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Which watch winder do I need for my Omega watch?

Posted on 9 March 2023 at 2:36 PM

When you are the proud owner of a luxury watch like that of the exclusive watch brand Omega, it means more than a handy tool. In addition, a watch of this caliber is a true piece of jewelry, with which you can really complete an outfit. Moreover, an Omega watch is an expression of character and personality and sometimes also serves as a status symbol. Of course you want to take the best possible care of a watch that has so much meaning.

An Omega automatic watch needs movement to function. In addition, the correct movement ensures an optimal distribution of the oil in the movement of the watch, which is important for the preservation of your watch. If you are not wearing an Omega automatic watch, it will not move and can therefore come to a standstill. A good watch winder can prevent this by providing the necessary movement. But which watch winder do you need for an automatic Omega watch? We are happy to help you with this.

A good example of a good watch winder for your Omega watch is one from the Swiss Kubik brand. The Swiss Kubik Startbox Bronze watch winder offers a safe and efficient way to wind your Omega watch. Moreover, with this watch winder you immediately choose a safe storage place. This model is of unprecedented Swiss made quality and therefore belongs to the top in this area. However, because a simple design has been chosen for this model, this watch winder is very affordable. This model is made of polyamide and executed in a warm bronze tone. The Swiss motor that this model is equipped with can provide any type and brand of automatic watch with the necessary energy without any problems.

The Swiss Kubik Startbox Bronze watch winder is compact in shape and can also function for up to 3 years on a set of AA batteries. This combination of properties ensures that this watch accessory can be placed in a safe together with your Omega watch. In short, with this watch winder from Swiss Kubik you choose the best for your automatic Omega watch and you never have to worry about your watch standing still. You can order this watch winder safely and quickly from us in the webshop. This model comes with a 3-year warranty and of course a clear manual.

The second watch winder that we would like to mention as a nice option for your Omega watch is the Benson Compact 1.17 Carbon Fibre. The Dutch brand Benson is known for the good price/quality ratio of their products. This is also reflected in this watch winder. This model offers perfect excitement and a high degree of user comfort, at a competitive price. This watch accessory is made of leather and has a chic carbon look. This compactly designed watch winder is handy and easy to place and move. This model can function both with the help of an adapter and on batteries. With the modern touch screen, you can change the settings regarding the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day, for a perfect winding of your watches. With the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection, this Benson Compact 1.17 Carbon Fiber is completely complete. The basis of this watch winder is formed by a high-quality Japanese motor, which is both energy efficient and silent in use. With the Benson Compact 1.17 Carbon Fiber you can effortlessly wind your Omega watch! You can find this watch winder in our webshop. When you choose to order this watch winder from us, it comes with a 2-year warranty and manual in the form of a booklet.

A third nice option for your Omega watch is the Orbita Sparta Bold 2 Black W05527. This watch winder offers space for winding 2 automatic watches and is therefore very suitable if you own 2 or 3 automatic watches. This Orbita model is made of plastic and black in color. This watch winder is equipped with Swiss made motors that silently regulate the winding of your automatic watches. This model is also equipped with a long-life battery system, so you can easily place the Orbita Sparta Bold 2 Black W05527 in a safe. Orbita is a progressive brand and has developed its own particularly efficient winding system. This Rotorwind system provides the winding of every type and brand of automatic watch by gently shaking the watch. In addition, the brand also offers the more well-known way of excitement through rotation, in the form of the Programmable System. The rotors of the Orbita Sparta Bold 2 Black W05527 are both individually adjustable, so that each watch gets the best way of winding. Finally, this watch winder offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. This watch winder is also available in our webshop and comes with a 2-year warranty.

With us in the webshop you always order with peace of mind. We offer you the best service and can provide you with appropriate advice if desired. You can pay in various safe ways, such as iDeal, PayPal, credit card and bank transfer. Of course we ensure that your new watch winder is carefully packaged before it is on its way to you. View all mentioned watch winders in our webshop now and choose your favorite!