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Bernard Favre Planet Silver and Green leather watch winder

Posted on 1 January 2021 at 9:39 AM

One of the most special watch winders in our collection is the Bernard Favre Planet Silver & Green leather watch winder. Besides the fact that Bernard Favre is one of the best brands worldwide in the field of watch winders with an impeccable reputation, this watch winder offers a beautiful combination of a beautiful design and a beautiful color combination.

Bernard Favre Planet Silver & Green leather watch winder

The Bernard Favre Planet watch winders are characterized by a unique way of winding automatic watches. The rings of the watch winder rotate around each other like planets, which gives the watch energy. Most watch winders have rotors on which you attach an automatic watch, which then rotate. The Bernard Favre Planet watch winders turn the watch on its own axis. This gives a spectacular sight and a three-dimensional experience.

Bernard Favre's watch winders are handmade in Switzerland and can therefore call themselves Swiss made. For watches, but also for watch winders, this is an important designation that stands for quality and origin from Switzerland. Precision and high-quality materials are very important to this Swiss watch winder brand. In the 10 years that we are official dealer of Bernard Favre, we have seen many models and the reactions of customers are always the same. They are very impressed by the quality, unique winding method and the beautiful appearance.

Besides watch winders, the Bernard Favre Planet watch winders are also real eye-catchers. The owners of these watch winders often receive compliments from friends, family or colleagues. This brand stands out, especially when you own a beautiful model such as the Bernard Favre Planet Silver & Green watch winder. This model has silver rings and a green base that is finished with high-quality leather. This combination gives a calm but very luxurious appearance. The glass bell jar that comes with each model provides the total picture. The bell jar also protects against external influences, the watch is well protected.

The models of this brand are not cheap, but you get a unique watch winder made of the best materials. Also, let's not forget that every Bernard Favre Planet is powered by a Swiss made motor. These motors are very durable and almost silent. The luxurious appearance, attractive packaging and high quality ensure a quality product that you will enjoy for years to come.

As an official dealer, we supply all Bernard Favre Planet watch winders with a minimum of 2 years warranty. Of course each model is new, original and including the original packaging. The content of the package consists of an adapter, manual and certificate. The glass bell jar is of course also included. Are you interested in a beautiful Bernard Favre watch winder? View our collection and if you have a question or comment, we are happy to help you!