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Watch winder for 6 watches

Posted on 22 May 2021 at 2:41 PM

If you own a collection of automatic watches, a watch winder is an indispensable accessory. Watch winders are available from different brands, in different shapes and sizes and with various capacities. If you have a collection of 6 to 8 automatic watches, a watch winder with space for winding 6 watches is a suitable choice. Such a watch winder is often somewhat larger in shape and often offers many nice extras. You can think of extra storage space for other watches or of course for jewelry and cufflinks. In addition, with regard to a watch winder for 6 watches, there is a wide choice of luxury models. These watch winders radiate class and ensure that your automatic watches will take a prominent place in your home. You can see a watch winder of this caliber as a kind of piece of furniture that depends on your own personal taste and preferences. There is a lot to choose from, both in terms of technology and in terms of appearance and use of materials.

Of course you go for quality anyway. After all, you only want the best for your automatic watches from Breitling, Rolex, IWC, Omega, Oris or Tag Heuer. But also a watch winder of extremely good quality and a chic look can certainly be affordable. You can go to different brands for this. Two good examples of brands that produce watch winders of excellent quality are the Dutch brand Benson and Paul Design, which comes from the United Kingdom. Both brands offer a very good price/quality ratio and both brands offer watch winders for 6 watches with an elegant look. In this blog we would like to highlight a watch winder for 6 watches from both brands.

We start with a watch winder from the Benson brand. This is the Benson Black Series 6.16.B watch winder. This watch winder not only offers the possibility to wind 6 automatic watches, but also has storage options for another 5 watches. The watch winder has a luxurious appearance due to, among other things, the high-quality wood that is used and the glass door with which the watch winder can be closed. The storage space can be opened by means of a soft-close lid on the top of the watch winder. The watch winder comes in the color black and has 12 layers of paint and a protective layer of lacquer. This ensures that this watch winder remains beautiful for a long time and thus retains its stylish appearance.

Furthermore, this watch winder is equipped with all kinds of modern gadgets. For example, the watch winder has built-in LED lighting, which makes your watches look extra beautiful. In addition, the watch winder can be operated using a modern touchscreen. For example, you can easily set the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. This watch winder also has an overwind protection so that the automatic watches are always supplied with energy in a safe way. In addition, the watch winder offers a power winding function with which you can provide your watches with the required energy in a short time. The watch winder is equipped with very high quality Japanese motors. Then there is the USB port and the watch winder has a special soft velvet on the inside, which ensures that your watches are optimally protected against damage. All in all, this is a very complete watch winder for an attractive price, which you will always be able to rely on. The Benson Black Series 6.16.B watch winder is highly recommended if you are looking for a watch winder for 6 watches.

We would like to bring the Paul Design Gentlemen 6 Black Apricot watch winder from the Paul Design brand to your attention. This watch winder also has a capacity for 6 watches. Paul Design also opts for Japanese motors with this model. These are known for being energy efficient and quiet in use. This has the advantage that you can also place the watch winder in your bedroom or workplace without disturbing noises. A special feature of this watch winder is also the fingerprint lock that ensures that no one can get to your watches except yourself. This watch winder also offers built-in LED lighting that will be an advantage for the real enthusiast. It is also possible to set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day per watch individually. This watch winder is therefore suitable for any automatic watch, regardless of the brand or type of watch. The operation of this watch winder is done via the modern touchscreen. Finally, this watch winder with its luxurious look through the use of beautiful wood in combination with the glass door will be a real eye-catcher in any interior. With the Paul Design Gentlemen 6 Black Apricot watch winder you also opt for quality for your watches in a luxurious design and for a competitive price!

In addition to the 2 models mentioned, both brands have many other beautiful designs in the collection that are certainly worth seeing. So choose affordable quality now! is an official dealer of the brands Benson and Paul Design. We work closely with these brands and have all popular models in stock. Because we also have all parts of these brands in stock and employ our own specialists, we can always help quickly in case of service. As an official dealer, we offer security, current collections and competitive prices. Of course, every Benson or Paul Design watch winder comes with a 2-year warranty and manual.

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