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Watch winder with sleep mode

Posted on 23 February 2023 at 4:38 PM

Do you have one or more automatic watches and don't like them standing still? Do you want to be able to wear your automatic watches immediately without having to reset the time and date because the movement has stopped? More and more watch enthusiasts use a watch winder. A watch winder is a watch accessory that allows you to keep your automatic watches running so that you can put them on at any time of the day without having to rewind the timepiece. This watch accessory is not only very handy and offers a lot of convenience, it is also a very good accessory that ensures the preservation of your automatic watches. Because standing still is not good for an automatic timepiece.

There are many different brands and models in the field of watch winders. You can also choose from different designs, colors and functions. A function that we will discuss in this article is the sleep function and we will discuss whether this function is a valuable addition for winding automatic watches.

Let's first explain how a watch winder works. The watch winder mimics wearing a watch. Movement causes the rotor of the automatic movement to rotate, tensioning the spring in the movement. When this spring relaxes, the movement starts to run. Most watch winders rotate in circles where the rotor rotates and the movement receives energy. There are also models where the watch rotates on its own axis, such as the Bernard Favre Planet watch winders. In addition, the Orbita brand from the United States offers models in which the watch winder slowly shakes the automatic watch. All these techniques have the same result: supplying energy to the automatic watch that keeps it running.

As mentioned, in this article we discuss the sleep function of a watch winder. The sleep function is a setting where you can set the watch winder to only run during the day and to wind the watches. The watch winder remains stationary at night, just as you normally do not wear your automatic watch at night. This watch accessory simulates wearing an automatic watch even more faithfully. The biggest advantage of a watch winder with a sleep function, however, is that winding the automatic watches does not keep you awake at night. There are still brands that use motors of lesser quality where the rotation makes an audible noise. This is of course annoying when you want to sleep and the watch winder is in your bedroom. The sleep function was actually invented for those who have a watch winder (with lesser quality motors) in their bedroom. However, if you have a model with good quality motors and good insulation, a sleep function is completely unnecessary. This is the reason that, for example, the Benson watch winders are not equipped with a sleep function, simply because this function does not add anything because the Benson models are well insulated and have A-quality motors.

Watch winders with sleep function have been on the market for a while and opinions are divided about the benefits of this function. A good watch winder does not need a sleep function because it already functions almost in silence. However, this function can be useful for a relatively cheap watch winder.

If we look at the brands that we sell as an official dealer, there are a number of brands that use a sleep function. However, the most popular brands do not. Their view is that good engines and a good finish is a much better solution. In addition, a sleep function is not always easy to set up and is a complicated function for users to set up, especially because you want to be flexible and the sleep function is set for every night and for static times.

Do you need a watch winder with sleep function? As a specialist in the field of watch winders with more than 18 years of experience, our answer is “no”. Our advice is to choose a good make and model with motors that are of excellent quality. If you opt for an open watch winder without a door, you will always have a slightly higher sound level. If you choose a model with a larger capacity, for example for 4, 6 or 8 watches, you will also have a higher sound level because each motor rotates individually. Nevertheless, with a good brand, the sound level is always very low.

If you like to place the watch winder in your bedroom or in a place where you prefer to experience as little noise as possible, we advise you to choose a model with good motors and that can be closed by means of a door. This reduces the sound to virtually nil. Of course you can also choose not to place the watch winder in your bedroom, but in your living room, walk-in closet or office.

The sleep function for a watch winder is therefore really not necessary. In some cases it is a useful option, but think that it also significantly increases the price of this watch accessory. It is perhaps better to opt for a closed watch winder with excellent motors. Then you also have a watch accessory with more durability that you can enjoy for longer.