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Why is it important to use a watch winder?

Posted on 16 March 2023 at 2:46 PM

A beautiful watch is often more than just a handy accessory for the modern man. Nowadays, a beautiful watch is also considered a true piece of jewelry that can complete an outfit. In addition, a luxury watch is also seen as a status symbol, or as a collector's item.

When you have carefully selected a luxury watch, you naturally want to use it as economically as possible. For a watch with an automatic movement, it depends on the correct movement in order to function. In short, this means that your automatic watch will not be wound automatically when it is not being worn. However, you will not always have your watch on your wrist. Consider, for example, at night, or in the case of alternation with another watch, also during the day. Then another solution is needed to ensure that your automatic watch does not stop.

The high-quality watch winder was created for this reason. The first watch winder was developed by the Italian Sandro Colarieti. A great admirer and owner of luxury automatic watches, he developed "a box that defied time". With this, the Italian brand Scatola del Tempo was born at the time. Over the years, more and more brands have emerged, so the development of the watch winder never stopped. Today, watch winders are available from various renowned brands in different price ranges. This is not for nothing, a watch winder is an essential accessory if you own one or more automatic watches.

You use a watch winder, among other things, to provide your automatic watch or watches with the necessary energy when you are not wearing it. The moment the watch is wound in a good watch winder, the oil in the watch is also directly regulated correctly. This benefits the life of your watch. In addition, there are more reasons to purchase a watch winder. A watch winder not only offers the necessary winding of your automatic watches, but also functions as a safe and stylish storage place for your watch or watch collection. Quality watch winders are of course designed in such a way that every automatic watch enjoys a safe way of winding when it is placed in the watch winder. In addition, a lot of care and attention is paid to the prevention of scratches and other damage. This is reflected, among other things, in the soft fabric that is often used on the inside of a watch winder. High-quality watch holders also ensure safe placement. In addition, many watch winders are lockable, so you offer your watches protection against various harmful influences. You can think of, for example, moisture and dust. There are also watch winders available that function on battery, so that they can be placed in a safe. This way you store your watch winder and watches as safely as possible. Another option is to purchase a watch winder with a modern fingerprint lock, which ensures that you are the only one who can access your watches. Finally, a beautiful watch winder can offer you the opportunity to present your watch or watch collection in a stylish way, as a kind of display. Beautiful additional functionalities such as built-in LED lighting certainly contribute to this.

We are happy to tell you more about a watch winder that is an excellent choice in all respects if you own several automatic watches. This concerns the Paul Design Gentlemen 8 Macassar watch winder. The Paul Design brand originates from the UK and is known, among other things, for producing watch winders with a very good price/quality ratio. In addition, many watch winders from the brand are fully equipped and offer high user comfort. The Paul Design Gentlemen 8 Macassar is a watch winder with the capacity to wind 8 automatic watches at the same time. The watch winder is made of wood, which offers a nice contrast to the black interior. The watch winder is provided with a soft black fabric on the inside to protect your watches. This model can be closed with a glass door, which is equipped with an innovative fingerprint lock. With this you choose optimal safety for your watches. The basis of this watch winder is formed by high-quality motors of Japanese origin, which are known as energy efficient and very reliable. Moreover, they are quiet in use, so you don't have to worry about annoying noises during the winding process. The luxurious design of the watch winder in combination with the built-in LED lighting ensures that this watch winder not only offers a safe storage place, but also makes your watch collection stand out even more. The rotors of the watch winder are adjustable in terms of direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. It is also possible to do this per rotor separately, in order to provide the best conditions for excitement for each watch. Setting this up is easy and fast using the modern touchscreen. The watch winder offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. In short, with the Paul Design Gentlemen 8 Macassar you choose a watch winder that offers in every respect what the real enthusiast of automatic watches likes to see, at a competitive price.

There are of course many other brands that offer watch winders that do more than just provide the excitement of your automatic watches. With a quality watch winder, you not only no longer have to worry about stopping your watches, but you also always have a safe and stylish storage space available.