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Watch winder for 12 watches

Posted on 24 July 2021 at 7:29 AM

An automatic watch that stands still is every watch enthusiast's nightmare. You want your automatic watches to be optimally supplied with energy so that you can wear them immediately and take good care of them. Using a watch winder is the best method for this. But are there also models for winding many automatic watches? Are there watch winders for 12 watches?

This blog article is especially for the real watch collector who has 12 automatic watches. With a watch winder for 12 watches, you ensure that your watches get exactly what they need, namely an efficient and mild winding when they are not being worn. As an enthusiast and collector you know exactly what you want. A watch winder must of course be of good quality, but there is even more to it. A watch winder with the capacity to wind 12 watches is often also an interior piece. They are also generally quite large and often offer several additional functionalities. Consider, for example, extra storage space for extra watches or other jewelry. Besides the fact that there are many choices when purchasing a watch winder for 12 watches, the design and look is very important as well. It is not difficult to find a model that exactly matches your personal taste and preference in terms of design and appearance. There are many different models available, which vary in price, design and appearance.

In this article we will take a closer look at 3 watch winders with which you can wind 12 automatic watches. These models will certainly be of interest to you if you are looking for a good model for the power supply of 12 watches.

The first model we want to discuss actually offers everything you need at a very competitive price. With the Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.B watch winder, Benson offers a model that is not only of high quality, but also offers various extras and is also affordable. This watch winder is equipped with Japanese motors that you can always count on because they are very durable and make relatively little sound. The watch winder not only offers the option of winding 12 watches, it also provides additional storage space for no less than 10 other watches. This will certainly be a great advantage for the real enthusiast. Furthermore, this watch winder is equipped with the most modern technology. For example, the watch winder is equipped with built-in LED lighting that improves the view of your watches. You can also change the settings of the watch winder using the modern touchscreen. This makes it possible to individually determine the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day for each watch. In addition to overwind protection, this watch winder also offers a power winding function. This provides your watches with the necessary energy in a short time. The safety of your watches is also good. For example, the watch winder has a special soft velvet on the inside to prevent damage and the watch winder can be locked with a key. But let's not forget the important overwind protection. With this feature, the watches are always protected and safe. In short, the Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.B watch winder is a model that has everything you could wish for and that at a competitive price. If you go for a top price/quality ratio, then you go for Benson!

The second model that is suitable for 12 watch winders is the Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar. This watch winder exudes a certain luxury, partly due to the use of the beautiful macassar wood. This watch winder is also equipped with high-quality Japanese motors. The watch winder can be closed with a glass door and is also equipped with a modern fingerprint lock, which prevents people from accidentally touching your watches. The LED lighting makes your watches look extra nice and the watch winder not only functions as an accessory to wind your watches, but also as a display for your collection. The rotors of the watch winder are all individually adjustable in terms of direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day, in order to create an ideal situation for each watch individually. This watch winder even comes with a remote control. The watch winder is equipped with overwind protection. With this watch winder, you opt for a modern design and high-quality technology, at an attractive price. The Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar watch winder is one of the most popular models from the collection of this brand. Not only will this cabinet look beautiful in any interior, you also have a real eye-catcher in your home that knows how to attract the eyes of family and friends.

The third watch winder that we would like to highlight comes from the progressive brand Orbita. This brand comes from the United States and produces high-end watch winders of impeccable quality. Orbita has several patents to her name, including the Rotorwind System, which they developed themselves. This system takes care of the winding of automatic watches by gently shaking the watch. The existing system that does this by means of rotation is also available from Orbita under the name Programmable System.

With the Orbita Avanti Twelve Rotorwind W22041, Orbita offers a very luxurious system suitable for winding 12 watches. The wooden exterior, the glass door and the beautiful base provide a luxurious look. This watch winder is equipped with the well-known Swiss made motors. These engines are known for their reliability, durability and reliability. In addition, they are not only energy efficient, but also quiet in use. This ensures optimum user comfort. This watch winder also has an overwind protection. The rotors of this watch winder are individually adjustable. The inlaid carbon on the inside of the watch winder provides a luxurious and sporty look. With this watch winder, all eyes will be on your watches and you no longer have to worry about your watches standing still.

You do not buy a watch winder for 12 watches before you have been well informed about the quality, functions and design. It is not a watch accessory that you buy without thinking. That is why it is important that you look carefully and compare. After all, there are many watch winders for 12 watches on the market that do not offer the quality you may expect, but for which you do pay the top price. Our advice is to always choose a reliable brand and good seller with experience and understanding in the field of watch winders. The average jeweler does not know much about automatic watches and watch winders. We recommend that you always buy from a specialist in the field of this watch accessory. You will then receive the best advice, the best options in terms of models and a competitive price. You and your watches will then have the longest fun with the watch winder for 12 watches.