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Watch winder for Breitling watches

Posted on 9 April 2024 at 10:33 AM

Every watch lover knows the beautiful watch brand Breitling. Leon Breitling, the founder of this beautiful Swiss brand, quickly knew that high-quality automatic watches have great appeal. The combination of technology, beautiful materials and good design brought Breitling enormous success. Today, Breitling watches are not only time instruments, they are also status symbols. A wearer of a Breitling watch is successful and can afford it to wear such a watch.

An automatic watch from a brand like Breitling is not an overnight purchase. After all, this is an investment that is not only expensive but also deeply personal. A watch from a brand like Breitling generally receives the necessary attention and care to keep the watch in good condition.

The true lover of beautiful watches will ensure that he stores and cares for his Breitling watch properly. Do you already own a quality watch winder for the care and maintenance of your automatic Breitling watch or even watches? If not, then this is certainly an accessory that should not be missing for this hobby.

A quality watch winder has a lot to offer the enthusiast and/or collector of beautiful automatic watches, which only increases the enjoyment of the enthusiast. Your automatic (Breitling) watch depends on movement. If this movement is not provided by wearing the watch, another solution is required. If you cannot provide this movement to your automatic watch, it will eventually come to a standstill. This is very undesirable, because it can have unpleasant consequences. First of all, you have to reset your automatic watch every time it stops. If this were only about the time display, this would still be manageable. However, many luxury automatic watches offer even more functionalities that need to be reset after a stop. Consider, for example, the date indication, moon phase indication or GMT function. In addition to the fact that you will have to reset the watch after it has stopped, if an automatic watch stands still, it can also cause the time display to be less accurate. As a true enthusiast of automatic watches, this is of course a thorn in the side.

The charm of an automatic watch lies in the advanced movement, which is normally provided with the necessary movement by the natural movements of the wrist. To handle your automatic (Breitling) watch with care, a good watch winder is the solution to prevent your automatic watch from standing still when you are not wearing it. In addition, a high-quality watch winder offers a safe storage place for your automatic watch or watches. Some watch winders are even equipped with extra storage space to store mechanical or quartz watches or any other jewelry, for example. Finally, with a watch winder with a stylish and luxurious appearance, you choose a true display for your automatic watch or watches, with which you can present them elegantly. If you choose a watch winder that has beautiful built-in LED lighting, this can even be done in an extra spectacular way.

High-quality watch winders are available in all shapes and sizes and made from a wide variety of materials. You can think of materials such as beautiful types of wood, leather, aluminum, plastic and even gold. There are also plenty of options in terms of price and quality and we haven't even mentioned the various brands you can choose from in this area. It can therefore be quite difficult to find the perfect watch winder for your beloved Breitling watches. In this article we describe three very good quality watch winders especially for you, from the Dutch brand Benson. Benson is a brand with the ambition to produce stylish and high-quality watch winders at an attractive price. The price/quality ratio of the watch winders from the Benson collection is therefore very good. In addition, Benson offers watch winders with various capacities. Both the enthusiast who owns one or more automatic watches and the real collector can find a suitable watch winder within the Benson collection. In addition, the brand offers watch winders with a stylish design, in a variety of different appealing designs, made of high-quality materials. With the diversity within the collection, the high quality and the competitive prices, Benson knows how to appeal to a wide audience of enthusiasts and collectors of automatic watches. It is certainly worthwhile to take a look at the Benson collection if you are looking for a good watch winder.

A nice example of a high-quality watch winder from the Benson collection is the Benson Black Series 2.16.B. This watch winder has the capacity to supply two automatic watches with the required energy at the same time. This is a watch winder that is extremely suitable if you own two or three automatic (Breitling) watches. In addition, this model also offers extra storage space under the special soft close lid at the top, with room for three more watches. Here you can store any mechanical or quartz watches, other jewelry or cufflinks.

The watch winder is made of wood and is black on the outside and inside, so that it fits in almost any interior. The watch winder is perfectly finished because it has no fewer than twelve layers of paint and a protective layer of lacquer. On the inside, this model is inlaid with a special soft velvet, which provides your automatic watches with optimal protection against scratches or other damage. Because Benson also uses flexible watch holders, almost any size automatic watch fits into the holders without any problems. The watch winder can also be locked with the mineral glass door, so that you can offer your automatic watches the best protection.

The Benson Black Series 2.16.B is a very luxurious model. This watch winder is equipped with modern built-in LED lighting, with which you can literally put your automatic watches in the spotlight if desired. In addition, this watch winder is equipped with a handy touchscreen, with which you can adjust the settings of the watch winder. Consider the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. It is possible to do this per rotor separately, giving each automatic watch the perfect way of winding. The basis of this watch winder from Benson is formed by high-quality Japanese motors. These engines are not only reliable, but also energy efficient and quiet in use. The Benson Black Series 2.16.B can therefore easily be placed in the office or bedroom, for example, without having to worry about disturbing noises during the winding process. The watch winder also offers the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection. With the handy power winding function you can also wind your automatic watches in an extra short time, ideal if you have little time. Finally, the watch winder is equipped with a USB connection and functions with the help of an adapter. In short, the Benson Black Series 2.16.B is a very luxurious and functional watch winder at an attractive price, which also immediately catches the eye because of its stylish design. This watch winder is available in our webshop and comes with a two-year warranty, clear manual and certificate.

Another beautiful watch winder from the Benson brand is the Benson Compact Aluminum 1 Blue. This watch winder is suitable for winding a single automatic watch and is ideal if you like to take your watch winder with you on a trip or to the office, for example. The watch winder has an extremely compact design and is therefore very handy. Moreover, this model can function on both batteries and with an adapter, making storing the watch winder and your (Breitling) watch in a safe a very good option. The watch winder can also function for six to nine months on a set of batteries, so you hardly have to worry about this.

The watch winder is made of aluminum. The outside of the watch winder is blue in color and the inside is black, which offers a nice contrast. This Benson model is equipped with a top-quality Japanese motor, which is again solid, reliable, energy-efficient and quiet in use. This watch winder from Benson is also equipped with flexible watch holders, making this watch winder suitable for winding any model and type of automatic watch. The watch winder can be operated with the handy LCD screen, with which the number of revolutions of the watch winder can be determined. In addition, this model also has built-in LED lighting, for an extra nice view of your watch. Finally, the Benson Compact Aluminum 1 Blue offers the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection. This last functionality offers your automatic (Breitling) watch protection against overvoltage. This watch winder from the Benson brand can also be found in our webshop and comes with a warranty of no less than three years and of course a clear manual.

The third and final watch winder from the Benson brand that we would like to introduce you to is the Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Blue Leather. This is a Limited edition that is limited to 250 pieces worldwide, so with this watch winder you get an absolutely unique watch. The watch winders within Benson's Swiss Series are also assembled entirely in the Netherlands, which guarantees the high quality of these models. This watch winder offers space for winding two automatic watches at the same time and has a very appealing appearance. This model is covered with leather in a vibrant blue color, making it a real eye-catcher in any interior. The watch winder can also be locked with the glass door, which protects your automatic watches against various harmful external influences. For example, you can think of condensation, dirt and dust. The inside of the watch winder is black in color and equipped with flexible watch holders.

The Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Blue Leather is powered by Swiss made motors, which are powerful enough to provide every brand and type of automatic watch with the required energy, including your Breitling watches. These engines are known worldwide as the cream of the crop and are therefore extremely reliable. They are also energy efficient and low-noise, which certainly improves the user comfort of this watch winder. The Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Blue Leather is also equipped with a special safety system. This causes the motor to disengage when a watch is placed or removed. The handy LCD screen ensures that you can determine the settings for both watches separately in an instant. This way you choose the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day for each individual watch. The watch winder is also equipped with built-in LED lighting, which gives you a perfect view of your watches throughout the day. Because this watch winder from Benson can function both with the help of an adapter and on batteries, this model is ideal if you like to keep your watches and watch winders optimally safe in a safe. Finally, the Benson Swiss Series Double 2.20 Blue Leather is equipped with the CW, CC and Alt programs and overwind protection. If you would like to order this watch winder for your automatic (Breitling) watches, you can contact us in the webshop. We supply this specific Benson model with an extensive warranty period of no less than three years, a certificate and a clear manual.

You will not only find the above three models from the Benson brand in our webshop, we offer the entire collection of this progressive brand. In addition to watch winders, you can also contact us for beautiful watch boxes and watch cases from Benson. With our broad knowledge and experience in the field of luxury watches, watch winders and other watch accessories, we are happy to assist you when you need advice or answers to your questions.

In addition to the Benson brand, we offer watch accessories from various other brands that offer quality. You will find watch accessories in different price ranges, so that almost every enthusiast and/or collector of automatic watches can visit our webshop. You can also contact us for high-quality luxury watches, unique watches, pilot watches, watches with a story and many other types of watches. So take a look at our extensive range of watches, watch winders and other watch accessories now and convince yourself!