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The best single watch winders for automatic watches

Posted on 13 February 2020 at 8:58 AM

Winding up automatic watches has never been easier. The watch winder as an accessory for an automatic watch is becoming increasingly popular. In the world of watch winders there is a very wide choice. In addition to watch winders for the collector with a large capacity, there is also a large selection of watch winders that are suitable for winding up one automatic watch. A handy watch accessory and ideal for the enthusiast who has one automatic watch. The requirements and conditions that you set for a watch winder for one automatic watch may be different in certain areas than those for a watch winder for winding several watches. The advantage of a good watch winder for a single watch is that it is easy to carry, for example when traveling. But you can also easily place a small watch winder that is suitable for one watch in a safe. It is then important that the watch winder is quiet to use, compact in size and capable of operating on batteries.

What naturally applies to every good watch winder is that you want quality and also want to be able to trust your product and enjoy it for a long time. In addition, it must be functional and the looks are important as well. Your ideal watch winder should also look nice. A suitable watch winder with the right appearance within your interior can also be an important condition. Use of materials can also be an important condition if you are looking for the right watch winder. For example, do you prefer organic materials such as wood and leather? Or would you rather opt for plastic or aluminum, for example? And then you also have the price range, a good price/quality ratio is very important when you choose a watch winder.

Some examples of brands with beautiful watch winders for a single watch are Benson, Swiss Kubik and Bernard Favre. Benson has watch winders for one watch in different series. The Benson Compact series, for example, accommodates various watch winders with capacity for a single watch in various colors. There is a choice of different materials such as leather and carbon fiber. These watch winders are quiet in use and low in energy consumption. In addition, they are very compact and therefore ideal to carry. In other series such as the Benson Easy series and the Benson Black series, there is a choice for a watch winder for a single automatic watch. The Benson Black Series 1.16 watch winder comes with many extras. Think of adjustable rotor, an innovative touchscreen and LED lighting. They are made of wood and mineral glass. The stylish watch winders from Benson are also very affordable.

Just like Benson, Swiss Kubik offers watch winders in the collection that are small and compact. These watch winders are equipped with a quiet Swiss-made motor, which guarantees durability and reliability. The range of Swiss Kubik watch winders for a single automatic watch is very wide and diverse. There is the basic model, the Startbox watch winders. This model has everything to wind your automatic watch in style and is made of polyamide. The Swiss Kubik Aluminum watch winders are made of aluminum and offer the plus that the number of revolutions is adjustable and that they are equipped with a USB connection. Then there are the Swiss Kubik Leather versions, made of stylish leather. Moreover, there is sufficient choice regarding the color. The range includes watch winders in fresh, vibrant colors, but also somewhat quieter watch winders in terms of appearance in the colors brown and black.

Finally, Bernard Favre offers watch winders for a single watch with a unique appearance. The so-called "Planet winding system" is special to watch while winding your watch. During this process, the watch rotates on its own axis, as if it were a planet. The glass bell that can be placed over the watch winder ensures that you can always see your watch during this process. The watch winders from Bernard Favre are a feast for the eyes and a real eye catcher in every interior. Technically, Bernard Favre offers various functionalities. For example, 8 programs are adjustable and the watch winders are equipped with an overwind protection, USB connection and adjustable number of revolutions. Only the best materials are selected for these watch winders such as stainless steel, stainless steel PVD and leather.

There is enough choice regarding single watch winders . Set the most important conditions and requirements for you and you have quickly found your ideal watch winder!