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Bernard Favre Planet Silver watch winder with black leather

Posted on 20 September 2023 at 9:07 AM

There are many different brands and models in the field of high-quality watch winders. But which one is best to buy? Which ones are best for your automatic watches?

Watch winders that are equipped with the well-known Swiss technology offer a perfect way of winding for every type and brand of automatic watch. With a Swiss made watch winder at home, you never have to worry about your automatic watch or watches being down. This prevents any unpleasant consequences of downtime. For example, standing still on an automatic watch can cause inaccuracies in the time display and you have to reset your watch every time it comes to a standstill. With a good watch winder you opt for certainty and avoid these risks. A watch winder with a Swiss motor is therefore always good. This takes care of the winding of your automatic watch(s) silently and in an energy-efficient manner. Moreover, they are extremely reliable. In terms of design, there is also a lot possible within the Swiss made watch winders category. There are watch winders available with a sleek and modern design, such as the watch winders from Swiss Kubik. In addition, there are watch winders suitable for storing and winding an entire collection of automatic watches. This allows you to present your collection of automatic watches in style. There are also watch winders with a very exclusive and unique appearance. A good example of this are the fascinating watch winders from the Swiss brand Bernard Favre. We would like to tell you more about this in this article.

Expert in the field of high-end watch winders Bernard Favre was born in Switzerland, in the heart of the watch industry. From an early age, Bernard Favre has been fascinated by mechanical objects, which appears to be one of his talents. As a teenager, he converted a TVR (iconic English sports car). Another talent of Bernard Favre lies in the world of music, for which he studied at the Conservatory. He eventually switched to sales and has been using his talent for 20 years in Swiss watchmaking, where he has worked with several big names. In 2009 he developed the exclusive Planet watch winder, which is now available in several variants within the brand's collection. With this he has managed to win the hearts of many watch enthusiasts. The Planet watch winder is a unique design, with an extremely luxurious appearance, handmade from a variety of high-quality materials. With a Planet watch winder you choose a true work of art that offers all automatic watches a beautiful stage. The watch winder provides the necessary movement for automatic watches, because they rotate around their own axis. Because the watch is visible during this entire process, the winding process is very fascinating to watch for the true watch enthusiast.

In this article we would like to put a specific Planet watch winder from the Bernard Favre collection in the spotlight for you, namely the Bernard Favre Planet Silver Black/Red Leather. This stylish and elegant watch winder is suitable for winding a single automatic watch. With the Bernard Favre Planet Silver Black/Red Leather you not only opt for an effective and mild way of winding your automatic watch, but also for a safe storage place and a beautiful way to present your automatic watch. This model is made of a combination of black leather for the foot and stainless steel rings in silver color. The red stitching on the black leather of the foot is a nice accent. A glass bell can be placed over the watch winder, which completes the picture. In addition to the aesthetic function of this bell jar, it also protects your automatic watch against harmful external influences, such as moisture and dust. The heart of the watch winder is of course formed by a silent Swiss made motor. This means that you can easily place the Bernard Favre Planet Silver Black/Red Leather in places where silence is desired, such as the office or bedroom. Furthermore, this watch winder is equipped with a built-in battery (100 days). This means you can also choose to store this watch winder in a safe, which allows you to keep your automatic watch and watch winder in the most secure manner. The Bernard Favre Planet Silver Black/Red Leather offers the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection. This last functionality serves to ensure that your automatic watch is protected against overvoltage. Furthermore, the number of revolutions per day is adjustable and the watch winder can be charged using mains power, PC or smartphone, using the handy USB connection. Finally, the LED indicator shows the status of the watch winder, so you always know how things are going.

You can order the Bernard Favre Planet Silver Black/Red Leather safely and quickly from us in the webshop. You will also find a video of the Planet watch winder here, so you can actually see this unique design at work. Take a look at the options in our webshop now, once you have seen the Planet watch winder, you will definitely be sold immediately! We supply this watch winder with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual.