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Heisse and Sohne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 watch winder

Posted on 23 April 2024 at 11:34 AM

Are you looking for a suitable watch winder for your automatic watch collection? Then you've come to the right place! We have a very wide range of watch winders in our collection, from various high-quality brands. There are watch winders where the focus is mainly on technology. These are watch winders that are simply designed, but offer the best in terms of energy supply for your automatic watches. However, you will also find many watch winders in our webshop that stand out due to a very exclusive design and the use of only high-quality materials, in combination with top-shelf technology.

Good examples of watch winder brands that have these types of high-end watch winders in their collection are Bernard Favre, Benson and for example Paul Design. Another great example of a watch winder brand where you can go for very elegant and at the same time extremely high-quality watch winders is the German watch winder brand Heisse & Söhne. Heisse & Söhne also offers great value for money. In other words, with a watch winder from the Heisse & Söhne brand, you choose a watch winder with high-quality technology, a chic appearance and a competitive price. We are happy to help you in your search for a beautiful watch winder for your collection of automatic watches, with the information we offer you in this article. For this purpose, we have selected a high-quality and luxurious watch winder from the Heisse & Söhne brand for you, about which we would like to tell you more.

The Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 is a watch winder from the brand with an exclusive design, made from the best materials. The watch winder is made of wood and completely finished in black. The exterior of the watch winder is covered with very beautiful leather and the inside of this model is provided with a soft fabric to protect your automatic watches. The watch winder is part of the most luxurious line of the Heisse & Söhne brand and is therefore a real eye-catcher in any interior. The watch winder is also suitable for the avid collector, as this model offers space for winding up to 8 automatic watches at the same time. This model is 19cm deep, 41cm wide and 28cm high.

The Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 is equipped with high-quality motors of Japanese origin. These motors offer several important advantages. Naturally, they are extremely reliable, so you can always count on your watch winder and your automatic watches are therefore always ready for use. In addition, these Japanese motors are characterized by the fact that they are energy efficient and also perform their work in silence. This means that you can place the Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 in the office or in your bedroom, without having to worry about disturbing noises during the winding process.

Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 watch winder

The watch winder also offers a high-end LCD screen, with which you can change the settings of the watch winder in an instant. The rotors can each be operated separately, so that you can determine the correct direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day for each watch separately. A nice surprise of the Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 is the modern built-in LED lighting. This ensures that you can put your automatic watches in the spotlight if desired. This allows you to present your collection in a very professional manner, which makes you enjoy this hobby even more. The Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 also offers the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection. The energy supply of the watch winder is provided by mains power using an adapter. Finally, this model from Heisse & Söhne offers a sleep mode. You can use this when you want to give your watches some rest, because with this function you keep your watches just below the optimal level of excitement. In short, the Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 is not only a watch winder with a very elegant and stylish design, but also a model that offers many options and high user comfort.

With the Heisse & Söhne Watch Guard 70019-129.37 you choose a watch winder that supplies all automatic watches with energy perfectly and safely. Moreover, with this watch winder you immediately choose a safe storage place and a display for your automatic watch collection. With this extremely handy and high-quality accessory, you never have to worry about your automatic watches coming to a standstill again. This not only prevents inaccuracies in the time display, but also frustration because you have to keep resetting your watches. View all Heisse & Söhne watch winders that we offer in our webshop and choose your favorite!

We supply these with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual. Naturally, we ensure that your new purchase always arrives carefully packaged. Moreover, we are happy to assist you with advice and assistance if necessary.