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Swiss Kubik watch winder

Posted on 20 April 2023 at 3:07 PM

A good quality watch winder is an essential accessory for the owner of 1 or more automatic watches. Over the years, more and more options have been added in this area. Watch winders are available today from various brands with different designs and each with its own technical properties. The true enthusiast will not only expect a high degree of functionality from a good watch winder, but will also rely on the appearance of a watch winder and the materials used for it.

An example of an exclusive watch winder brand with a collection of top quality watch winders is the Swiss brand Swiss Kubik. Swiss Kubik offers watch winders of the world-renowned Swiss made quality. In addition, the design of Swiss Kubik is recognizable from thousands. The brand is known for its cube-shaped compact designs, available in different colors and made of various materials. Swiss Kubik also offers watch winders in different price ranges. For example, you will find entry-level models of the brand within the Swiss Kubik Startbox series, with which enthusiasts with a smaller budget can also purchase a Swiss made watch winder from the brand.

The Swiss Kubik watch winders are all handcrafted with the greatest possible care. An eye for detail, a sense of aesthetics and a pursuit of perfection are important pillars in this. With a watch winder from Swiss Kubik you always opt for top quality in combination with a sense of style and a bit of technical finesse. In addition, Swiss Kubik is always looking to innovate and improve their products by working together with the best Swiss craftsmen and by using the best possible materials. Swiss Kubik watch winders are suitable for winding any brand and type of automatic watch. With a watch winder of this caliber, you never have to worry about your watch or watches standing still. Within the Swiss Kubik collection you can find watch winders that are suitable for winding a single watch, but also watch winders that are especially suitable for the real collector. With this, Swiss Kubik knows how to aim its arrows at a wide audience. Due to the compact design of the Swiss Kubik watch winders, in combination with the battery operation of the models, they are perfectly suitable for storage in a safe. The watch winders from the Swiss Kubik collection can function for up to 3 years on a set of AA batteries. So you hardly have to worry about this.

We would like to introduce you to two high-end watch winders from the Swiss Kubik collection. We start with a model from the aforementioned Startbox series, namely the Swiss Kubik Startbox Aqua Blue. This is a completely new fresh color within this series of watch winders from Swiss Kubik. This model is made of polyamide and therefore lightweight. Of course, this watch winder from Swiss Kubik is cube-shaped as we are used to from the brand. This model is suitable for winding a single watch. The watch winder is equipped with a Swiss motor, which can easily provide any type or brand of automatic watch with energy. These motors are known for not only being very reliable, but also energy efficient and quiet in use. You can therefore place this watch winder in your bedroom or office without worry, for example, without having to be afraid of disturbing noises during the winding process. Furthermore, the Swiss Kubik Startbox Aqua Blue is equipped with overwind protection to prevent overvoltage of your watch. Because this watch winder falls under the entry-level models from the Swiss Kubik collection, you opt for top quality at a competitive price with this model. The same watch winder is also available in various other colors, such as red, blue and orange.

The second Swiss Kubik watch winder that we would like to tell you more about is the Swiss Kubik Triple Leather Brown SK03.CV004 plexi. This watch winder offers space for winding 3 automatic watches and is therefore specifically suitable for the collector who owns 3 or 4 automatic watches. The watch winder is covered on the outside with beautiful dark brown leather, which gives the watch winder a stylish and elegant look. The watch winder is also lockable, because it is equipped with special plexiglass protective glasses. With this you offer your automatic watches protection against various harmful external influences, such as moisture, dust and condensation. The basis of the watch winder is formed by high-quality Swiss made motors, with which you can always be sure that you can count on your watch winder. The number of revolutions is easy to set with this watch winder, thanks to the handy USB connection. Of course, this model is also equipped with overwind protection.

The aforementioned 2 Swiss Kubik watch winders are both available in our webshop. You will also find many other high-quality watch winders from this renowned brand there. The watch winders from Swiss Kubik are supplied by us with no less than 3 years warranty, for a carefree purchase! is an official dealer of Swiss Kubik. We have most popular models in stock and immediately available. Do you opt for a beautiful watch winder of Swiss quality? Then you should definitely consider Swiss Kubik watch winders.