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The best watch winder for automatic watches

Posted on 2 January 2022 at 8:37 AM

A good watch winder is an absolutely indispensable accessory for a collection of automatic watches. But a watch winder is also a "must have" for the enthusiast with one automatic watch. We can say that the watch winder can be called the number 1 accessory for all automatic watches. An automatic watch has the important property that it is supplied with the necessary energy by the natural movement of the wrist. In a watch with an automatic movement, the old craft of the watchmaker comes into its own, making this type of timepiece the preferred choice of many enthusiasts and collectors. However, when an automatic watch is not worn, the necessary energy requirement of the watch is not met. This causes the watch to stop, with all kinds of unpleasant consequences. The time, date and other functions are no longer set correctly and the oil inside the timepiece is no longer nicely distributed. This proves all the more that the use of a watch winder is absolutely recommended.

A watch winder meets the movement needs of automatic watches so that they can also be wound when they are not worn on the wrist. In addition, a good watch winder provides a good and safe storage place for your valuable watches. Various models also offer the possibility to present the watches in an attractive manner, so that they also function as a display for a collection of automatic watches. Watch winders are therefore available in various capacities. In this way, both the enthusiast with one automatic watch and the real collector can choose from a wide range of suitable models. There are also many options in terms of quality, appearance, price and extras when you are looking for a watch winder. In addition, we see different types of engines and different materials used by different brands. One brand uses Japanese engines, the other German or Swiss. In addition, one brand makes its models from wood, and the other from aluminum or plastic.

In this article we will discuss three completely different watch winders, from 3 quality brands.

We start with a brand of Dutch origin, the relatively young brand Benson. Benson always knows how to put watch winders on the market that offer the best in terms of quality and appearance at an attractive price. A model from the Benson collection is the Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Blue Leather watch winder. This watch accessory has a luxurious appearance due to the use of original leather in an appealing blue color. Furthermore, in terms of material, mineral glass has been chosen, among other things. This model is suitable for winding one automatic watch and has a compact design. This has the advantage that the watch winder is easy to place and move. The Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Blue Leather operates on both mains power and batteries. This also makes it possible to take this model with you on a trip or, for example, to the office. The heart of this watch winder is formed by a Swiss motor, which belongs to the best in this field. Not only are these motors known for being highly energy efficient and durable, they are also virtually silent in operation. This considerably increases the user comfort. In addition, these Swiss motors are excellent for winding heavier watches. After all, the motor must be powerful enough to run heavier watches smoothly.

The Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Blue Leather watch winder is furthermore equipped with a modern LCD screen, which makes the watch winder very easy to operate. This model is suitable for any automatic watch, for example Omega, Seiko, Longines. U-Boat, Panerai and Rolex. It is possible to set the watch winder in terms of direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day via one push of a button. In addition, Benson uses flexible watch holders, so that almost any watch can easily be placed in the holder. The built-in LED lighting ensures that you always have a good view of your watch. It is also nice to mention that this is a limited edition, so you really have a special piece in your hands with this watch winder.

A second model that we would like to mention is the Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37 watch winder. This is a completely different type of watch than the aforementioned watch winder, because this model is especially suitable for the real watch collector. This watch accessory offers space for winding up to 16 automatic watches. The particularly beautiful wooden cabinet ensures that this model will be a real eye-catcher in any interior. Partly due to the beautiful foot, the whole has a very luxurious appearance. The watch winder can be closed with a mineral glass door so that dust, moisture and dirt do not stand a chance. The door is also equipped with a very modern fingerprint lock. This ensures that you are the only one who can access your watches.

With this special watch winder from the German brand Heisse & Söhne you not only opt for a good energy supply for your collection, but also directly for a safe storage place and display for your beloved watches. The Heisse & Söhne Triton 70019-132.33.37 watch winder is equipped with very high quality Japanese motors. The watch winder also offers overwind protection and a sleep mode. Using the latter functionality, you can give your watches some peace of mind by keeping them just below the optimal level of excitement. With the help of the LCD display you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. You can do this individually for each rotor, so that each watch individually gets exactly the right way of winding. With the built-in LED lighting you literally put your collection in the spotlight, so that they will catch everyone's eye. In short, a very good choice for the real collector who is looking for a high-quality watch winder with a luxurious appearance.

A final watch winder that we highlight in this article comes from the brand Paul Design. This specifically concerns the Paul Design Petite 8 Leather Black watch winder. This watch accessory offers the possibility to wind and store 8 automatic watches. The Paul Design Petite 8 Leather Black is made of high-quality leather. The use of high-quality motors of Japanese origin has also been chosen for this watch winder. This model can be easily operated with the modern touchscreen. With this you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. The watch winder also provides overwind protection and built-in LED lighting. With this model, Paul Design knows how to offer a watch winder of high quality, with which you can provide your watches with the necessary energy in a mild way. The price/quality ratio of this brand is also very good.

The above models are just a small selection from our range of high-quality watch winders, but they know how to paint a good picture of the diversity that is available in this area. We therefore offer watch winders in our webshop for a wider, but also for a smaller budget and for those with a single automatic watch as well as for the real collector!

The question of what the best watch winder for winding automatic watches is cannot be answered. What the best watch winder is for you depends on various factors. For example, your watch collection, budget, taste and preferences in terms of technology. Our advice is to compare different brands and models and to buy them from a specialist in the field of these watch accessories so that you are assured of a good product, good advice and good service.

Are you looking for a good watch winder for your automatic watches? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you. With more than 3000 watch winders in stock, we deliver quickly so that your automatic watches never come to a standstill!