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This is what you need to know about watch winders

Posted on 9 June 2021 at 10:15 AM

Automatic watches have a great appeal to watch enthusiasts. Everyone knows the watches of brands such as Breitling, Omega, Rolex, Longines, Oris, Tag Heuer and other well-known Swiss watch brands. These brands produce high-end watches that meet the highest standards in terms of technique, aesthetics and use of materials. Automatic watches from these brands are certainly not cheap, but you get a lot in return. An automatic timepiece consists of many parts that are perfectly matched to each other so that it can function completely independently without a battery. This technique in itself is very special. Then we haven't even mentioned the design and beautiful materials from which these watches are made. However, there is also a major drawback to automatic watches. We will write about this drawback and the solution to this drawback in this article. We already give away that the solution is to use a watch winder.

A watch with an automatic movement obtains energy through movement of the watch or manual winding through the crown. If such a watch does not move or is wound, it comes to a standstill. This is of course inconvenient because then the time, date and/or other functions are no longer set correctly. In addition, you must first provide the watch with energy before you can wear it.

You may now think that your automatic watch never stops and that this article is not intended for you. However, if you do not wear an automatic watch +-30-48 hours, it will already stop. Also think about the situation that you have several automatic watches that you obviously don't wear at the same time. The watches that you do not wear do not move and come to a standstill. Standstill literally means decline for automatic watches. You can compare this to a car that has stood still for too long. The oil in the automatic movement is no longer properly distributed over all movable parts of the movement when it is stationary. This can cause the parts to function less smoothly, which can lead to damage or inaccurate time measurement.

Fortunately, you can prevent downtime of automatic watches by using a watch winder. A watch winder is the most ideal accessory for automatic watches. The device gently rotates or shakes watches, simulating wrist movement, as it were. This conserves energy in the watch and keeps the watch running smoothly. In this watch accessory, an automatic watch does not come to a stop. One of the main advantages of using a watch winder for automatic watches is that they are always ready to wear. You take the watch out and put it on your wrist. You no longer have to set the time, date or other functions correctly or manually provide the timepiece with energy. You are immediately ready to wear the watch with the correct settings. A watch winder is therefore not only good for the maintenance and preservation of an automatic watch, it is also a fantastic accessory that is extremely useful.

But which watch winder is best to buy for your automatic watches? There are quite a few different brands with their own pros and cons. In general, a good watch winder must meet various conditions. First of all, the quality of the motors is of great importance. After all, the motors rotate the watches. A good motor is distinguished by durability, smooth rotation and low noise. Motors that meet these characteristics come from countries such as Japan, Germany and Switzerland. Examples of brands that use Japanese motors are Benson, Paul Design, Boda Concept and Heisse & Söhne. A brand that uses German motors is Chronovision.

From Switzerland come brands such as Swiss Kubik, RDI and Bernard Favre that only use Swiss motors. The Dutch brand Benson also uses Swiss motors for its Swiss Series watch winders. Orbita is based in America, which also uses Swiss motors. The difference between the Japanese, German and Swiss engines is mainly in the noise level. The Swiss motors are virtually silent while the Japanese and German motors have a slightly higher sound level, but the difference is very limited.

In addition to the quality of the motors, functionality is very important. Because every automatic watch is wound in a different way, depending on the automatic movement inside the watch, it is important that the watch winder has all directions of rotation and adjustable revolutions per day. The directions of rotation are clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternating. The revolutions are shown in TPD; turns per day. These run from 600 to 2100. One automatic watch is wound clockwise at 600 TPD, the other counter-clockwise at 900 TPD. That is why it is important that you can set the watch winder per watch. This makes you flexible and you can wind different automatic watches at the same time in the same watch winder. A good model therefore excites every watch, regardless of watch brand or model.

The functionality is also reflected in other components. You can think of a door with which you can safely rotate the watches, LED lighting for optimal visibility, fingerprint system so that you can open and close the door with your fingerprint, sleep mode, power winding and a remote control. All these functions are not necessary but give the use of a watch winder an extra dimension. It offers the user more luxury and more convenience. Of course, extra functionalities also lead to a higher price.

In addition to the motors and functionality, the material from which the watch winder is made is also important. They are made of plastic, wood or aluminum. These materials each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plastic is relatively cheap but has a higher noise level because the sound of the motor is not absorbed. Wood is a perfect material for watch winders because it has a high-quality appearance and absorbs sound. Aluminum is strong, maintenance-free and has a modern look. When you want to buy a watch winder, always look at the materials and finish. This is a good indication of the quality that the brand offers.

It is sometimes stated that the use of a watch winder is bad for automatic watches. Due to the constant movement, it would lead to wear and tear. We have to get this out of the world for a while, because the use is certainly not bad for automatic watches, it is good and recommended. First, the watches are not rotated continuously. A good watch winder works with a program in which the rotation is alternated with breaks. During the pause, the spring in the automatic movement relaxes. In addition, the rotors rotate at a very slow pace (+- 5-10 revolutions per minute). As we noted earlier, downtime leads to problems. Controlled and steady movement with adequate rest breaks between winding cycles is an excellent and completely safe way to power automatic watches.

What you should definitely know about a watch winder is that it is best to buy it from a specialist. After all, you want a good brand and model for your automatic watches so that they are supplied with energy professionally and safely. A specialist in watch winders has experience, knowledge and different brands in his collection so that you have a choice. In addition, he can provide you with advice and recommend a brand and model that best suits your automatic watches. Because the choice of a good watch winder depends on your preferences, the amount of watches you want to wind and the budget that you have available. Do you want a simple model that is purely aimed at providing your watch with energy or do you want a luxurious model with many functions and luxury? Do you want a copy that functions on mains power or do you want to place the watch winder in a safe and is a battery function necessary? Are you looking for a model that must be whisper-quiet because it is next to your bed, or is the sound level less important because the watch winder is somewhere in the office, in the living room or in the hobby room? These are aspects that a specialist can help with.

Choosing a watch winder for your automatic watches is not difficult, but you should consider the above aspects to make the best choice. Are you having problems during your search? Consult a specialist so that you will be provided with good advice so that you can enjoy this cool watch accessory. A specialist is almost always an official dealer of various brands. This also ensures that you are buying a good product that comes with a warranty.

The final advice regarding what you need to know about watch winders is that cheap leads to expensive purchases. A cheap one will not have the quality and durability you would like for winding automatic watches. The motor, functionality, materials and finish are of lesser quality. Such watch winders are often offered on Amazon, Ebay, and Aliexpress. Our advice is to choose a well-known brand that invests in quality, innovation and technology.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding this article? Or do you need help choosing a good watch winder for winding your automatic watches? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you. We have over 16 years of experience in the field of watch winders and are official dealer of various well-known brands. In addition, we know exactly which watch winder fits which watch brand and type. Read our news and blog articles to learn more about this handy watch accessory.