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Benson Black Series watch boxes for 12 watches

Posted on 7 June 2024 at 11:55 AM

Do you own several beautiful luxury watches with a mechanical (manual winding) or a quartz (battery-powered) movement and do you want to be able to store them safely and elegantly? Then this is certainly a valuable article for you. In this context, we would like to introduce you to a brand that is very interesting in this area. We are talking about the Benson brand.

Benson Black Series 12 series watch case

Benson is a Dutch brand, with a wide collection of watch winders, watch boxes, safes and cases. Characteristic of the high-quality products of the Benson brand is, among other things, the extremely good price/quality ratio. With a watch accessory from Benson you always choose very high quality, an attractive price and a stylish design. Benson also offers accessories in different price ranges, with which the brand focuses on a broader audience. In addition, within the Benson collection we find watch winders with Japanese motors, but also watch winders with Swiss made motors, with which the brand knows how to appeal to enthusiasts with a diverse personal preference.

When it comes to watch boxes and cases, the brand also knows how to offer the necessary diversity. For example, the Benson watch case collection includes watch cases that can be closed with a zipper and the so-called watch roll cases. As for watch boxes, you can find models covered with high-quality leather within the collection, in different colors and designs. For example, there is the Benson Orange series, which contains watch boxes in the color orange. Within the Benson leather series we find models that are lockable, but offer a view of the watches through a plastic lid. In this article we would like to pay special attention to the Benson Black Series 12 series, which offers watch boxes with a large capacity for storing up to twelve watches. These watch boxes are very suitable for the avid collector of beautiful watches due to their large capacity and extremely luxurious design.

The watch boxes within the Benson Black Series 12 series are made of extremely high-quality leather. The watch boxes are available in different colors, namely: black, carbon fiber, blue and dark brown. You can close it neatly with the lock on the front of the watch box, so that you can store your watches safely. This provides your luxury watches with protection against various harmful external influences, such as moisture, dust and dirt. The inside of the watch boxes is lined with a soft fabric in black. This inlay emphasizes the luxurious character of the watch box, but also offers your watches protection against scratches or other damage. The Benson Black Series 12 Series watch boxes are also available in the same models, but with a different capacity. The brand also offers these models with space for storing three or eight watches. The watch boxes within the Benson Black Series are among the best and most luxurious of their kind. Not only the use of materials emphasizes this feeling of luxury, the sublime finish and attention to detail in these watch boxes are also striking. For example, very fine stitching has been used for these models, which enhances the elegant appearance of the watch boxes. In addition, the Benson logo is printed in the leather of the watch boxes, for an extra chic look.

If you want to purchase a safe storage place for your luxury watches, which is also a real eye-catcher in your interior, the Benson Black Series 12 Series watch boxes are an excellent choice. You choose optimal safety and protection for your watches. Moreover, this way you can store your watches neatly and clearly. With a storage place like this, you no longer have to worry about scratches or other damage to your watches or other unnecessary forms of wear and tear. This also prevents you from losing a watch, after all, you will always find your watches in the same place when you do not have them on your wrist. With a watch box from Benson you never pay too much. The brand's watch boxes may be of top quality, but on the other hand they are also competitively priced.

You will find the entire collection of the Benson brand in our webshop. So you can contact us for watch winders, watch boxes and watch cases from the brand. If you choose the Benson Black Series watch boxes, you will receive them at home with a two-year warranty, certificate and a Benson Black Series box.

Ordering is easy and fast and you can pay with various secure payment methods. You can choose iDeal, Paypal, credit card payment or regular bank transfer. In addition to the beautiful and high-quality products from the Benson brand, we also offer watch winders and luxury watches from many renowned brands. It is certainly worthwhile for every lover and/or collector of luxury watches to take a look.