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Which watch winder do I need for my Rolex watch?

Posted on 27 January 2023 at 11:48 AM

Do you have a Rolex watch and you don't wear it every day? As watch enthusiasts, we all know that an automatic watch should not stand still. The technology inside a watch comes to a standstill, causing the watch to lose its function; it's not displaying the correct time anymore. In addition, you have to reset the time and date every time. Inconvenient and above all unnecessary. The solution is to use a watch winder.

A watch winder is a device in which you place one or more automatic watches that then rotate these watches. As a result, the movements of these automatic watches receive energy and the watches continue to run properly. In principle, all watch winders work in the same way.

When we look at the design of a watch winder, there are more and more options. Today there are watch winders available in different price ranges, various designs, but also with differences in quality. When you own a luxury automatic watch such as from the world famous brand Rolex, you naturally only want the best way of arousing your watch. In this article we tell you more about three watch winders from different brands that are very suitable for a perfect winding of your Rolex watch.

The first watch winder that we would like to tell you more about in this context is from the Benson brand. Benson is a Dutch brand with extensive experience in this field. Due to the knowledge that the brand has about the various automatic watches, it knows exactly what a high-quality watch winder must meet. Benson also offers a suitable watch winder for every enthusiast and collector, due to the extensive and varied collection. The brand offers diversity not only in terms of winding capacity, but also in terms of design and use of materials. In addition, Benson alternately uses Japanese and Swiss motors so that you can also choose the watch winder that suits you best. For example, the Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Carbon Fibre is a good example of a Benson model with a Swiss made motor. The watch winder is fully assembled in the Netherlands. The Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Carbon Fibre is suitable for winding a single watch. It does not matter what brand or type of watch it is. This model is powerful enough to wind the heaviest watch. This watch winder also provides your Rolex watch with the necessary energy without any problems.

The watch winder is made of carbon and comes in the color black. This model can be closed with a glass door to protect your watches against harmful external influences. The flexible watch holder of the watch winder ensures that you can effortlessly place any size watch in the watch winder, without damaging it. This watch winder is adjustable using the handy LCD screen. Here you can set the direction of rotation and the number of turns per day, among other things. The Benson Swiss Series Single 1.20 Carbon Fibre also has a special safety system. This ensures that the motor automatically disengages when a watch is inserted or removed. Because this watch winder can function with an adapter, but also with batteries, placing this model in a safe is a good option. The built-in LED lighting ensures that you always have a good view of your watch. Finally, with this watch winder you have the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. You can find this watch accessory in our webshop. We supply this model with no less than 3 years warranty and of course a clear manual.

A second watch winder which is also very suitable for winding your Rolex watch, is also from the Benson brand. We are talking about the Benson Compact Single 1.BS watch winder. This compactly designed watch winder is also suitable for winding 1 watch, but this model is equipped with a high-quality Japanese motor. This watch winder can also provide any brand and type of automatic watch with energy. This model is made of wood and black in color. With the handy touchscreen you can easily change the settings regarding the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. This Benson watch winder is also equipped with a flexible watch holder, which makes it easy to place the watch. This watch winder also works with an adapter as well as on batteries. With the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection, Benson offers a nice complete picture with this model. In addition, the watch winder stands out for its extremely good price/quality ratio. You can also easily order this watch winder from our webshop. It will then be delivered with a 2-year warranty and a manual.

The third and last watch winder that we would like to explain in more detail is one from the Swiss brand Swiss Kubik. Swiss Kubik is known for the compact and cubic designs within the collection. The Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black is a good example of a Swiss Kubik watch winder, which is of course also perfectly suited for your Rolex watch. The Swiss Kubik watch winders are equipped with Swiss made motors, including the Swiss Kubik Aluminum Black. This specific model from Swiss Kubik is made of aluminum and black in color. This model works on batteries, so placing this watch winder in a safe is also a good option. Swiss Kubik watch winders function for up to 3 years on a set of AA batteries and are therefore also energy efficient. Setting the number of revolutions of the watch winder is easy using the USB connection. Of course, this model is also equipped with an overwind protection to prevent overwinding of your Rolex watch. If you want it is possible to order a protective glass at an additional cost, with which you can make the watch winder lockable. You can also find this high-quality watch winder in our webshop. We supply this model with a 3-year warranty. Of course there is also a clear manual so that you can get started right away.

All three watch winders mentioned above will ensure a safe and effective way of winding your Rolex watch. In addition, you immediately offer your watch a safe storage place with one of these watch winders. If you would like personal advice, or if you have any questions, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you!