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Watch winder sale

Posted on 1 June 2021 at 12:34 PM

The watch winder is the most popular watch accessory for lovers of automatic watches. By using this device, an automatic watch no longer stands still, so you can wear it immediately. The watch winder ensures that the time, date and/or other functions of the automatic watch are always correct because energy is retained in the watch. It is not only convenient to use a watch winder for your automatic watches, it is also better in terms of maintenance and lifespan. In this article we write about "watch winder sale", because this is a great way to buy a good watch winder for a low price.

We need to explain what a watch winder does. The watch winder simulates wrist movement so that the automatic movement inside the watch does not come to a standstill. Standstill is deterioration, especially when the standstill lasts longer. The oil in the movement of the watch is then no longer properly distributed over the moving parts. But also think about opening the crown to set the time and date when an automatic watch is stationary. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch. The crown is attached with a very thin rod, the pin, to the timepiece. The crown is a part that you don't want to open and close too often.

There are all kinds of watch winders, brands and models. Thereby there are many different types of designs and colors. There are also big differences in prices. But in general, a good watch winder, which easily winds watches from brands such as Rolex, Patek, Omega, Breitling, Oris, Omega and Tag Heuer, does not have to be expensive at all. There is already an excellent watch winder for 1 watch from 169 euros (incl. VAT) at the Dutch brand Benson. If you want a watch winder with a Swiss motor and, for example, a battery function so that you can place the watch winder wherever you want, it is available from 445.00 euros (incl. VAT) at Swiss Kubik. If you go for a high-end watch winder of Swiss origin that offers the ultimate in excitement, you will end up with Bernard Favre.

A good watch winder offers you the choice to select the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day, so that you can set the device exactly to the needs of your automatic watch. Of course it is important that each rotor (the rotating part on which you place your watch) is individually adjustable. We sometimes see watch winders with one rotor on which 2 watches can be placed, but this is not our preference. After all, you then have to place two automatic watches on the rotor that have exactly the same winding needs, because the rotor turns both watches in the same direction and with the same number of revolutions per day.

If you are looking for a good watch winder but don't want to spend too much money, it is best to buy a watch winder at a discount or in the sale. Sometimes very nice discounts are given so that you can buy a beautiful watch winder for a fraction of the price. A good example are the Benson Black Series demo watch winders. These models have a small imperfection (for example a small scratch, slightly less attractive finish or damaged packaging), which means that a nice discount is given. This discount can be as much as 40%.

In the watch winder sale you will also find brands and models that are a bit older. For example, models that have not sold well and can now be sold with a discount. Or brands that we have said goodbye to as an official dealer. But sometimes watch winder brands promote a certain model by offering a nice discount. As a result, the model is sold more and watch enthusiasts can gain experience with the specific brand and model.

Our watch winder sale only contains watch winders from respected brands, such as Benson, Swiss Kubik, Bernard Favre, Orbita, Spin-R, RDI, Boda Concept and Paul Design, which produce high-quality watch winders. We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of watch winders and the brands in our collection are selected for quality, functionality and service of the brand itself.

Every watch winder from the sale is sold with warranty, original packaging and all accessories. As an official dealer, we are of course also ready for aftersales when necessary. We have our own service point and can provide maintenance or repair almost all watch winders when necessary. This is important because our customers then enjoy their purchase for much longer.

Are you looking for a watch winder with a discount? View our watch winder sale. Here you will find a complete overview of quality watch winders with a nice discount. We have all these models in stock and available immediately. We ship within Europe with DPD, but you can also choose Fedex or PostNL. Outside Europe we deliver VAT free. This means that 21% VAT is deducted from the purchase amount. When you select the country where the product has to be delivered, the price automatically adjusts with regard to the VAT.

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