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Swiss Kubik Startbox Black watch winders

Posted on 17 April 2024 at 2:20 PM

Switzerland is known for the rich world of watchmaking. Swiss made watches are known worldwide for their extremely high quality timepieces, behind which a very advanced piece of technology lies.

Swiss Kubik Startbox Black watch winder

In addition, Swiss watches offer stylish designs with completely different characters. If a Swiss made watch is an automatic watch, it requires a specific form of maintenance and care. A watch with an automatic movement is supplied with energy through the correct movement. This is something that you as an enthusiast automatically take care of when you have the watch on your wrist. Your movements with your wrist at that moment ensure that the watch continues to function. If you do not wear your watch and you simply store it in a watch box, for example, your automatic watch will not get the movement it needs and it will eventually come to a standstill with all the unpleasant consequences that entails. To prevent this, you can place your automatic watch in a good watch winder when you are not wearing it.

The watch winder then imitates the natural movements of the wrist, so that it can also be wound when you are not wearing the watch. In addition to beautiful luxury Swiss watches, the country of watchmaking also offers high-quality watch winders with world-famous Swiss made motors. A Swiss motor not only ensures the winding of your automatic watch reliably and safely, these motors are also energy efficient and low-noise. This last feature ensures that a watch winder with a Swiss made motor can be placed in places where silence is desired. For example, you can think of the office or the bedroom. A watch winder with Swiss made motor provides high user comfort and also offers the guarantee that your automatic watch is always ready for use.

There are many beautiful Swiss watch winder brands. We would like to tell you more about one of these brands with Swiss roots. We are talking about the watch winder brand Swiss Kubik. Swiss Kubik offers an extensive collection of watch winders with various capacities. Therefore, both the enthusiast who owns a single automatic watch and the true collector can access the brand's collection. Characteristic of the watch winders from Swiss Kubik is not only the high quality, but also the recognizable design of the watch winders. The brand's models are all cube-shaped and have a sleek and modern design. We would like to highlight a specific watch winder model from the Swiss Kubik collection for you, which is suitable for enthusiasts with a smaller budget, without having to compromise on quality.

We are talking about the Swiss Kubik Startbox Black watch winder. This watch winder is suitable for winding one automatic watch and comes from Swiss Kubik's line of entry-level models. This watch winder is made of polyamide. This specific model is available in black, but also available in various other colors such as blue, orange, red and gray. Naturally, the Swiss Kubik Startbox Black is equipped with a Swiss made motor, for a perfect and safe way of winding your automatic watch. The watch winder is not only cube-shaped, but also very compact and handy. This offers the great advantage that you can easily take this model with you to the office or when traveling, for example. In addition, Swiss Kubik watch winders can function for up to three years on a set of AA batteries, so you can store the watch winder and your automatic watch in a safe if desired. In short, the Swiss Kubik Startbox Black may be small in size, but big in performance. With this watch winder you can be assured that you will provide your automatic watch with energy in the best way. This prevents your automatic watch from standing still, so you don't have to reset your watch every time. In addition, standing still can cause inaccuracies in the time display, which is of course very undesirable. The Swiss Kubik Startbox Black is not lockable as standard. However, if you want to protect your automatic watch against harmful influences such as condensation or dirt, you can optionally order a glass door from Swiss Kubik. This allows you to lock your watch winder in an instant, providing optimal protection for your watch.

As an official dealer of Swiss Kubik, we offer a wide range of Swiss Kubik watch winders in our webshop. The watch winders from this exceptional watch winder brand come with a warranty of no less than three years. This once again emphasizes the high quality of the watch winders from this brand and the confidence of Swiss Kubik in its own products.

You can always order your new watch winder from us in the webshop with a good feeling. You can count on us for good service. We also offer various secure payment methods, such as iDeal, Paypal, credit card payment and bank transfer. View our range of Swiss Kubik watch winders now and make your choice! As an official Swiss Kubik watch winder dealer, we offer you delivery from stock, competitive prices and clear service!