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Tips when purchasing a watch winder

Posted on 9 September 2023 at 2:13 PM

Are you a fan of automatic watches? Do you also find it annoying when your automatic watch stops working, probably because you have worn another automatic watch? If you can answer both questions positively, then a watch winder is an absolute "must have" for you. This watch accessory easily solves the problem of your automatic watches standing still. But what is a watch winder and what exactly does it do? Which brands are the best? What should you pay attention to when purchasing and is a watch winder dangerous for an automatic watch? We will give you answers to these questions above in the article below.

What is a watch winder?

If you ask 100 people on the street what a watch winder is, you will probably get the answer from 95 people that they have no idea. And that makes sense, because this watch accessory is actually not very well known, especially among people who do not have a watch or only wear a quartz watch. Yet this watch accessory is very well known among fans of automatic watches. However, automatic watches are often considerably more expensive than quartz watches. Brands such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, IWC, Panerai and Oris mainly produce automatic watches. And if you have ever heard of one or more of these watch brands, you also know that the watches from these brands are not cheap. Watch enthusiasts will often own one or more automatic watches and probably also a watch winder. This accessory is extremely important for automatic watches. The importance is often underestimated. We will explain why in the future.

What does a watch winder do?

An automatic watch obtains energy by moving the watch. The movement is converted by the rotor into tension on a spring in the movement. When this spring relaxes, the watch starts running. There is no battery in an automatic watch. The timepiece is fully automatic and can also be wound by turning the crown. This allows you to manually wind the timepiece. You do this, for example, if the watch has stood still for a while.

Why do you need a watch winder? This watch accessory ensures that one or more automatic watches keep moving by means of rotation in the watch winder. This keeps the energy in the timepiece and keeps the watches running. This has a few big advantages. Firstly, the watches in the watch winder are always ready to wear immediately. The time, date and any other functions are immediately correct. This not only saves time and effort, but also prevents the risk of damage to the watch when you have to reset it every time. Secondly, a watch winder ensures that the automatic watch keeps moving quietly. This keeps the mechanical parts moving and the oil in the movement is nicely distributed over these parts. This benefits the durability of the automatic watches, allowing you to enjoy them for longer. Thirdly, you can store the automatic watches well in this watch accessory, making them safe. After all, exposing watches to dust, children's hands and moisture is never a good idea. This combination of advantages makes the watch winder a watch accessory that you should use if you want the best for your automatic watches.

A watch winder rotates the automatic watches. This is done in a quiet manner where the watch is properly secured to a watch holder that is then clicked into the watch winder. Each watch can be rotated in a desired direction and number of revolutions per day. Most automatic watches obtain energy when they rotate clockwise at 900 TPD (turns per day). However, there are also watches that, for example, obtain energy counterclockwise at 600 TPD. A good watch winder offers the option of choosing the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day (or TPD) per individual watch. This ensures that each watch receives exactly the required energy.

A watch winder simulates normal wrist movement, as if you were wearing the watch itself. This is the safest and optimal way to supply an automatic watch with energy.

Which watch winder brands are the best?

If you want to buy a good watch winder for your automatic watches, you need to know what to look for. We advise you to always choose a well-known brand because this offers the best quality and safety for your watches. We have years of experience with brands such as Benson, Swiss Kubik, Bernard Favre, Paul Design, RDI and Heisse & Söhne. These brands are a good example of brands that we recommend if you are looking for a good watch winder that you will enjoy for years to come. These brands invest in design, innovations, technology and user comfort. Each brand has its own advantages compared to other brands. But in general you can easily find an excellent watch winder from the above brands.

The Dutch brand Benson has been producing watch winders of extremely good quality for over 18 years. These watch accessories meet the highest standards and are also affordable. This combination makes the Benson watch winders unique and a very good choice.

Swiss Kubik is a Swiss brand that produces compact watch winders with Swiss made technology. This technology is very good but the models are not cheap. The big advantage of Swiss Kubik is that the watch winders function for up to 3 years on one set of batteries. This makes these watch accessories ideal for placing in a safe or taking with you when traveling.

Bernard Favre is a special brand that also comes from Switzerland. This watch winder brand has a unique way of winding, namely by rotation around its axis. Not only is this a beautiful sight, it is also effective. The Bernard Favre watch winders fall into the higher segment due to the unique method of winding, the luxurious design and the beautiful materials.

The Paul Design brand comes from the United Kingdom. Just like Benson, this brand produces watch winders of excellent quality at relatively affordable prices. Where Benson has a more modern design, the Paul Design watch winders have a slightly more classic design. The Paul Design models do have the latest technology and functionality.

Another Swiss brand is RDI. This is a relatively new and small brand, but certainly an interesting option if you are looking for a good watch winder for your automatic watches. RDI has Swiss made technology and more luxurious designs. The advantage of RDI is that you get absolutely top quality.

Heisse & Söhne comes from Germany and offers a wide collection of beautiful watch winders. The motors are Japanese and are ideal for winding any automatic watch. Interestingly, Heisse & Söhne, like Benson, has a wide collection of different capacities, designs and colors. This means you will always find a suitable watch winder from this brand.

Whichever brand from the above list you buy, you are in the right place because these brands have an excellent reputation and invest a lot of time, effort and money to improve their products.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a watch winder?

As a specialist in watch winders for more than 17 years, we always recommend choosing a well-known brand that is active in terms of innovation, design, upgrades and has a good reputation. Brands such as Benson, Swiss Kubik, Bernard Favre and Paul Design are such brands.

You also have to look carefully at what suits your watch collection and budget. Watch winders come in all shapes and sizes. But there are also big differences in price. These differences are mainly determined by brand perception, type of engines and capacity. A good watch winder does not have to be expensive at all. A cheap watch winder does not necessarily have to be bad. However, we do believe that a good watch winder for 1 watch costs at least 200 to 250 euros. Cheaper models usually have a less good motor, fewer functions and are often not sold by professionals with a lot of knowledge of these watch accessories.

It is of course important that you can set the watch winder to the requirements of the specific automatic watch. In other words, you can determine the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day per individual watch. This allows you to easily supply any watch with sufficient energy. There are various databases of watch brands on the internet containing the direction of rotation and TPD (turns per day) for individual watches. This is very useful because you can set the watch winder exactly to the needs of your watches.

As a final tip, we advise you to always purchase this watch accessory from an expert. A watch winder is not cheap and you want to use it as best as possible for the energy supply of your automatic watches. That is why an expert can provide you with good advice so that you make the best choice. In addition, an expert in the field of watch winders will certainly also be an official dealer, offering you various guarantees as a customer. For example, a clear warranty, repair options and fast service.
Is a watch winder dangerous for automatic watches?

A watch winder winds automatic watches by rotating them. This is a controlled movement at a very moderate speed. The rotation mimics the normal wearing of a watch on the wrist. Winding an automatic watch is therefore completely safe and even benefits the durability and accuracy of the watch.

A watch winder is an absolutely safe accessory for automatic watches, but we must of course say that the quality, functionality and finish of this watch accessory also play a role. There are watch winders available from Chinese origin, which are often sold through dubious traders, platforms such as Amazon and jewelers who have no knowledge of this watch accessory. These models do not have the high standard that the above brands offer. Chinese engines are often used and essential functions are missing. This means you run the risk of a watch being damaged by too much and poor winding. We therefore always recommend purchasing a watch winder from a well-known brand. Cheap is often expensive!

Especially if you have a watch from Rolex, IWC, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Panerai or Oris, you choose a good watch accessory and you don't save money on it?! Choose quality and a good sales point so that you can enjoy your watch winder for years to come and receive a clear warranty and service.


Are you looking for a good watch winder for your automatic watches? Then choose a well-known brand with a clear warranty and service. Choose a model that winds in both directions and is adjustable in terms of number of revolutions per day. Don't skimp on a watch winder because this device runs day and night to ensure that your automatic watches are immediately ready to wear. You will appreciate a good watch winder and will not want to be without it after purchase.

Do you need advice when purchasing? Do you have any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you. As an official dealer with more than 17 years of experience, we are happy to serve you.