that the lover of beautiful watches could wish for.